Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Being the typical gemini, i do admit that i have a lil bit of split personality. and to elaborate that more, i am trying to say that sometimes i am mastered on covering up my emotional but sometimes i am not. 

i watched one of this Gossip Girl episode, is talking about how Chuck and Blair, how they are have been through much and when Blair has met her Mr. Prince, Chuck decided to let her go. 'There's a differences between great love and right love. i have to let you go and i will always love you". 

Yes, there's a difference between great great love, a heart aching with a lot of sparkles and fire works; and the right love, which is so full of joy, sweetness and security. 
which one will you go for? 

of course, the main point that i am writing about this, is while i was watching this episode, it strikes my heart. how important is the timing issue, for two difference person get along together; no matter how much they love each other. 
been through, done that, all by myself. 

i, am a girl that is still waiting for my white prince to come. although how much people are saying love is so fragile, that makes you sad, makes you worried, and no i am happy when i'm single too. yet still, a lil bit hope is still right in my heart; either waiting for the perfect match Libra, or a macho guy that can pretext me, or someone who has a total different personality than me. 

i love this quote 
' love is like a silhouette in dreams'

love, is like a cameo, an ambiguous, fragile image.

Monday, 3 October 2011


参加了不少的farewell, 哭也哭得泪都干掉了。


~merdeka event 2011 at Crown.
很多从KL特地飞来表演的朋友, 很高兴认识你们。




因为对自己有要求,吃的食物可以不好看,但是不能不好吃。 哈哈




本身最满意的   卤肉饭!



然后就到了phui yinn 小姐的生日

Gold Coast 和一些拍摄照片