Sunday, 27 April 2008

The aroma of Jasmine flower

So here was my weekend goes..
oh ya, before i started my weekends, let me tell you that the tutor that i dont like, i realy dont like her.. i guess she knew that i dont like her as well.. haha. whatever la i don care.. just wanna say that, she was wearing a very transparency bra to class.. woots...
alright alright, sorry for being nasty..

ok, baby was going back to hometown, and im alone to klcc again.
i guess you all wondering why do i need to 'attend' to klcc every saturday? becox to all my precious readers, i need to send my sister to british council for her english class, and which i need to wait her at klcc.. and i've been visited klcc almost every saturday for 5 years long..
so you guys can imagine that how often and how familiar i am to klcc, i think every staff, especially in Topshop, Zara, MNG, Nose, Sasa and etc those shops that i must walk in will recognised me..
sorry.. i also don meant that every saturday to show up then wanna try this and that.. but it just really really boring ma..

ok, since im alone. so i can have a little shopping on my own.
last week i bought i very cute top for baby Haley, and this week i was planning to get something to my baby love. quite a long time though i've not been shopping for him.
and i decided to buy him an alarm clock for his room, so that he can wake up and see what is the time.
you know what.. you think choose a clock as simple as choosing outfit?very easy?? NO!
bcox, you need to choose what color what design that you like, then after you chose what you like, then the staff will tell you, "oh sorry, we dont have this stock anymore, or you wanna change another color?" Which another color is totally not suit with what you want!
ok then nvm, after chose another 1, then you was thinking what kinda of alarm sound you want? you want Ring Ring? or Dit dit dit? lol -.-
so this is what i basically do in the shop for half and hour, luckily the staff are very nice. if not sure i will get a cock stare by him/ her. *i guess she is a TB though*

after alarm clock session, then i went back to Chocz for my chocolate milkshake again, and with my not-yet-finish novel.
i was asking a cup of Sky juice and the waiter was staring at me with alot of question mark.
does anyone dunno what is sky juice?
sky juice is just actually a plain water la..
more classy way to name the plain water only.. -_______-
just the same theory as you name the tissue in a restaurant as Serviette.
but how come the waiter dunno what is sky juice mean? my turn for question mark.

and Kenny G's concert is today!
it was a real fantastic concert, and with laughter though.
and when the signature section, he was so so good looking.. and i was actualy blurt out telling him that he is so cute and handsome. *he is just so good looking ok! high nose! mhmmm..*
and he said " cute" haha..
it was really a great concert, with awesome and talented instrumental artist with him.
not like last time the Richard Clatemen's (duno how to spell) concert, very super duper boring.
after concert session, then we went down to gohtong jaya for supper and meet up Fong a little while then head back home.

and today, sunday.
when i was plan to blog then start my assignment.
dad went "khai yuin come down and teach me type this"
ok, i spent 1 and 1/2 hours to helped him typed out what he want, then when print, all run out of margain, so i spent another 1 and 1/2 hours to help me rearranged the margain and printed again.
so.. the conclusion is, i didnt really started any of my assignment, and now only i end the blog. and this assignment due on friday. and which i Fuck up the previous assignment.
bless me!! luckily baby was comforted me after i got back my result. thanz alot hubby! thanz for letting me slept on your lappy hehe.

here comes the pictures.
ps. i scolded by mum bcox i was planning to wear jeans to the concert. " you always wear pants, cant you just wear a dress or a skirt?" -.- so i have my dress on for the concert. dont laugh if you think im quite humiliating wit dress on.

my sandals and kim's brazil flip flop. in the classroom. lame.


the polka dots telephone booth! cutie cutie! i wonder if all the telephone stand in msia is like that, how great it will be. no more mobile phone!

me and the sister. she's the one who made me need to go klcc every weekends.argh!

before the concert

mummy , sis, sis, me and my aunt

so long everyone.
baby was here for dinner. happy..
i love you.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

We arranging our life

Sorry for any late post, because im currently started my assignment 2 and then the main reason is i don really have the mood to blog.
Was kinda up and down these few days. down is obviously refer to some disappointment. arhh..whatever. i really wanna dont care and dont bother anything. the period of day dreaming had increase. and i really dont want this happen. wasting my time though.
Up is maybe this week had pass differently compare to the usual weekdays.

