Friday, 29 February 2008

It clams you away

no tutorial no lecture today.
but i was off to baby's place.
he was actualy in a bad condition.
but i make it to accompany him and feed him med.
get well soon my love.

9 o clock class 2mr!

ps. hey peeps, any nice song intro?
let me know via cbox k? thanz. Muackiesss

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Early in the morning


i 10.23am and im in campus library.
the guy sit next to me speaks very well english with perfect accent.

Pulau Ketam

An exuberant chronicle of crime

did i mentioned that i have my lunch at Carl's Jr. yesterday?
No right..
tell you know.
the burger is SUPER DUPER HUGE
and im glad that i can finish it!
wOotss... i said i can eat a lot..
baby said eat once a month is enough,
because after the burger,
he couldnt eat anything for the whole day.

make it early to baby's place.
have late breakfast with him then make it to 1 o clock class.
luckily today is short lecture. but it wil not be every week short.
aikzz.... i wanna short lecture la...
so boring ler in the lecture theater.
thats for all.
pictures of the day:
she is naina or nina.

ignore the 2 gals, and thats the lecture theater. glamour ler..
to dim the light, just use your finger and touch on a touch screen.
tada. the lights off.

ps. baby must get well soon k.
i love you.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Napoleon Dynamite

schools are really in,
as i said is in the morning 9 o clock,
and i was jaming all the way long
i've been long time never drive on this timing.
and made it to captured this scene.
i got it..

1st lecture was film study.
apparently, i watched Napolean Dynamite in the early morning.
as Pooi Yee said,
this is the most WTF movie in the world.
but do u know this movie was hell famous.
is the only thing that i remember in this whole movie.
seriously is realy wtf,
i didnt know which part i should laugh,
because is too lame.
sorry bout saying that * to the director*

nothing much for schools,
and 2mr gonna be another 2 back to back lectures.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

chair spin-spinning you away

im currently watching Lydia Shum's memorial interview.
was a past clips of interview before she died.
oh ya, her daughter was same age with me. now i only know.

i just came back from Dynasty Hotel for a buffet lunch.
a gal fren 21st birthday.
big birthday huh.
hang around at there til 4 something then everyone left.
thats the end of a birthday party.
how sad.
sometimes i will think that,
why is the time fly so fast.
before an event, i feel so excited, and plan for everything,
what i wish to happen, how it happen and yada yada.
the climax must me memorable.
and the end ended so fast.
we usually skip to plan the ending.
just let it end that way.

while i was driving home,
the radio was playing "I don't love you" by My Chemical Romance.
is a really hit song and i remembered that i was addicted with the mtv.
1 word.
and meaningful.
yeah. a black dirty-ish guy with a white-ish gal falling in love with each other.
i loved the white eye ball of the gal.
i guess they are different, and obviously there are obstacles.

Schools start tomorrow.
9 o clock class.
and 1 shoot 2 lectures. 5 hours.
but better than nothing to do right.
im gonna prepare my mood to receive my new schools life.
oh ya.
a lot so-called-bitches in the new sem.
i know im bad mouth. kaka.
but im just telling the truth.
they speak english everywhere and high volumn and doesnt act like a new-bi.

baby coming back today.
and im seeing him 2mr.

pictures of the day.

the groupies

ps. i just received Queenie's msg, and she reached Aussie safely =)
pps. i photo album is with me <3

Somewhere over the rainbow

as i promise,
will be the title of today's post.
and her lovely husband is ROGER FEDERER -.-
( beh tahan her la)
i gave her a nickname which is ROXY GAL.
yeah. roxy. the brand roxy and quicksilver punya roxy la.
because her whole set of outfit is from Roxy,
backpack, jeans, shirt ..but not her undy and bra la.
i met her in my Family class at Sunway College,
nice and pretttttyyyyy gal..
she super duper love Roger Federer and always said that he is her husband.
even phone and laptop wallpaper also his face
(what la you, beh tahan again)
she love dancing * ya tumbs up*
and bla bla bla..
anyway, she younger me 1 year,
and i take her as my sister =)
but sadly,
she off to aussie 2mr,
morning's flight..
eh, must take care la you..
find a bf but must let me interview 1st.
me and david will miss you alot.
*if you are reading this*
camwhoring in the class
sunway lagoon!
klcc coffee bean

