Thursday, 31 January 2008


Yeah! my license was expired!
which means..
i got my new license and i'm no longer a P driver!

I've just count my new year shirt.
my oh my.
i got 5 T-shirts for this CNY.
*i guess i wil just wear t shirt during new year =.=*
A Levi's Jeans, a duno how to say (dress?),MNG pants,
Topshop Sling bag, Purple Sneakers and what else can i buy?
but spotted a vest from Forever 21.
i think i wil go and buy it 2mr.

Nothing much bout Pavilion
but raining cats and dogs.
the first been to Lot 10, Sg Wang and Pavilion
with baby.
and also the first time we gave a try on photo box.
* the small picture with some cutie graphic*

that's it.
time to hit my drama.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Casual chill

this is the 2nd time i typed this.
accidentaly erase it.
knn!! knn!

ok i was saying that i dont realy like to typed nowdays,
just running out of words and speechless
and definately agree with
"pictures tell the story"
yada yada..

i went to Glampot to drop my shade.
then have lunch with them at strawberry park,
with baby, gabby, judith and mei yan * new fren*
bought a belt at there but also
spotted a DKNY top,
didnt get to try it bcox was running out of time.

headed to baby's place for the photo sticking session,
we've bought our big photo album
to stick all the pictures.

go to 1u AGAIN,
YES AGAIN AND AGAIN for our shopping.
decided to go to the Reptile Exhibition unexpectedly.
bcox we really so DAMN BORING.

ah long holiday to stand...

speechless now.
then phot uploader is so SH* ops sorry, just geram*
wait and wait and wait.

the nicer pose with the snake

the snake like wanna diong him =X

great big paython!

oh ya my purple sneakers

tomorrow PAVILION!

ok im typing back what i've erased.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Learn to accept criticism

yes i bought my skinny Jeans.
instead of fro Topshop and Zara which is my choice,
ended up i bought Levi's Skinny Jeans.
so Yea, Skinny Jeans.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

It had to be you

Is a nice movie though,
but hubby doesn't like it,
because it sings almost in the movie,
the lyrics replaced as dialogs.
something like "the sound of music" *i watched it since i was 3 duhh, the do-re-mi, got it?*
plus it is 18PL,

because a lot of "cut-your-throat-with-the-chopper" scene,
and is bloody too.
the reason i wanna watch this
is because i'm so in love with
he is so so so so so so so hot!
and my


Went for my French Manicure's appointment today,
it was boring after the movie,
so go for the mani instead of staying home.

watching tv, baby talking to bro, and sister was laying on the sofa

our so called "wedding pic's face expression" =.=



Yeah!! tomorrow SKINNY JEANS!

Friday, 25 January 2008

Perks your day like no other

let the picture tell the story.

baby and me chilling at my study room

my pedi art for Chinese New Year!!

another appointment for French Mani on next monday.
Tuesday for ZOo.

time to hit my bed.
love ya baby.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

black to white

im here to announced the background of khaiyuin's blog
will shift to white from black.
it is because khaiyuin thinks that is kinda troublesome
to change the font color everytime after she blog.
so. white is easier and faster.
thats the reason.
*oh yea thats why i can use black now duhh*


another chinese new year shopping spreeeeee..
went Glampot again with aunt to check out those branded bag,
and i decided to sell my so-call-japan-famous-designer designed Shade to the boutique.
Arrr yaaa whateverrrrr..
i love shade.
so love shade.
so in love with buying shade,
but i just dont wear it.
*ya im crazy spending money asshole, but whatever*
i've ever gave out all my shade to aunts, to cousins, to whoever just like santaclause giving pressie.
and then purchase another few.
so..... is better i sell it right? hahhahahaha.. can get money whey...
then head to 1u AGAIN with family and baby.
parent and siblings leave 1st,
and left me n baby for the 2nd round.
*cox u know la, when your parent with you, you sure cant buy anything.
this conversation will begin. [ i bet to every young ladies and leng mummy ]
daughter: miiii.. this can or not? nice right?
mummy: where got nice? dont wan la..
daughter: then this ler?
mummy: canot. so expensive.
daughter: then this ler???
mummy: color not suit you. don wan la..
daughter: then that 1???
mummy: canot.
daughter: then which 1 only can?!!!

yes i so damn understand this kinda feeling.
thats why i made a right choice to stay back for 2nd round,
and it much proved what i've said,
bcox me and baby realy bought a lot.
i got my..
~ purple flower sneakers from Pull and Bear
~ light blue Ralph Lauren Polo-T
~ blue checkers gals boxer
~ dark blue sweat pants
~ 2 bra *shy*
~ and my all-time favourite prawn's biscuit * neh.. that 1 like small spring roll*
then back home for dinner lo.