Yesterday was baby's fren, Juan's birthday.
and with the mutual agreement, they all set up at Chilis, Mid valley.
so basically is i visited mid valley on the weekday's night. first time though.
quite a long time i nvr hit mid valley, the previous time also baby's fren's birthday at San Fransisco Steak house.
no pictures. because i dont really take any, if yes also with someone's phone. haha.

and today after my class ended.
Sophia and her fren's decided to go Pyramid for a walk. i offer a ride to them because i also feel bit gatal haha.
i got my Pac Man thong from Topshop, a shirt and another shade from Forever 21.
now still thinking which color for the MNG's shorts. ( red? black? or white? )
I guess i wil still pay another visit to new opening forever 21 in Pyramid, because is more tidy than 1u punya, and more choices * i think la, cox i so long time nvr go 1u d ler*

oh ya! hahahahaha.
i got DISTINCTION for my film studies's assignment. wooohoooooo so happy!
but now tension-ing with another assignment bcox the lecturer said alot of ppl fail or else get low grade. kantoi lo then.. he also say til like that, everyone wait to die la? knn..

till then. wanna start my assignment 2 now.
stress again, *pening*

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Rainbow after the rain

Its been a tough-ful days for me, i guess for him as well.Its really a hard time after few months of constants peace.but finally Everything has back to normal,and we had sort it out successfully face to face, i really hope that we can work it out. rainbow will come out after the rain of cats and dogs. i dont really feel upset with some disagreement happen between us, because i always belief that we will hold on tight and solve it together. the globe is spinning everyday, and we will meet challenge as well. aren't you will feel closer and happier and even more comfortable after a challenge as been passed through? i really belief in that.

So i back to my daily routine again.
medicure and pedicure here i come.
i've done my pedicure with art and favorite purple color! i love art though.
" you should blessed because of your square and huge toe nail for us to draw an art" said by the gal. -.-
but when the gal got clean my nail for my previous color, she told me that my first toe got fungus! she said maybe i got kicked and hurt the nail and some shit that i don really get into my brain, im so nervous! then she intro a cure fungus medicine for me, and cost me 80 bucks for that! really eat my money.. but luckily that thing can keep into fridge for kinda long time la. still worth it though.

And klcc here i am.
while waiting for baby,
i got my chocolate milkshake name Chuoa (something like that) from Chocz,
nicey nicey, very thick of chocolate bitter taste, with nice aroma, is medium cold and really taste good. the aroma of chocolate will still left inside the mouth just a little sip.
alright, im not advertising, but just really taste good, no wonder it cost me so much la with small little cup!

then walk around, i realized that Hayley gal have been quite long time never receive present from me, since the Xmas Guess stuff and baby shoe from baby Fox( baby lost it in the hotel) from Singapore, and now i bought a very super extremely cute top from baby Poney.
after baby arrived, we have our meal at Chakri Palace. Nice and unique coconut milk tomyam.

and ASSIGNMENT are waiting for me. after done all the assignment 1 and now i am preparing for my assignment 2, and finals are just around the corner. so you guys wonder that so stress for Uni life, really dont play play..

Next week - Kenny G concert at Genting! cant wait cant wait.
i personally like all kinda of concerts, instrumental, korean pop band, ballet, or maybe chinese singer. no bias haha. how kind i am.
Klcc Philharmonic Orchestra
is the best place for instrumental concert. for modern age concert, like singing by some famous singer, i more prefer Genting The Arena of Star than the what Stadium Merdeka, but the Bukit jalil stadium is not bad though.

and shopping session with Sophia is still on waiting list. she had to contact her frens then i only got the chance to shop and splurge! woots!

i got a reply from fashion writer from Seventeen unexpectedly!! haha. you welcome for my compliment.

everything has back to normal, and i really glad that both of us had pass this challenge. i love you baby.

and im going im going!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

The feeling of waiting

I really dont deserve a wait. waiting is so suffering. ask yourself how long you have been neglecting me. ask yourself how long you have been ignoring me. ask yourself you have break my heart how many times. i know it is a big word, but this is really meant it to. you always said i break your heart, ruin your day, did i really do that?im sorry if i did. i apologized. but i never get any apologize from you. i can swear that im behaving, im playing a very good role. i do my best. i done my best, for you. but what i had get? my mind is just keep rounding about you, i even started to think where we should dine, what we should do, what present for you as the memorable first anniversary even im rushing with my assignment, because i really don wanna ruin this day, the memorable and romantic day for us. and this is what i got. i keep comfort myself what you can make it to me, do you know what is the feeling of highly expectation and end up nothing happen?do you know the feeling of from high drop to low?im so numb of keep waiting and waiting, im so numb of you keep breaking promise.and now i really have no feeling of waiting. and i really a patient person now. cry inside my heart, without let you knowing. and i guess im the annoying and the irritating person for you.and i need to rebuild myself, keep telling myself i canot angry you, i must smile to you, and everything back to what i wish to. but i really don deserve something like this. don yell at me before you think, before you consider. you are a very smart guy, you are always my inspiration, but please think wise before you make any statement. i still love you. but i don wan to have this hard time anymore. is really not good. really really bad. i dont like this feeling at all. i've done my best to you.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Your mine inspiration