by the way,
not much for today,
klcc alone, bcox baby was not here.
and attended a church function.
ya, im a free thinker.
and obviously is super rare that i go to church.
but mum ask me to go for a talk.
the topic is
"who is the Cow, who is the Butterfly"
obviously again the cow is the male
and the butterfly is the female la.
usually we said ' i feel butterflies"
is some sort like feel happy with a gal.
so basically the talk is about boys and gals la.
is asking what is the opinion and yada yada.

i wanna say TAKE CARE
and i miss you alot HUBBY. =)

Friday, 22 February 2008

The Bonanza

alright, im currently alone cause baby was heading back to hometown. and hooked up with the song of "Zombie". yes, is a long time ago song. but i wonder why are the population can accept this song. the lyrics is good, but the ryhthem....

for those who work, or study or stay at Kelana Jaya or Sunway
whos travelling LDP highway,
sure will realized something happened.
the signboard of
"Kelly Tan E li,
would you marry me" touching ler..
with 14k diamond ring and 40k advertised proposal.
wish the kelly tan and and her husband ( the guy who handling the ring la)
have a memorable wedding la =)
* LDP trespasser have the same wish as well i guess*
click HERE to get more detail.

alright, the reason i wil pass by ad notice the board because i was heading to baby's place
and settle some of my stuff for uni.
instead a HOORAY or a Yerr..
I did not know what reaction to give.
schools out damn long.
step on the school walkway after 4 months.

headed to Kimberly's house for lunch.
miss DC alot.
DC is a dog anyway. a Shisu.
but DC got new fren today.
name BIBI.
a an-eye-blind dog. gab called him pirate. -.-

thats DC, and Bibi was watching baby cuddling him.
awww..cute right..
kim's house corner, comfy and simple.

Almost forgotten,
me and baby have attended to Lindy's birthday dinner
at Taipan Naili's place.
Happy Birthday Miss Lindy Khong. =)
Been hanged around at there til 11 something,
then the gals decided to head to Bar celona.
It was kinda big, i guess bigger than Maison,
but the crowd still cant beat them out.
clockwise- Giselle,me, gabby, Lindy ( bday gal), and dunno whats her name =P
left to right - me, baby, judith, joanna and lindy.

Giselle gonna leave soon for study in Penang, and Joanna too to India for dentistry. Good luck babeS. and Queenie babe off to Australia this Sunday.

here is the picture of Pulau Ketam,
which i said i wanna uploaded before.

and the V-day prezzie that chose.

ya, hubby heading back and wil be back on Sunday,
im know im gonna miss him alot alot,
and probably will tears at night.
these 2 days im gonna be alone. =(
my stomach pain stil haven cure. sobs.

muacks for you my love.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

inspiring discovery

nothing much for today.
i was having a bad stomache the whole day.
it doesnt symptom like period pain,
i guess is just i ate too much.
i damn hell can eat alot with my petite size.
was decided to have a walk with baby in the curve,
was thinking to purchase bday present for Lindy.
she was the first gal that i knew in Sunway College during orientation 1 and a half years ago.
long huh.
truth from the heart,
although we didnt not spent much time with each other,
but we stil can maintain our frenship in great condition.
oh ya cut the crap.
i bought a quote T for her,
she said she likes turquoise and she is currently single.
so i bought 1 with a quote
"explain to me again why i need a boyfriend"
ops, i guess she wil hate me to hell hahahaha..
and i bought myself a purple 1 with
"i'll pour my sweetness over you"
yea..dedicate to my feeling.=)
Then walk too Le Gourmet just to taste back the soup with baby,
Oh ya!
i spotted a bag and i god damn hell wanna buy it!
have a look with the pic.

it comes with many color,
like navy blue, beige and parma ( purple),
and of course i wanna get the purple 1.
but...shhhh.. cant let hubby know,
because i've promise him that i wil never purchase any bag anymore.
but hubby.. i so wanna get this bag ler ...please please.. =(
and Ralph Lauren Pink pony bag.

im currently awake from my short sleep.
baby left at 9 o clock.
he said i should sleep early because im ill.
but then i know i couldnt slep long,
so i woke up at 11 and im currently blogging now
and on the web to choose which color i wanna buy for the bag. =/
he sure wanna scold me.