Skinny Jeans Skinny Jeans!! Here i come!! wait for me!!!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Take my breath away

8 months and a day.

Zoo's plan postpone,
because i'm not in a good condition now.
cough and flu and sore throat.
good. in a shot.
i just feel so tired when walking under the sun.
and is thaipusam today,
aunt said sure very jam wor...
then dont go lo..

Dont ask me Game Plan nice or not.
cause i just watch half,
i think just a quarter. * 20 min??*

whey.. yes i know is a comedy.
and everyone rated high,
but i just in the damn bad mood.
how to watch finish ler...

Went Glampot with baby and the bitches *owner*
nice place though,
but eh, i think is kinda small place la,
if you guys keep collect 2nd hand stuff.
it will be very very pack.
i guess i will go another time,
to spot what i wanna buy,
bag? shade?
dress doesnt suit me much,
bcox i dont wear dress.
yes! i dont wear dress.
i mean less la.
my preferable is shorts and my all time favourite Levis Jeans.

need to go subang again..
i haven done what i should do.
school for the payment.
bla bla bla..
wanna go pyramid la!!
i miss you!!

and i miss you too!!
yes is you!
*hubby lo*

blog soon.
is time to take my medicine.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Candy Love *edited*

hubby is our 7 months and 4 weeks ler!! woohooooo~
day flies so much faster yea..
yea.. is realy fast..
and im getting old..
and im 20!
*yea i know what that exactly mean okay??


went 1u with hubby .
and i've print out all the pictures of both of us from the photo shop.
60s pictures! yes i know is alot hahahhaha...
but it still kinda less though,
because next week me and baby will go ZOO!
yes. is ZOO.
* never been there for quite few years, and is the first time we'll go together!*
and the we will capture lotsa lotsa pictures!
ah ya we are crazy,
but cant blame us bcox we are way to boring with our F*king damn long
summer break.
okay, back to Yesterday.
baby pick me up when he was arrived kepong from kuantan.
then we went for the " One plus One Shabu Shabu"
the food was moderate,
not really bad,
but kinda special though,
for those steamboat kaki la.
you got your own bowl of soup with different kinda flavour.
*not sharing soup like we usualy did*
and free flow drinks with appetizer and with dessert.
can try it la, but the price..
deng deng deng deng.
1 word.
but seriously the seafood set is more worth it.
[ for those who wanna try, Must order seafood set k? ]
Was actualy planned for movie,
but we decided to have our chinese new year shopping.
baby bought me a Topshop sling bag.
* yea yea, i've promise him that i wont spend any money
on any bag for my coming semenster! *

ok la still worth it hahahahahhahah. =Pheart this dress from topshop

then called eng eng for yam cha section in chandran.
bullshitting the whole night with some frens.
at first only 3 of us,
then slowly need to add a table.

is another stupid experienced for us.
we decided to take train to klcc.
ah ya... i know is realy stupid,
but seriosly
hanging around with hubby in klcc,
which we walked in to each of the shop.
back home,
waiting for family dinner,
baby was following as well.
*hahaha yea we are getting so much closer *
bumped up with nicole and parent's fren.
so have dinner together lu...the curve!
i hurt my nail,
it cracked,
because i was kicking baby's shoe.
*khai yuin, serve you right! *
manicure and pedicure sooooooooonn!!

im using dad's laptop which the bluetooth sudah rosak
become no tooth.

*cold ~~~ *

the curve chinese new year's deco
grandma's house

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

It happened with a cause.

is time to cut off some "done-list".

