Monday, 12 November 2007

what happen to u??what happen to u??
i realy duno what happen actualy..everything is going bad, dont u think so?
what are you going to ask from me?
im realy stress to u know?
u say this, ok i do this, u say that ok i do that. and what else u want from me?
im already behaving like a barbie doll do u know?

i know ur phone gonna out of batt.. then send a msg also canot?
do u know last time u wil change ur phone with fren just to chat with me?but now...
whole day!! i waited u for whole day!! cant u just tell me that u are going back?
and im need to ask ur fren just to know when u are going back?
am i doing things wrongly?i realy wanna know...please tell me...
im realy not happy these few days. u said im giving u a hard times,push u into tunnel.why dont u think back urself that u are giving me hard times as well. u are giving me bad days and hard experience. im realy realy stress.
but i got no one to talk to.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


yeah!! finals is over!! woohoo~ but then is his finals worried bout him either..
today i didnt go n find him, it might be a good choice i guess ..
but 2mr will see him though, give him support and stay by his side.

its been a bad few not happy, i feel stress, i will confusing and dunno what i want and what i do.
maybe he is right, i cant really control myself and i duno what should i do, whether is right or wrong.
i also feel like im doing wrong, tied him so much - is not bcox trust or not trust, but is over worried.
i should release him a bit and let him do what he want, i should trust him like how i trust and love him.

i realy hope that after the exam, everything will become normal. i will wait hubby, will wait for u.
i just wanna spend my time with u, till the end. if we are not tolerate enough then i don think we can hold till the end.

i realy understand what u need and i hope u understand what i need too.

the bad and moody feeling is not goood.
i don wan this happen again.

aikz..start holiday...
so boring..wanna find something to do,but duno what is that....
working? i wan to, to earn money to buy his present.
hahahhahah..if cant then i realy need to touch the money lo..
anyway, i will stop here. running out of idea.