Sunday, 24 June 2007

maison n luna bar

not trying to make any advertising for maison and luna bar.
just wanna said that i spent my day at this 2 place..
was a great night, me and him together..
nice dinner nice supper.. lolz..

we have our dinner at luna.
mutton beef shrimps oyster and etc..
so full..
nice night view of kuala lumpur,

but too sad it is drizzilling..
nice talk and laugh,
sharing the mind and oppinion..

shifted place to maison after dinner,
meeting up frens and dance for all night long.
sexy dance dirty dance
but also staying by his side..
bump into ex skul mate and some fren..
is a nice meet up place *hahaha, everyone know where is maison huh*

dawn was coming and we are tired
and im stopping too,
nights everyone..

Thursday, 21 June 2007


today is his birthday,
the first year that i spent with him,
is a new experience for myself,
and he too- i guess.
weird and awkward feeling for me,
because once i write this,
then i would hv know it will post to read,
unless i'm not telling the website.
is the first time i spent my birthday with new experience,
not meaning that He gave me a bad birthday,
just erm bit more to normal but still happy because of his accompaniment.
but this year would be a very very new thingy in my life.
Im gonna give him a wonderful birthday either,
but erm ..dunno how..
might be doing something special,
something that i rarely do,
to make him happy,
is a wasted that i couldn't make it to Him,
but i will make it to another him,
because he will be in my life.
sometimes i will feel doubt for myself,
why can i fall into him for so short term?
i think i have the answer,
"no point look back to the past"
"look forward"
learn this word from him,
its really correct,
no point looking back to the past,
because will be more suffer,
times goes on,
life goes on,
just look forward but not backward,
this will more comfort my heart.
thanx for sending this message to me,
and help me grown up,
think maturely,
and teach me how to firm on my stand.
happy belated birthday.
may everything succeed in your life.

Early In De Morning

Morning phone rang..
Woke up because of sister calling me to answer the phone.
argh.god know that i slept on 4:30am!! @#$%&..
The phone guy said he will arrived around 9:30 to deliver the Uni something form for me..

Today will be my another excited day in this week after 2 days of boreness..Seriously is farking real bored!!
And my schedule of the day will be very very full because of some stuff,i'm stil figuring out how to spend my time in order but not wasting the time..God please let me know,or maybe send me a time planner.

This year would be a very very meaningful year for me - my birthday, his birthday, my education and my friends. i have a totally different experience from the past. [ just feel bit emo plus bit excited wahakkak ]
I feel emo after been receiving the enrollment booklet which me im a University Student!!oh god..cant bliv it..
And today is his birthday, i wud have do something to make him happy....hmmm..what should i do? XD

Stop blogging here bcox i need to pack my thing n clean up myself
gonna Shack my ass tonight woohoo..~~

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

bday !! bday!!!

since i cant use any black word bcox my background is black so im using orange fond and meant it to match up my shirt for the bday..wahakkaka..*lame*

2007 is the 1st year that i celebrate my bday with my college fren and all the bitches, so sad we missed out 4
- the woman always back to ipoh for nothing (maybe she do enjoy the feeling of traveling fr kl to ipoh in de aircond bus =.=) ~ u know who u r!
- queenie, de small lil gal in my heart
- nina - she is in indonesia
- giselle - de new bitch lol

im having a great
night [ i meant it ] with all my, gab diane, wai chien n everyone and some boys hahaha..
thanx for giving me a great time man..

feeling warm n funny bcox we go make a lots of noise with ENGLISH. oh man, have u ever heard a bunch of ppl speaking and yelling and laughing in english in a hong kong style restaurant??? this is my 1st time either....

here some picture..XD

::: the big big lai cha.. drink til i cant sleep for the farking who night!!! :::
::: diane's work ::: ::: the 3 biatch n 2 is hiding duno where :::

::: shitty face ::: ::: f*ck random pic at laundry:::

thats all for the pic..and thanx for my fren.. damn cant used to it saying this kinda manner thingy..

t h e V e r y F i r s t B l o g

mine the very first blog in here.
actually i do have a blog last time but i forgotten what is the url and i couldn't sign in. that is why i blog again in here.

Is kinda boring writting blog because i usually when feeling to type something else,u know the feeling of finger itchiness and how good is the quality of ur keyboard and u seriously enjoying of typing word, then u will feel to blog or chatting on msn.. lol..

But the most irritating thingy for me is,when i really feel like typing something else,and i do log in my blog,the time when i saw the box to type,i wil f*cking running out of oh happens all the time in my life... and u can always see that my blog is stopping half way..wahakkakaka..i don't mean that either...