I realized that i had been skipping 2 weeks of my film study lectures.
alah. whatever la.
so lazy to wake up at 6 ler..


and now what i realy wanna get it is my

last few days is such boring days for me,
bcox baby headed hometown earlier.
and i do everything on my own.
but now he is here,
and i feel so warm.

i got my ass hit by the staircase.
literally is i felt down from staircase.
luckily not much hurt like last time.
get well soon get well soon!

and yesterday is my youngest brother birthday.
without cake and celebrate at vegetarian restaurant.
mummy got a mistake at the venue,
she made order in THE restaurant that she THINK is,
and on the other hand,
aunties and grandparent had make order in ANOTHER restaurant.
so dai mong.
so we immediately cancel the order,
and rush to the restaurant that where all of them were.
the titbits and tea cost us 50 bucks!
without any dishes.
plus the government tax and service tax.
so mtf expensive!
but seriously their fake mutton curry is the best though.


ya i know i'd been long time never post pic of myself,
and i know you guys miss me alot.
see. still great of my short hair,
but realy a bit childish.
dont care la.
the last time i got my hair long is 2 years ago.

ps. is anyone interested on a brown leather heels from vincci.
wore once,
with Scholl patch attached and Size 6 (or 7).
RM 40.
(first come first serve!)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Tagged by Miss Rachel

1st Tag

1. who is your all-time inspiration?
my baby. he is a smart guy.

2. what is your dream career?
an editor for fashion magazine.

3. what major thing are you working on right now?
i will say is my assignment.

4. where is the place that you want to go the most?

5. if you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
to have what i want

6. what do you like in your other half?

7. what are you afraid to lose the most now?

8. if you win $1 million, what would you do?
pamper myself with the 1/3 money, and de other 2/3 for grow more money

9. if you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
yes! if not i wil regret to death by keeping the secret.

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
haha. i think she is quite wild, with her independence and creative idea.

11. what are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
love me and appreciate me.

12. which type of person do you hate the most?
ya. copy cats.

13. what is your ambition?
a famous editor of a famous magazine

14. if you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
tell me in a direct way, but not back-stabbing me, and i wil deal with it, and learn from mistake that i think is a mistake.

15. what do you think is the most important thing in your life?
healthy lifestyle with person who love me.

16. are you a shopaholic or not?
i think i am.

17. state one of your desire.
a Loewe tote

18. if you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
my stubbornness which baby always complain which inherited from my dad.

19. what is the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
my ex college classmate passed away in a car crash.

20. what do you wish to have now?
to succeed what i want to succeed

2nd Tag

List out 20 names.
4.Eng Eng
6.Wai Chien
8.Ee Kent
9.Pooi Yee
11. Ah Boy
12. Todd
13.Zhi Ling
14. YC
15. Yen Zie
16. Nicole
18. Victor
19. Carlson
20. Seow Loo

How do you know 14?
we met at a friend's birthday

What would you do if you had never met 1?
I would not have feel and experience that best in my life

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you?
basically both of 9 and 20 is a gal. i would have date them if im a guy. both of them are nice though.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
hahahha. i guess is impossible.

Do you think 8 is attractive?
ya, if i few years back, but i don find it now.

Do you know anything about 12's family?
not at all.

Tell me something about 7.
she is my sister from another mother.

What is 18's favourite?
i think is his mobile phone

Who is going out with 19?
haha, my sister?

How old is 16 now?
form 5? is 17?

When was the last time you talked to 13?

Would you date 4?
ya, because we are bff.

Would you date 17?
no way. he is my cousin brother.

Is 15 single?

What is 10's last name?
Juin? or Jun?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
nope. because im in love with 1.

Which school does 3 go to?
Gal Methodist School in Ipoh, if im not mistaken.

Where does 6 live?
Metro Prima, Kepong.

What is your favourite thing about 5?
Her interesting lifestyle. haha. She is cute.