Makan List:

1. arabic food - [ X ] not yet
2. ikea meat ball - [ Ya ]
3. Le Gourment soup - [ X ]
4. thai food - [ X ]
5. wanna buy curry pufff - [ Ya, but changed it to Big Apple donout ]
6. our "lok lok" section - [ X ] dunno when only have this chance eh
7. baby's handmade sandwich - [ X! ] no way, still need to wait for him to come back!
8. steak ( he cook, YUMMY!! ) - [ X ] refers to no.7

To-do-List / shopping lis:
1. exchange the item from ikea - [ Ya. got the so-called chair ]
2. buy photo frame - [ Ya ]
3. buy bed sheet - [ X ]
4. wash all the pictures of me and baby - [ X ] tomorrow.
5. buy photo album - [ X ]
6. seeking for another dinner dress - [ X ] not buying for another 1.
7. buy heel - [ X ] seeking
8 buy my new year cloth - [ 50-50 ] ???
9. wanna buy a book for myself ( any intro? ) - [ X ] need to date kim, ask her to choose for me.
10. catch a movie with couple seats!!! - [ X ] it should be the easiest, but no mood for movie.
11. watch our hk drama!!! - [ Ya, done the HK 1, and now is Korean turn ]

As i said, it is a very interesting 2007. ended my college life in Sunway college. is a right choice for me studying here. i got my best fren, i got my hubby too. a " so-so" life at the beginning of the years. i got my hair short in Jan of 28th. no any hestitate with chopping this grass down. making a hard decision with the 1st time broke up with ex. and then making another hard decision to recover back. AND making another hard decision to the final chop-off. I'm really bless that i've made this decision. I should say, Yes, im selfish, i want something better for myself. i wanna get what i want for myeslf. No ppl can stop me. I got a happy time in college, i've met my bestfrens, very nice teachers, i've touch law in the very first time, i've met hubby *ya, he is my classmate*, i've learn many things, who is your real fren, what you should do what you should not do, yada yada.. Thanks myself for giving chance. Enroll to Monash Uni after the graduation. Did not know which road i should walk for. but luckily thanks for his supports. I got my many very-first-time. With him and with my frens. My birthday, his birthday, xmas celebration and new year. i will never forget. Life is full with high and low. Im bless that i have someone who makes me happy, makes me feel comfortable to talk about everything, someone can trust, someone who i just feel like they have my back. You know, you want to grow together as one.
song of the year : sudah by Nidji ( indonesian boy band ) book of the year : p.s I love you by Cecilia Ahern color of the year : torquoise and yellow food of the year : Luna Bar's mix grilled bevarage of the year : Strawberry Margarita and Black label


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Do It Right

yes! do it right!
but im wrong....
I HAD DIRTY MY FAVOURITE LACOTSE SHIRT when was dining with baby in ikea!
how careless and rude i am!
i feel so bad...
because is the present that baby give to me.
and the main reason is it is fu*king expensive!
i'm gonna buy another for myself by choosing another color.
having an " okay okay" day with baby.
"okay okay" means can say as happy also can it as bad.
happy because went shopping with baby,
ikea and the curve.
i realized nowadays we ( and myself ) prefer to hang out in these 2 places.
why? i dunoooo...should be comfortable and not that pack i guess.
get our exchanged stuff back,
and also bought 3 photo frame for our pictures! yeah!
hubby bought a pants for me from mng.
yes i love it. ( gonna tahan it cox wanna wear it on cny, im chinese ok!)
not happy because the shirt la!!!!!
ah yoooo....
feel bad ler.....
after shopping, head to baby's house to "build" the so-called "chairs" up.
damn difficult..i couldn't made it, so have to request his fren lu..
but im not that weak actualy. bluek.
before heading back home,
drop by to desa's pasar malam with baby.
* yea, i've never been to pasar malam with baby. u keep asking me wanna buy this
buy that or not. sot ar you??? *
baby having dinner at my home,
and i rushed to the laundry room to clean the dirty.
and...ta da...
the oil dirt is still there! some more it change to red color!
i guess i need to get another 1.
gonna ask more money so i can get all the stuff before chinese new year!
baby going back 2mr!!
haiz..boring boring..
but when he come back, we will have plenty of stuff to do!

