Sunday, 30 December 2007

Me & You

i have an very super duper awesome night yest.
nice dinner ( i love the soup though, so we go next time ok?)
nice atmosphere - the restaurant's ok la, but im
saying is his room =P
and p

we have a walk b4 our dinner,
got to buy py's present, hope she likes it,
bcox i realy cant think of anything to buy.
always thinking of buying present.
and the waitress call again to double confirm our table.
thanz for ur help, wil belanja u makan. XD
i dont think is a ro
mantic spot though,
but is a nice place to have a chit-chat.
and tasty food.
me and baby have a long chat during our dinner time.

after dinner,we got back to his new deco room.
its realy nice though, got the feeling of home.
not like last time. a matress, shelf, and a chair ( argh)
we have our great
time together,
hugging him and kissing him,
and we have a long chat again.
we haven been got this kinda long chat for so long time...
its time to open present! yeah!
baby gave me a heartshape necklace,
i asked him to wear it for me and i LOVE it
SO SO much.
thats the pic we only took it together on that night.

when the clock strike 12,
is time for me to go home,
and im so miss u baby,
i don wanna leave you.
hubby i love you so much, thanz for the present
and spent this beautiful night with me.
i love you.

Saturday, 29 December 2007


baby read my blog! omg omg!..
ok, whatever..
he's not gonna read it everyday wahkakaka..

yest is not a happy day for me.
the day before me and baby was planning our next day scedule after
we came back from spore.
but when the time i got up, chose my outfit, and the moment i step into bathroom.
"khaiyuin, today u cancel going out with ur fren, mummy
is not feeling well"
ok...... im not going out and screw all the plan for today.
i said sorry to baby and he understanding well.
but jsut sort of blaming myself.

staying house the whole day uploading pic
and doing house chores.
and night i got a party, is my family fren.
have a nice chat with my aunt and dad.
and also a awesome chat with baby via sms..

Plan again for 2mr dinner.
our late xmas dinner together.
in a romantic spot ( stil dunno yet ) =P
and is the day i receive present and pass present to baby.

hubby u are the best present that i ever had.
gtg.wanna clean up,
looking forward to this dinner.
love ya.

Friday, 28 December 2007

ok here is my daily routine again.but not daily, though,
cox im not making it as a dairy.
brother said i should have showing others ppl my blog, screw him.

Me went to jb earlier than we p
lan ( of cox my parent planned it)
before that, me and py and baby is kinda busy with our plan for spore.
no room, transport prob - no r
ealy a prob, cox he drive.
and finally, our conclusion is to stay with my family lu.

chiiling and hanging around at aunt house, waiting for another day to come.
i miss him so much, and i gonna see him soon.
hahahahhahah =P

have dinner with my grandma cox is her bday.
dinner with cousins, tal
king and laughing,
flashing back to our children time.
we always have fun together, now everyone has getting elder,
even we hav
e bf's and gf's..
feel kinda weird,
even our topic
has changed.

and de other day.
baby is comi
ng 2mr!
cant wait!

luckily he could make it b4 count down
, we spent our 1st xmas together.
love you so
much hubby.
and is the 1st time hubby
meeting my parent.
thanz for everythi
ng hubby,
u did a good job, and im so glad.

on the way back to kl,
me, baby, py and her boy dro
pped by to melacca.
we have our chicken rice and cendol.
camwhoring front
of the red house.
is the 1st time me an
d baby go.
here is
some pic.

p.s. I dont realy take any pic in spore, cox forgotten and have no chance,
some also at my cousin's camera, but i d
o took some in melacca.
my cousins sister, but the small lil is not my cousin la.spotted this dress in spore, but not sure whether selling
here or not in msia.

the group picture.

i heart u hubby, thanz for giving me everything.
my love for u are
deeper than than the sea;
wider than the sky;
and im so in love with u.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Never got to see baby that day, which makes me abit sad..

And saturday, finally i got to choose a present for him.
hope he will like it.
kinda hard to make decision eh,
cause been seeking for almost a month to th
ink of what to buy for him.

cousins are coming to ave a sleep over at my house.
dad bring us to have dinner in gontong jaya.
last min we decided to go up genting to have a look,
bcox we never been up to there during x'mas time.
always in singapore.
is so damn cold.

and i meet up with a fren ( which i never see him b4 :P)
here is some pic..

Friday, 14 December 2007

Amazing World

lots of plan, though, for today.
but end up 1 also didnt make it.
but still ok la, cox i make it to spent my sweet time with baby.
aikz...he gonna leave 2mr,and i wil be seeing him after xmas, i guess.
so..must appreciate the time we together lo...

feel like being numb or used to it with the feeling..
maybe i already grown up?
or just ignore it?
both also good for me la hahah..