Now, I will have to tag 8 person.
Monica, Ashley, Pei man, Kimberly de Silva, Winnie, Queenie, Joanna and Tee Yew.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

The portio of love everyday

i got my Wedges! and Shade!
and im loving it sOOooo muchhhh

friday, baby got back to hometown the day before,
and so that i decided to chill out with my gals.
got to bangsar on the time,
and this time i dont need to drive,
bcox Kim is offering us a ride,
and its my first time of sitting her car,
and im still the one who guiding them.
who ask my driving skill so chun.

The gals go and treaded the eyebrows, and waxing the legs and bikini line\
and idiot Kim suggesting to have brazillian wax.
good god.
brazillian wax is wax all the hair from your pet pet and ass hair..-.-
*sorry for being so nasty*
i got my eyebrows tread and the very first time upper lips hair treading.
i stil prefer tread than shave.
because cleaner what..
why do we need to channn til bangsar to do such stuff?
i duno la.. the gals stay at subang of course is near for them to get there,
but i couldn't find any shops here which have eyebrows treading,
so i follow them lo.

then yam cha a bit at Devi's corner,
then hang around at bangsar village,
and i finally got my wedges from Vincci Plus.
nicey nicey..
then hang around at Kim house for awhile,
waiting her to pack to her bf house.
so there was my day gone..
and im missing him so much.

the day before,
hit Sunway Pyramid a while with Kim
because i need to get my new shade.
bought 1 from Miss Selfridge,
and i wanna get another one,
which i think is very very retro.
*waste money again*
Got to MAC with the gal,
and is my very first time to walk in this shop la,
i really thought the promoter will be very lan ci,
but the gal who served us is quite nice though,
if i wanna get anything from mac,
i guess i wil go to her.
but im a very bad make up-people,
and i duno how to make up,
just with simple touch up.
Natural ler....

got my new shoe on
but chilled at Starbuck.
bcox i wanna start my assignment,
which due on monday.
*i know i keep mentioning about my assignment,
and really actually those assignment are from different subject.
what to do.. Uni life maaa..*

damn stress and tired.
everyday keep thinking how am i going to do this and that.

guess the curve later with family.
and baby is not with me.
feel so empty without him..
every morning dont feel like waking up after i knew that i cant see him,
feel like wanna be sleeping beauty and wait for my prince to
kiss me and the moment i open my eyes,
i see him.
its just my imagination.
i still need to wake up for my assignment.

i heard something from someone about someone at sometime.
the generous, kind, pretty and charming lady,
will not take any bother about this something and someone.
dont care la.
i got him what.
he wil stay with me to overcome this.
and i continue to be my happy gal.

is anyone interested on a brown leather heels from vincci.
wore once,
with Scholl patch attached and Size 6.
RM 40.
picture post soon.

baby, i miss you so much la..
feel like seeing you right now.
and i really feeling so empty without you by my side.
love you.

Friday, 11 April 2008

What comes around goes around

Sometimes, some questions will pop up from my brilliant brain.
especially when im driving, and listening to some song that can hock up my mind.
some song can dedicate to your current feeling,
some song can brought up some past incident,
some song can remind you about a person.
and some feeling and question you will ask yourself with no actual answer.
why am i born in this world,
why are they as my family?
why both of us meet in this way?
why they are my best friend?
why in such situation i will meet this kinda ppl?
and alot alot of why,
why i myself canot be answer,
and im thinking of is it Him arranged it?
or we human being who arranged it?
is it call faith? or fate?
About myself, to my friend.
i suddenly thought of that, and then i tell her.
if is not that situation,
and i wil be very free after my schools,
and i wont be joining prom commitee,
and from the prom stuff started,
i will never know that we are so close, yet we are different kinda people, from different kinds world.
And about to my love,
if we are not joining the same course in the same college,
if we are not in the same class at the same time slot,
would us to be just a stranger?
that is what i always said to myself.
always bless and appreciate what i've got.
and never never say let go to myself and others.
although He gave us the arrangement,
but to arrange it well,
is all from out own hand.
we are the one to hold it,
we are also the one to destroy it.
Everything every incident happen with a reason.
Every person in your life appear with a reason.
Really depends on ourselves how to hold it tightly.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Perfect for each other

its been a very busy week for me,
after i thought i had finish my 3 assignments,
and now another due very soon,
next monday.
and i haven started at all.
after the 2-days-no-sleep,
i think i got insomnia,
because i couldnt sleep when i got into bed,
and end up watching tv downstairs.

i guess i've been very long time never post any.
but seriously is really very busy,
i do feel like blogging what i've seen recently,
what is happening around me,
but i really didnt have the mood to blog,
in addition less of time.