Monday, 14 January 2008

one for all, all for one

damn in love with Timbaland ft. One republic
" Apologize"

i'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around, and say...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothing new
I loved you with a fire red-
Now it's turning blue, and you say...
"Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

Bridge (guitar/piano)
It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
It's too late to apologize, yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah-
I'm holdin on your rope, got me ten feet off the ground..

what i realized is,
after the gal left the guy by singing
Rihana's Unfaithful,
then the gal wanna get back the guy,
then the guy can sing apologize to her.
yada yada yada..whatever..
the main point is just im so in love with this song,
not because it dedicated to my feeling.
*touch wood! my boo treat me the best!*
but just crazy with the rhythem
and the "eh eh eh" =.=

back to me.
never see baby for 2 days.
and something twisting my head these few days,
with this and that.
lazy to say it out here.
because of too long to type,
and i did not know how to describe with words.

oh ya,
i'm planning to get my hair curl.
can anyone gv me so comment or idea
* althought i know there is no one reading my blog*
just feeling making some changes on my own.
because i cant get taller,
cant get prettier,
cant get fatter,
so i just only can change my hairstyle.

what a boring day...
grandad asked me to gv a hand to shop if im free,
but grandad, im going out 2mr wor...
so sorry...tuesday lu...
baby going back ler...
after he back i sure boring sampai mati.
touch wood
but will be very boring and miss him ler...

thats the result i got my hair curl with the duno what stick.
but not permanantly perm yet la...

Friday, 11 January 2008

b o r e

wake up at 10 today for the swimming section.
my swimming class is at 12 actualy.
but just couldn't sleep because i'm sleeping on my brother's bed.
only 2 person today for
the lession.
me and youngest bro,
because another working and an
other gal - you know what.
back home, bath, eat some snack while watching tv then sleep again.
feel very boring today,
instead of staying home,
actually i have a plenty of time spending with hubby.
maybe i've been a long time never schooling
( sekolah kebangsa
an i mean ),
thats why i don realy know what is the holiday coming soon,
and today is the duno what s
hit alwamuharam.
and i'm in a f*king damn long summ
er break, which i duno
when is the summer end!!

yesterday i was hang out with gal fren, kim.
saw her tattoo, which i said is a tomato, and she said is a cherry. long as im not saying as a potato.
( it doesn't look like a potato at all, bas
ed on the color and the size)
she just a crazy ass, ignore her.
hang around with her at uptow
n san fransisco,
bitching about shit stuff and so on.
never see her for so long since the schooling i guess.
oh no no, is the bangsar thingy hahaha..
kim! i wanna go again, my eye brows is just a mess of grass!
and waiting for baby to c
ome from cheras.
after san fransisco session,
is time for me to dinner!
ok then we seek around , actualy is me la, they follow me ahhahaha
and look for f
we went in to an asian restaurant, stil is in uptown area.
while kim was waiting for her new so called bf to pick her up.
we still bitching around with with a gentleman, thats my hubby.

went to baby's place after the dinner.
actualy we planned to have a movie,
but we missed to time.
so change plan lo...
but i love the new plan th
ough, hehe.

kinda moody
i hope 2mr it will be a brightful day because baby is coming to me.
hubby, i hope u can cheer me up 2mr. =P
and dont forget the drama!

the giant flower! no a wallpaper actualy..saw this cap at grandma's place, then take for snap snap

cousin, me and sister, taken by sister. XD

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Feeling of waiting

finally baby is coming back 2mr,
i've been waited for so long.
not realy that long actualy,
it just a week.
but it feel like a year for me.
faster come back,
so that i can see you!!!
went to have a short shopping with mum
in a shop.
i parked my car in front of the shop.
i saw thousand and million of souveniers,
feeling so wanna buy it,
its so pretty.
but it kinda wasting money.
when mummy wanna leave,
i just realized that someone is double parking.
ok lo, then i wait lo with some lil horn,
but the person stil not realizing.
i wait in the car for quite long time,
at 1st i thought the owner should be back
in a short time,
mana tau bukan!
wtf. arent you should be alert with your car???
i horn for f*king quite a long time,
but the owner still haven show up!
ok, im not in a rush,
but it just so wasting my time!
she said she couldn't listen when i told her
bout what i typed above!
you think you just say you couldn't listen then
is all the excuses accepted?
NO! in addition, she came out from a open door
restaurant with her nice bowl of
prawn mee!!!
i still need to wait for baby come back to me.
kim and i will meet up at uptown for dinner section,
i guess baby will join,
then we wil go for a movie!
yeah! i can see you
i can see you.
off to bed.
kinda tired today.
better slep early
so that i wont get headache 2mr.