2mr wil be going to1u.
but dont feel like wanna sing k..
wasting my time, cox i don realy sing.
i think better i just walk around, shopping!! @.@
of wait for baby to have lunch with him b4 he leave.

thats all for now. ciao.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

As Usual

got my daily routine as usual.
baby decide to go to klcc for shopping yesteryday night, cox fong wanna buy present to dunno who.
and i waited for baby for kinda long, finally we got there.
try burbery shirt and polo shirt for the gal, and they keep teasing me No Boobs!! wt...
Dunno why i got the moody in a sudden, so i keep silent when i got into car.
luckily baby realized it and hold my hand ask me izit ok, and he kiss me.
i rejext the invitation of having dinner with their fren, bcox dont feel like going, also don1 baby get here and there jsut to pick me up and drop me.
so...tonight im staying at home with my new bought novel.
baby have the supliment test today, i didnt realy talk much and chat much with him bcox i know he is very tired.
revising all night and go for the test, wish u luck baby, and hope u wil not failed again.
is a right choice that im not going out today.
my house are booming...
bored though...
looking for 2mr to have a nice day with baby,
gonna miss him a lot bcox he is going back on friday..
duno when we gonna see again ler??

Monday, 10 December 2007


aikz, got this rather funny, after 11 months.
is the picture of my uncle's wedding.

this is the groom ( uncle), and the left-closed-eyes small lil boy is my cousin (he is a mix

and this is the bride. gorgeous..

My Shopping List:

1. XXXX for hubby's xmas present
2. topshop skinny jeans
3. liquid eyeliner
4. have a haircut b4 singapore
5. opi based coat
6. polo t for hubby.

What About Love.

i found this paragraph are real touching when i was reading this novel <> by Cecelia Ahern, and it is the real meaning of love. ( i think so ).

you deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spend every minute of everyday just wondering what you're doing, where you are,who you're with, and if you're ok. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and who can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing on air happy.Someone who should have taken the chance to be with you years ago instead of becoming scared and being too afraid to try.

love love love love..

Before, After.

Yeah, after spending my 3 days holiday with baby, and im home.
So bored, and i miss him alot. he cant sleep,and me either, bcox we both too used to hugging each other on the bed.
i miss the moment hubby. i miss the moment u hugging me, tickle me, bite me and pinch me ( he is violent, though)

back to those 3 days. or before.

i went to pavilion with my brother. actualy i date fong, but i guess he cant awake and i don want to trouble him as well, so i decide to go myself.
bought 1 puma bag ( i love it!!!), and stil wanna have a look for hubby's present , so damn afraid that im not buying the one he want. sigh....
then i went to wong kok for a drink. chit chatting with my brother.. hahahaha..sounds funny huh.. then went back b4 traffic jam.

im not actualy happy, bcox i have a fight with baby.
i told him my plan about im going down to give him a surprise, but he said it not gonna work, and anything should have discuss with him. HOW RIDICULOUS!! if it is a SURPRISE and why the hell i stil need to talk with him????
but anyway, i wait for his sms.
wait.. finally.....
he told me he is in kl now.. ????
i asked him why?
he said he is doing what im PLAN to do to him. is this a surprise?

  • next day
its rainy day..
baby text me the day b4 asking me to slep early so that i got to find him in the early morning.
but the weather spoiled my mood. it keep raining..
but i got his place. i miss him so much...
i've been 3 weeks ( i think so ), never got to see him, touch him and kiss him.

fong met accident.
i feel abit guilty, bcox i asked him to gv company to pavilion so he go and pinjam car from his brother. anyway, he cant make it with me, so he drove the car out and kenal accident quite serious though. im sorrry..........

  • next day again...
ok, im excited!! bcox im going out! to his place!! yeah!!
but the truth is,many things happen unpredictable so it takes quite long time for me to wait for him to pick me up.
1st, the idiot guard clam his car and he waited the managers for ages.
2nd, i need to get out of my house, so this and that....
so.. finally.. we are on the way! woohoo!!

i got there quite late, then went to the restaurant that he new target, got everything - wifi, on demand and so on??
then.. sleep lo....

  • next next day...
its raining here...
went out for bak kuk teh.
and i finally got to see Haley baby.
she is so so so super duper adorable. a very beautiful baby..
went back his home. slep again. basically is i watching him slep hahaha..

dinner with his family.
same as last time, laughing non stop. feel comfortable, but stil a bit kekok la, cox not my family ma..
then...sleep lo... XD

* dont realy have posted some pic here, bcox i dont realy have the mood to camwhore.

