Sunday, 30 March 2008

The love of my life

assignment & assignment
will be blog soon once im free.
stay tune peeps!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

bad bad bad

i got my hair cut today.
its quite short though.
i never got to school to school today.
so i never got to see him.
but i thought i can see him later.
but no at the end.
and i think im moody now.
maybe because of the period.
not sure what is my current feeling.
i just feel f*up.
i hate this feeling.
and i really wanna cold down myself.
by sleeping?
or by chatting?
i dunno.
im confused.

Bright spark

nothing much for this few days.
just wanna share this game to cheer you guys up
when you feel exhausted of typing everyday.

a typing game.

and i get 65 words in 1 minute.

is my mid term break now,
but i still do attend to library for my assignment.

pictures of my daily life:

while i was driving estima.

my latest collection of miniature perfume.
left- L'eaupar kenzo and right- anna sui Flight of Fancy

and myself. with purple top. my favourite color!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Lessons in Love and Loss

here are the pictures from previous event.

Lindy's Birthday at Taipan Naili's Place.

me, baby, judith, joanna and lindy

clockwise- giselle, judith, me, gabriena, lindy and duno whats her name*

clockwise again- giselle, me, joanna, gaby, lindy and *

And now is the pictures for Mr. Pua's birthday.

baby & birthday boy

me & birthday boy

brother & birthday boy

the guys!

and the gals!

now the groupies turn!


at Decanters too!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Secret that never know

Is anyone out there already received a e-mail which showing something happen in the hospital?
i really think is immoral and darn disgusting.
if anyone need to see the pictures, wait for your fren to Forward you. or Tell me and i might be forward to you.
Another case is, something happen in Petrol Station. Society today are so damn rubbish you know. we feel so insecure by staying in this place or even the world. Anything will happen no matter where is it.
why those people wanna harm another like that?i just dunno. So just be careful. and get caution EVERYTIME! ALWYAYS REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE IN A DANGER AREA.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Sneaky sneaky way

olla everyone! (not sure whether i realy got reader or not haha) what im going to blog today is....... selling cloths! i'm a SHOPAHOLIC
*yes, i admit, please dont hit me!*
and im here to selling bags, belts, dress and cloths which i only WEAR ONCE or NEVER WEAR BEFORE! so guarantee new. FYI my bluetooth device very guai today *sayang sayang* so, those who wanna buy, just let me know anything via my Cbox which on the right hand side, or send message via my Friendster account ( the Fifth account, with name Yves) or you can send a comment in my blog and i wil contact you guys! price can be bargain, because my wardrobe gonna overload and so wanna sell it desperately! Most of the shirt are Size S / UK 6 & Size M / UK 8! thousand and million Thanx!
(also ask your fren punya fren view it, see whether ngam or not!)
*sound so pasar malam eh. Lelong! Lelong! lol -.-*

[ goods are only sell to someone i know, or from a friend that i knew ]
[ no refund, no exchange and no complain about the goods ]
[ any other question and details, send message to me via my Friendster 5th account ]

and Mandarin Novel for free!

(1) United color of Benetton off shoulder white shirt.
RM 25 *brand new*

(2) Dorothy Perkin turquoise top
RM 20 *brand new*

(3) Cat Whisker Floral Top
RM 25 *brand new*

(4) Topshop Mii Yellow skirt
RM 30 *once* [ SOLD ]

(5) Cat Whisker black barbie tube dress, with silk inner base, big bow at the
back and a neck string.
RM 35 *brand new* [ RESERVE ]

(6) Roxy corduroy long sleeves floral blouse
RM 35 *brand new*

(7) Colorful rainbow belt
RM 15

(8) Black Sequence belt
RM 20

(9) High waist tight belt
RM 20

(10) Black PVC high waist belt
RM 6

(11) Bronze color PVC high waist belt
RM 6

(12) Black leather working tote
RM 40

(13) Pink polka dot handy bag
RM 5

(14) Black PVC shoulder bag
RM 30

Fund that get will be in charge in buying diapers for Seremban Orphanage.
*mummy insist*

Mr. and Mrs. Perfecto

My bluetooth device are manja-ing.
and i canot transfer any pictures from my phone to my laptop.
Damn potong steam eh!