many things had been happened recently.
my housing area has already became a black area,
so call black area is a place that always have crime,
such as rob and kidnap,
but luckily no one has been hurt by those evil robbery,
a speech to those evil robbery.
hey hi robbery, i will curse you all after you get your job done,
you guys will slip and drop from the staircase,
and get knock by the door, and your balls will drop out,
and your tyre wil burst, if you are driving,
if you are using your legs, then slip another time by the dog shit.
after get home, your hands and palms will have redish and itchyness
and insomnia everyday, even if you can sleep you wil stil troubling with your nightmare,
with a red long hair gal chasing you out of the house!

argh.. feel better.
my neighbour house has been robbed last 2 days, at 4am i guess.
the robber feel greedy after robing all the stuff from downstair,
and they went upstairs indeed.
to the master bed room for more accessories.
so dai dam!
i really feel so insecure for staying at this place,
what solution?
moving to desa park city?

after the long suffering of my assignment week
i feel myself damn old and every part of my body
are suffering shortage,
shortage of what?
energy? rest? or vitamin?
i feel myself so damn easy tired.
and have to mention my precious neck,
i have been hurt my neck when i was in Australia for roller coaster,
and it recover after many years,
but now due to the long time computer sitting pose,
and my neck ache come back again,
you guys realized that i got so many pain right? hahah.
so i've decided to visit the tit-da doctor again,
and he got an acupuncture on my left carve,
seriously its helps to more release my whole body,
and my neck not the pain again.
old aunty.

back to my short hair,
luckily my gold-ish hair color that i covered last time had reveal,
if not im surely look like a small kids with my short and black hair, with my short height.
dont ask my why i didnt take any picture of myself,
really just coincidence,
im not feeling shy or bias with my new hair,
but just really doesnt have that feeling to camwhore.

i feel so wanna shopping la!
after my assignment,
i really wanna shop it gao gao,
i wanna get my new shades,
my aviatar shades already let me crack like 2 parts,
so i wanna get another new stock,
and my Longchamp bag.
RM 430 whey!!!
really wanna to wait until sales meh..
and my red shorts la!
duno wanna get back the black ler, or white ler? or red?
all buy all?
maybe i can think about it.
and i wanna get my medi and pedicure done,
and now my nails are look so Fking UGLY~
and and i wanna get another wedge for myself.
so many things to buy,
and im stil searching for the nice spot to have my birthday dine.
i wan fine dine,
i wan romantic spot,
i wan not so expensive,
and i don want so far.

so anyone can get it for me?
thousand and million thanz.
get to go,
im currently at skul pc lab,
and rushing for another class.
picture will post someday soon.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Tagged by Miss Monica

name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.dont read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.this is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.
1. David
2. Kimberly
3. Gabriena
4. Queenie
5. Zhi Ling

how did you meet 1 (David) ?
-he was my college classmate-
on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your friendship with 1 (David) ?
-100? haha -
how long have you known 4 (Queenie) ?
- 1 and a half year-
how do you know number 3 (Gabriena) ?
-Friend's friend-
where's 5 (Zhi Ling) ?
-her house-
a fact about number 1 (David) ?
- a tattoo with 2 skulls on his left carve, and a dragon at his right arm-
who is 4 (Queenie) going out with?;)
-not sure, because she currently at Aussie, and maybe she can answer herself who is she dating with?-
what does 1 (David) do for a living?
would you live with number 3 (Gabriena) ?
-Why not?-
what do you like about number 2 (Kimberly) ?
-She is so damn cool with her piercing and tattoo-
do you miss number 5 (Zhi Ling) ?
-not really, i can see her everyday-
would you make out with number 4 (Queenie) ?
whats your favorite memory with number 5 (Zhi Ling) ?
-We both stayed at the same housing area about 10years?-
what would you do if number 1 (David) and 2 (Kimberly) were going out?
-I for sure will be there too i guess-
Ever had a long conversation with 5 (Zhi Ling) ?
-of course!-
have you slept at 2's (Kimberly) house?
do you hang out with 3 (gabriena) alot?
who have you known the longest?
-Zhi Ling, refer above-
how often do you talk to 1 (David) ?
-Everyday, not really every single minute-
what about 2 (Kimberly) ?.
have you ever thought about 3 (Gabriena) as someone more that a friend?
-She's just a bitch of mine-
would you go out for a date with 5 (Zhi Ling) ?
-hahahahha, why not? maybe double date when she have a bf-
do you dream about 2 (Kimberly)?
-Can't remember-
what did number 4 (Queenie) do to you that you will never forget?
-She stroked my hair in the class and i wil silent, when she feel i keep talking and annoyed her.-
what have you done for number 1 (David) that the person will never forget?
-I made him fall in love with me (Monica, same answer as you, opsy)-
what's 3 s (Gabriena) hobby?
-shopping, make up, yam cha-
tag 5 people:
-Cheryl, Queenie, Winnie, Pei man and Joanna -

Monday, 7 April 2008

Hatred or love

i cant sleep well.
even i've done my assignment.