  • next next next day...
i wake him up, then we pack, then we go back.
its rainy day again.

we hold each other hand while he was driving.
laughing and joking.
asking him not to drive so fast.
and me and him got home safely.

thanz hubby for giving me a good time.
although is kinda boring, but i stil very very happy and sweet.
its ur life, and im going into ur life.

* thanz for sweet sms love.

Monday, 12 November 2007

what happen to u??what happen to u??
i realy duno what happen actualy..everything is going bad, dont u think so?
what are you going to ask from me?
im realy stress to u know?
u say this, ok i do this, u say that ok i do that. and what else u want from me?
im already behaving like a barbie doll do u know?

i know ur phone gonna out of batt.. then send a msg also canot?
do u know last time u wil change ur phone with fren just to chat with me?but now...
whole day!! i waited u for whole day!! cant u just tell me that u are going back?
and im need to ask ur fren just to know when u are going back?
am i doing things wrongly?i realy wanna know...please tell me...
im realy not happy these few days. u said im giving u a hard times,push u into tunnel.why dont u think back urself that u are giving me hard times as well. u are giving me bad days and hard experience. im realy realy stress.
but i got no one to talk to.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


yeah!! finals is over!! woohoo~ but then is his finals worried bout him either..
today i didnt go n find him, it might be a good choice i guess ..
but 2mr will see him though, give him support and stay by his side.

its been a bad few not happy, i feel stress, i will confusing and dunno what i want and what i do.
maybe he is right, i cant really control myself and i duno what should i do, whether is right or wrong.
i also feel like im doing wrong, tied him so much - is not bcox trust or not trust, but is over worried.
i should release him a bit and let him do what he want, i should trust him like how i trust and love him.

i realy hope that after the exam, everything will become normal. i will wait hubby, will wait for u.
i just wanna spend my time with u, till the end. if we are not tolerate enough then i don think we can hold till the end.

i realy understand what u need and i hope u understand what i need too.

the bad and moody feeling is not goood.
i don wan this happen again.

aikz..start holiday...
so boring..wanna find something to do,but duno what is that....
working? i wan to, to earn money to buy his present.
hahahhahah..if cant then i realy need to touch the money lo..
anyway, i will stop here. running out of idea.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


i have been long time never blog.
i dunno why today i have the mood to writing blog here.
just scolded by the fucker, ok, he is damn shit. last week like that, this week also like that. hell, im gonna die, who come and safe me?
yesterday was a very nice and happy day for me. i've been to a very new experience with him. is real sweet, i admit.
and today, i was in a half bad mood, i think. its so tough for being the eldest. always the unfair 1, and the guinea pig.
the one who took as the experiment, no this and no that. damn confirm, feel doubt? go and ask ur sister and brother.
is so fucking unfair unfair!!!!
final coming very soon, im kinda stress thought. but i really need to study. hmmm..
i got many plan, many thoughts in my mind, but i just how to arrange it, which come first, which come then. argh... confusing.. i wish that i got good tempered or maybe a bit stupid or dumb, or his is not here. then i might not that stress. i was thinking when i will become mad, or realy got the courage to fight him back, maybe when i realy got my financial support. he is just lucky. i bet. what he gave me and he got back is what he deserve. hell...
i will know what is my plan in the future, not far, and he will know what is my plan either.
oh god, i wish u can right here, i realy need ur hug. but i don wan u to be the victim either. i will just protect u, but end up that i might cant meet u. do u still willing to lend me ur hand?
it is a very big risk thought.
will u still right by my side, lend me ur shoulder and bring me away?

Thursday, 23 August 2007


i feel so blue.
i feel so bored.
i feel so lonely. because you are not by my side.
wanna feel your touch. your hug. your kiss.

im glad that the incident happened today.
it is a very happy day for me.
because we spent our day together specially.
i probably would not think this happen instantly, but yet, it does happened.

this makes me have to strong feeling to hold u stronger, tightly.
i hope u have the same feeling and thought too.
love you.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

t o d a y 22 08 07

today, is a happy day for me.
its been 2 days long i nvr see him. can u feel the suffer? the time fly so slow..
i wait and wait and wait
sunday - monday and FINALLY tuesday.. yeah..he is coming back!!
we have a fun time together.
hug each other.
whisper to my ears.
telling me that he loves me.
and i love him too.
hold each other tightly.
not gonna gv up on this.


huh..finally..i can re-log my blog again.been trying for so many was because my password was insecure..