Today is Friday,
for Christian also name as Good Friday.
I'm a free thinker,
i knew it from my mummy,
who is a chris
tian and im not.
*who those who know me in reality, they knew it*

Realized that i never mentioned anything about movie 10,000 BC?
haha because i didnt watch it.
because some acc
ident happened,
and so..
as apologized by baby,
we watched Horton and bla bla bla yesterday.
*i dunno what exactly the title is*
a cartoon with a meaning.
" a person is always person, no matter
how small is,the stil worth a leaving"
( something like that. i guess thats the quote that makes this movie meaningful)
i rate i
t 8/10.

back to wednesday.
i guess that was the dumbless day i ever had.
Diane as D. and me.
D: why are you here?
Me: i'm comi
ng for FTV.
D: there is no class for FTV this week la!!
Me: huh?? sure ar? then i stay back for COM lo.
D: COM also no class la todayyyy....
Me: lol! WTH...
D: hahahaha you so dumb la..
alright, i know im
dumbass enough.
so i spent my time at library chatting with aunt via Meebo.
talking about Vincci sales!

luckily ZL, one of my bestie who car pool with me planned that we going to Pyramid for a little walk.
guess what, i think Friendster c
afe gonna black listed both of us.
because we went inside, get a sit, take the menu read it, and thinking to get a set lunch,
but sadly nothing we want to,
then we stand up again,
i said " sorry my fren was waiting us in
another side, sorry for the mistake"
and just slumber get out, head to opposite Uncle Lim's for our so called lunch.

i know im really an dumbass.-.-

and a f*king silly conversation we have.
Me as me. ZL as ZL.
Me: you know what, last sem that film study showed gay lou making love eh.
ZL: yerr, i don watch this kinda porn. i mean i wa
tched those 'ordinary' 1 but lesbian and gay i don watch. damn bad impression in my head eh!
Me: lol. of course i watch the normal 1 ( gal and guy la of course! ), but i also
watch lesbian, but i don watch gay with that asshole.
ZL: ewwww...
Me: i watch lesbian because gal got hole la, but guy. yerr no hole some more wanna do.

so you can see how lame is our conversation.
luckily those uncle next table never listened to us,
because they also flying w
ith tons of 'swear words'.

*i want my bluetooth device back! please please recover lu you...*

i never attend to the morning class,
due to the late movie yesterday.
not i don wan ok,
also not because i don like her thats why i don wanna go.
is really because t
hat i cant wake up.
and wrong info about the time for replacement class.
so i got to baby's place a while for lunch,
because he is heading back ktn today.
2mr klcc alone again.

i'm gonna get chocolate
milkshake from Choc.
and still thinking of getting a new hairstyle.
but still is short.
because the f* whole world is with the bob hair!

assignment assignment.
assignment assignment.

i still hav
en start yet.
and i pou library after class with kim* after out replacement class.
* she is the gal that i mentioned before in previous post with the cherry tattoo,
which she done another 1 on her back neck. i want a tattoo too!*

Stupid library databas
e system in school library,
i don even know how to use it,
and im really have difficulties with doing my assignment.
and due after my mid term break.
and yes im having my mid term break now.

bluetooth bluetooth! please come back to me!

baby baby come back to m
e! i miss you so much!
i wanna go ktn to have dinner with you ler,
with shrimps and chicken! i want i want.

ps. i do have a pack of mandarin novel,
anyone out there want it?
free of

So long.
ciao for m
y assignment.
*im gonna give another try, if not picture wil be uploaded next time.
so does the Mr.Pua's bday pictures!*

i managed to get 1


and these are the pictures that i wanna upload!

brother before NS. he said he is Hitman -.-

Miss. Kim.

my pc, like so hardworking ler..

second floor sofa, the long 1 actualy can lay and sleep on it haha.

SO comfortable!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Once in a lifetime means there's no second chance
so I believe that you and me
should grab it while we can

Make it last forever
and never give it back

It's our turn, and i'm loving' where w're at
Because this moment's really all we have

Everyday of our lives,
wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight
Gonna run
while we're young
and keep the faith

From right now,
gonna use our voices and scream out loud

Take my hand;
together we will celebrate, celebrate

They say that you should follow
and chase down what you dream,
but if you get lost and lose yourself
what does is really mean?
No matter where we're going,
it starts from where we are.

There's more to life when we listen to our hearts
and because of you,
i've got the strength to start.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Let it sling boom

I've missed my film study class yesterday.
and the movie title is
by Adam Sandler and Emily Watson.
is anyone out there have this dvd?
can someone lend it to me?
a thousand and million thanz if You have it!

i just came back from school.
actually i kinda feel that wasting my time,
drive here and there.
i was planning to skip all my lectures today,
but i guess is just too boring,
so that i go for another class.
alright, i left early,
due to raining heavily.
*so many excuse for myself =X*

brother gonna leave tomorrow for his national service.
he is sent to Bintulu, dunno Sabah or Sarawak la.
i always mix up with these two places.
anyway, he is not gonna at home for 3 months i guess.
im gonna miss you so so much.

and everything is due on after holidays!
which mean i cant realy have spare times for this holiday.
and i think,
i think i stil kinda not clarify in what i should really do.

i super in love with graphic long tees.
but baby said i look even shorter with long tees..
check out these graphic tees website.
is so Finger licking attracting me.
i dont think they wil be shipping to malaysia though.
Slurp slurp
and just so cheap in USD,
i guess i wil be broke for buying this kinda useless stuff if im there.

no pictures of the day.
Miss michelle, when are you free to send pictures to me ler??