Ching meng dinner with baby at my grandma house.
and everything has back to what i wish to.
feels great.
i just don wanna have any changes.

back to dad's hometown to pai san.
i just asleep and awake
asleep and awake.
no clue.

slightly fever tonight,
maybe because of the sunlight and the raindrop.
the whether been joking around these few weeks.
i don feel great.

i feel like i got alot to write today,
but when the moment i started to type.
i cant type anything out.
just briefly tell what i wanna tell..

mizmei, here are some pictures of the bag.

feel like posting last year college prom at sunway college.


Friday, 4 April 2008

I miss your smile

In the end,
i'm done.
Friday, 3.44 am morning.
but yet,
i still need to final touch up and print it in school lab.
god good,
pengsan sial.
morning class.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Seduction and passionate

Guess what?
i'm rushing another assignment.
and i'm really gonna crack my brain to pieces
just to do this shitty asshole assignment.
why is everything due at the same day???
no point asking at here,
because i still need to do my assignment.
i wish i am a foreigner so that i can use the excuse
of language disable to be my extension reason.
but i am not.
so go back and do your research now!
thanx for baby who bought me my favourite
hot dog bread as my meal,
so that i wont get gastric. sweet..
looking forward to my another friday dinner,
right after i hand up all my assignment at 5.oo PM!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

You are my sweetie pie

nothing much for today.
i went to Cuppacakes Shop which located at Uptown.
no much choices.
but i guess is a good place to chill.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


You have to type the 1st thing that
comes to mind whenever you hear these

You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.

1. Beer: Heineken

2. McDonald's: McDeluxe

3. Relationships: baby love

4. Purple: my T-Shirt and my O.P.I Russian Purple nail polish

5. Power Rangers:pink ranger

6. Weed: Nina (i'm sorry -.-)

7. Steroids: Injection

8. Cartoons: Strawberry Shortcakes

9. The President: Algor (duno how to spell)

10.People to do this Quiz.: Those we read my blog and notice this post. Cheryl?

You make me feel brand new

sorry peeps,
sorry for the late post.
and i'm done with my first assignment,
and now the second and third assignment started,
which due on friday.
but still have time to blog abit la haha.
cox you all know very boring geh ma
keep facing the assignment.
understand understand.

not realy long not realy short post today,
*then is long or short?*
si dan la..see what can type then type lo..
emo emo friday.
something happened,
but now all settled.
so we skipped to another day.
and baby went back to his hometown for Ching Meng.
and i'm alone again last weekend.
i miss him so much.
so so so much
ma baby love.

family fren's party on saturday.
and is my first time to enjoying the boy band soooo close!
and loud!
damn yeng ler.
i know i wil never get to learn that,
because my left and right hand are TWINS!
*if you play drum set, then you know what i mean la*
they are playing
" Accidentally In Love"
and get the first place at Sri KDU performance.
bravo bravo.

my fat carve with black leggings.

i did said that i have my hair cut.
i know is freaking short.
dont care la.
at least im not the so-called ' very common bob hair' again.
i know im awesome in bob
*wah lao, so hao lian*
but then i stil can try other ma..
stil young ma, right? haha

sunday swimming look. i know i look HORRIBLE

been a quite busy day.
final touched up my assignment,
to submit 2mr.
and then went to Hartamas for my dinner with family at
Fong Lai taiwanese restaurant.
*spell something like that*
after dinner,
have a walk to Lotte mart.
and all time favourite korean market for my family.

the transparent washroom door handle.
you see finger

and you see no finger
small little brinjal chopstick holders

the korean chips section
korean instant mee section. slurp!
my all time favourite chocolate with jelly inside.

and ya.
monday is the movie day again.
and today i watched
Sin City
by Frank Miller.
the routine of this movie is
Sex , Violence, Sex, Violence and on and on.
luckily is in black and white version,
so that the blood looks white color in that movie,
if not i sure muntah!
Cover of Sin City showing Marv walking through the rain.