Sunday, 24 June 2007

maison n luna bar

not trying to make any advertising for maison and luna bar.
just wanna said that i spent my day at this 2 place..
was a great night, me and him together..
nice dinner nice supper.. lolz..

we have our dinner at luna.
mutton beef shrimps oyster and etc..
so full..
nice night view of kuala lumpur,

but too sad it is drizzilling..
nice talk and laugh,
sharing the mind and oppinion..

shifted place to maison after dinner,
meeting up frens and dance for all night long.
sexy dance dirty dance
but also staying by his side..
bump into ex skul mate and some fren..
is a nice meet up place *hahaha, everyone know where is maison huh*

dawn was coming and we are tired
and im stopping too,
nights everyone..

Thursday, 21 June 2007


today is his birthday,
the first year that i spent with him,
is a new experience for myself,
and he too- i guess.
weird and awkward feeling for me,
because once i write this,
then i would hv know it will post to read,
unless i'm not telling the website.
is the first time i spent my birthday with new experience,
not meaning that He gave me a bad birthday,
just erm bit more to normal but still happy because of his accompaniment.
but this year would be a very very new thingy in my life.
Im gonna give him a wonderful birthday either,
but erm ..dunno how..
might be doing something special,
something that i rarely do,
to make him happy,
is a wasted that i couldn't make it to Him,
but i will make it to another him,
because he will be in my life.
sometimes i will feel doubt for myself,
why can i fall into him for so short term?
i think i have the answer,
"no point look back to the past"
"look forward"
learn this word from him,
its really correct,
no point looking back to the past,
because will be more suffer,
times goes on,
life goes on,
just look forward but not backward,
this will more comfort my heart.
thanx for sending this message to me,
and help me grown up,
think maturely,
and teach me how to firm on my stand.
happy belated birthday.
may everything succeed in your life.

Early In De Morning

Morning phone rang..
Woke up because of sister calling me to answer the phone.
argh.god know that i slept on 4:30am!! @#$%&..
The phone guy said he will arrived around 9:30 to deliver the Uni something form for me..

Today will be my another excited day in this week after 2 days of boreness..Seriously is farking real bored!!
And my schedule of the day will be very very full because of some stuff,i'm stil figuring out how to spend my time in order but not wasting the time..God please let me know,or maybe send me a time planner.

This year would be a very very meaningful year for me - my birthday, his birthday, my education and my friends. i have a totally different experience from the past. [ just feel bit emo plus bit excited wahakkak ]
I feel emo after been receiving the enrollment booklet which me im a University Student!!oh god..cant bliv it..
And today is his birthday, i wud have do something to make him happy....hmmm..what should i do? XD

Stop blogging here bcox i need to pack my thing n clean up myself
gonna Shack my ass tonight woohoo..~~

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

bday !! bday!!!

since i cant use any black word bcox my background is black so im using orange fond and meant it to match up my shirt for the bday..wahakkaka..*lame*

2007 is the 1st year that i celebrate my bday with my college fren and all the bitches, so sad we missed out 4
- the woman always back to ipoh for nothing (maybe she do enjoy the feeling of traveling fr kl to ipoh in de aircond bus =.=) ~ u know who u r!
- queenie, de small lil gal in my heart
- nina - she is in indonesia
- giselle - de new bitch lol

im having a great
night [ i meant it ] with all my, gab diane, wai chien n everyone and some boys hahaha..
thanx for giving me a great time man..

feeling warm n funny bcox we go make a lots of noise with ENGLISH. oh man, have u ever heard a bunch of ppl speaking and yelling and laughing in english in a hong kong style restaurant??? this is my 1st time either....

here some picture..XD

::: the big big lai cha.. drink til i cant sleep for the farking who night!!! :::
::: diane's work ::: ::: the 3 biatch n 2 is hiding duno where :::

::: shitty face ::: ::: f*ck random pic at laundry:::

thats all for the pic..and thanx for my fren.. damn cant used to it saying this kinda manner thingy..

t h e V e r y F i r s t B l o g

mine the very first blog in here.
actually i do have a blog last time but i forgotten what is the url and i couldn't sign in. that is why i blog again in here.

Is kinda boring writting blog because i usually when feeling to type something else,u know the feeling of finger itchiness and how good is the quality of ur keyboard and u seriously enjoying of typing word, then u will feel to blog or chatting on msn.. lol..

But the most irritating thingy for me is,when i really feel like typing something else,and i do log in my blog,the time when i saw the box to type,i wil f*cking running out of oh happens all the time in my life... and u can always see that my blog is stopping half way..wahakkakaka..i don't mean that either...