Monday, 7 January 2008

s p e e c h l e s s

suit with the title and i dont realy have much to say about yesterday.
have a kinda huge fight with him!
[ u know who the f*ker is, but not the he ]
i just take what u say as nonsense...
blah blah blah....
that wil not be inside my head,
and u know how stubborn and correct i am.
pheeewt. i got my point ok.


have a nice chat again with baby,
we decided to wash out all our pictures and put it in to an album.
its been 4 days we never see each other,
but the feeling is just like a week!
so long, but not that long actualy.
but i realy realy miss him.
baby said is so sweet when he check out the pictures i sent to him,
let him check it out izit those he want to print it out.
we went through all the stage,
by viewing our pictures ( our 1st bday celebration at maison and luna,
our graduation, bowling section, shopping section, room section,
klcc section, melacca and xmas )
these are all our memories and we gonna build it more.
which means we gonna buy more and more album! haha.
oh ya, and our movie ticket collecting spree!


yesterday is grandad's big day!
is his burfday.
we decided to celebrate bday with him i
n a restaurant and
then only go to grandad house for the burfday cake session.
we camwhore alot and uncle was testing his
"slow motion effect" with his phone.

grandad i hope u have prosperous day,
with health and wealth ( u already have it, XD )
and wonderful family.

Today, i planned to not step out my house.
bcox i feel im so tired of driving,
and just wanna do some stuff.
like manicuring ( i do it myself, with proffesional standard hahahhah),
tidy up my wardrobe ( dont mess with my cloth!! )
and thats it i think, but just dont feel like going out.

heres the picture turn!

mother f*ker, the pic uploader have soemthing wrong!i just got to upload 1 pic! 1!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

To-do-list is to remind the list u should do

Baby said i should separate the list so that is easier to remember that to do.

Makan List:
1. arabic food
2. ikea meat ball.
3. Le Gourment soup
4. thai food
5. wanna buy curry pufff
6. our "lok lok" section
7. baby's handmade sandwich
8. steak ( he cook, YUMMY!! )

To-do-List / shopping lis:
1. exchange the item from ikea
2. buy photo frame
3. buy bed sheet
4. wash all the pictures of me and baby
5. buy photo album
6. seeking for another dinner dress
7. buy heel
8 buy my new year cloth
9. wanna buy a book for myself ( any intro? )
10. catch a movie with couple seats!!!
11. watch our hk drama!!!

I guess that's it. wil be add more if i forgotten some.


Yesterday have a nice and long chat with baby,
we havet been talking for so long.
the conversation has included laughter, cry and love.
i finally know what is the intention of baby.
and thanz for everything u do to me hubby.
im very glad of myself can stand all of your test.
i finally found myself that i really love you hehe
so now me and baby have another stage to go lu..
that is my family and our education lu..

Plus we have a nice chat too on the morning i just woke up.
and i got a f*king 1st time with the XXXXXX
omg omg!!!
aikz...that just a 1st time, and i bet im gonna make it 2nd time
wait for me!
im gonna make u ____ and _____
( fill in the blank)

nothing to write. stop here. ciao.
no picture for these few days. XD

hubby i love you so so so so so so much. muacksSSsss!!

Life is just like a Movie

Finally watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with baby and cousins.
the movie kinda funny though,
but sad and laughter is inside my heart.
sad is because baby leaving after the movie,
and laugh is because is movie is realy funny.

i don wan baby to leave,

but he has to.
baby drove back to me bcox he wanna dropped his exchange item, and see me for the last time.
so that i can change for him 2mr.
i cant make it to have a goodbye kiss with him, bcox mum is standing there and so does his sister inside the car,
i also cant make it to wave to him and telling him to drive safe, bcox my mum was the person who wave to him so much and keep telling him drive carefully - thats my mum, weird.
is time to back to my single life ( i mean myself alone in kl)
i miss u hubby. miss you so much.

hubby tell me that his 2nd sister is going marry,
and his family is inviting me to go.
i wanna go!!
but dunno whether my parent allow or not.
have to think a way... hmmm.. what wil it be this time


date monica today to ikea.
haven see her for quite long time, since the shopping at cat whisker.
decided to date her bcox everyone has start schooling,
only me, stil have to wait til feb..
so long!!!