Monday, 18 February 2008

A place call here

I'm currently at the mood of blogging.
i dont blog at this time.
but something was twisting my head, and i feel like expressing out.

basically it was a pretty memorable day.
me and him get the visit Pulao Ketam the first time.
Sisters was coming along so that it wont be too boring.
I didnt feel anything awkward,
but i does have the feeling of silent.
something like silent in a sudden.

We reach subang station around 8,
then baby fetch us to head home.
oh crap,
mum scolded me because i shouldn't let him pick us up,
but i should drive myself.
Mum, i did offer say that i wil drive.
but he doesnt allowed.
ok, back to the topic.

was last minute decided to head for fren's birthday party.
baby was silent all night.
ok, i duno what happen.
he told me that he feel uncomfortable with my fren.
maybe not familiar.
when headed home.
he start emo-ing.
i wonder what happen to him.
maybe is my fault,
that i made him unhappy.
i guess yes.

i feel so empty when you told me this.
* im telling you know if you read this*
i dont think that you know what you are talking about.
everything was in the great,
we could make it more,
and i dont want it end like this.
me and you are just the same person.
what you want is basically what i want.
i damn hell remember what i said from the very beginning until now.
i always be caution with everything i do.
because im not allow myself make any mistake on this relationship.
because i take you as a part of my life.
i put much effort on this, so does you. i know.
so. please dont do that anymore
i bet this will effect us even more.
is not that "you are not the person i want"
or " i'm not the person you want"
it doesnt work at all,
what works is that both person have to tolerate and talk to each other.
not just push the responsibility away.
or not just push me away.
it doesnt work on me.
we've been throungh everything,
and i want it more.
i remembered a single words that im telling you,
or you telling me.
please, dont do it again.

i guess im feeling better now.
im glad that he was understand what is in my mind,
and glad that i could make him understand.
everything gonna continue and just wash that night away.

ps. pictures from pulau ketam will post soon.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

If you could see my now

Ps, I LOVE YOU is so damn awesome!
ok, go and check it out this book with all the bookstores
and i bet you sure get this book.
a soon to be a movie production's story.
so does other books by the same author.
oh ya the author is Cecelia Ahern.

Cut the crap.
including me.
i have a pretty awesome V-day with my beloved.
kaka =) , really awesome.
We went to Pavilion's Angus Steak House for our dinner.
nice atmosphere.
the couple next table of mine keep capturing with the flash.
so yea.. disturbance..
and.. of course cant skip the prezzie time!
baby bought me Juicy Couture gift cards,
which he dunno what to choose for me,
so we decided to choose the present at the boutique
before our dinner.
i got my key purse and a phone chain *neh the hang the phone nice nice 1*

baby with the dessert =D
awwww..sweet chocolate!
i look so cacat-.-

After dinner me and baby went to Maison to meet up those guys.
Seriously, i never see Maison that few ppl.
we reach there about 11 something,
but just only the few ants there haha.
god know where all the ppl going?
pai ting gong lo hahahhahah
i left early then head to another fren's birthday party.
Seriously * again*, is realy boring.
so then back home lo......

the next day is daddy's annual dinner.
baby come to meet me up for lunch
and have a nap at my place then he head back.
*sorry baby, canot give you accompany ler, i feel boring too*
the food was pretty nice but too bad is realy boring.
we all decided to go daddy's fren house for mahjong,
and stil the same,
the youngster for cards.
god damn i lose a lot!
* oh dear, im running out of words, i duno what to type*

daddy with us

my lan dou face

so...then...2mr Pulau Ketam.

tata. Ps. much catch the BOOK!.