Thursday, 23 August 2007


i feel so blue.
i feel so bored.
i feel so lonely. because you are not by my side.
wanna feel your touch. your hug. your kiss.

im glad that the incident happened today.
it is a very happy day for me.
because we spent our day together specially.
i probably would not think this happen instantly, but yet, it does happened.

this makes me have to strong feeling to hold u stronger, tightly.
i hope u have the same feeling and thought too.
love you.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

t o d a y 22 08 07

today, is a happy day for me.
its been 2 days long i nvr see him. can u feel the suffer? the time fly so slow..
i wait and wait and wait
sunday - monday and FINALLY tuesday.. yeah..he is coming back!!
we have a fun time together.
hug each other.
whisper to my ears.
telling me that he loves me.
and i love him too.
hold each other tightly.
not gonna gv up on this.


huh..finally..i can re-log my blog again.been trying for so many was because my password was insecure..