those item wil wait for hubby to come back and we will purchase again together.
thats the time we can shopping together.
have lunch with her in thai express. the food is not bad, but kinda big portion,
actually is i order alot, u know i love to eat =P
then we hang around at cineleisure.
spotted 2 dress, maybe for baby's sister wedding.
these are the 2 choices :

- 1st choice
- 2nd choice
so these are the 2 choices...
which 1 is more suit me?

baby said the purple looks more suitable, but the black 1 not bad too.
wtf, then which 1 i should choose???
although i know the price is reasonable,
but ain't im going to buy both.
( baby asked me to buy both =.=)

i bought a white pants for baby,
me a shirt and a pants.
here is the list that im going to do after he come back to kl

1. exchange the item ( dont lose the voucher!!! )
2. buy bed sheet
3. buy photo frame
4. wash out all the photo ( me and baby's pic of course )
5. dinning at Le Gourment ( i told before the soup is nice )
6. our "lok lok" section
7. seeking for another dress
8. for heels
9. trial french nail at the curve
10. visit Glampot - duno when the hell she is coming back.

i think thats all. will be adding soon.


i have made the deposit for the dress, bcox that's the last piece.
went back to the boutique today and make the final try.
double confirm with baby,
ok the i pay.
i went in the almost all the boutique at cineleisure see whether i can spot any dress or not,
but zero.
then leave and heading to taipan help mummy to buy the pillow ( f*king expensive!!)
then drove to baby's place to drop off his pants and the dress..
sigh.. flash back to the previous time i came with baby,
the bed, the blanket..but baby is not here..
hubby i miss you ler,
kinda worry u bcox u didnt realy catch a slep today,
keep thinking of nonsense.. hmmm..
dont think too much,
i'll be right here just for u.
but hubby had made a request this morning,
by asking me not to working.
i promise him,
but i also want him to know that not everytime this can happen.
life stil gong on, and i stil got my own life.
but i know i just couldnt reject him for anything.

luckily got home b4 the rain.
baby telling me that hs mum got to know his result and he is unhappy
bcox of going to let his mummy scold.sorry for not being by ur side,
and indirectly im the one who made u got bad result.

everything going well tonight.
hope to get a nice slep,
and i need to mop the floor..aikz...

time to slep. nitez.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Everything New

Happy New Year!!
new year with new life.

Actually i've planned to watch movie with cousins and baby,
bcox i got free ticket,

so everyone follow lo...
( semua budak2
i was actualy think of watching it on wed,
but mum said should be
not many ppl,
bcox today everyone is working
and plus is monday.
ok, i listened to her,
but when i got 1u,

and rushing for the Q,
f*king damn many ppl.

and i f* king sure there is NO MORE ticket for ALL the movie.
then i decided to b
uy for the wed,
so that we can catch Alvin and the Chipmunk
( i dont realy fancy, but yet im bringing all the kids, so no choice )

Baby stayed at my house for a nap ( i nap, he didnt XD),
then have dinner at my ho
use too.

[ yes, we always stick together these days ]
After done myelf, then i got to baby's place.
we decide to have a we
stern dinner,
and watching fireworks on the car.

is the 1st year im celebrating new year with baby.
Happy New year bab
hope u wish come true.
i realy have a nice day with u

I have a family picnic today,
mummy has invite
d baby joined.
on 11am sharp, after having out dinner ( the 1st time he having
breakfast with my famil
y ),
then we star to go genting for our picnic!

We settled ourself with all the chairs and food.
and we start enjoy it
having a great time with sibli
ngs and baby.
they are interact well, eve
n my cousins too.
It just doesnt look like the 1st time they communicate.

Dad and aunt are talking bout baby's tattoo,
and they suggested wanna make a another 1
( lol, it realy surprise me!! if they go
do, then i also can have 1 lo???)
On the way bac
daddy are chit-ch
atting with baby,
asking him to study hard - so that he can let her daughter marry him? haha..
the sentence of the day stop here.
but i wish the story of me and you will never stop.

the so hai look. XDb aby's face expression while he was talking to my brother.

ps. forgotten to take any pic on new year eve =D

love ya hubby. muackieZzzz..