Saturday, 31 May 2008

Screaming out loud

wow! 1 year 1 week and 1 day haha.

Glampot awhile with the gals, and hang a little while and have sort of "free" food in Starbuck, cox Kim's fren, Michelle was working at there. i like the chicken sausage though, Mic said she dont like it, but i likey cox inside got sausage and the chicken pie thingy.

both of them have bikini line waxing and eyebrow treading, but i didnt any because i already beh tahan pluck my armpit hair, and i do always trim my eyebrows. so its just go there nothing to do hang around with them.

after Bangsar, Kim's house a while.
and head to Pyramid for Wendy's. with Todd and his gal.
mummy called me when i was at Kim to asked whether wanna watch Narnia or not, i said ok cox since i got nothing to do after that, due to baby back to hometown, like AGAIN.

i would rated 7/10, average nice, and i think the Edmund and Caspian is really cute, i don like Peter la, just very typical Ang mo, nothing so special on him.

basically thats my day goes, and i still not on the mood to study.
1st - im kinda excited with the after exam trip with baby to PD, if he was available on that few days.
2nd - i really no mood at all touching on the books, and really wanna have my holiday started so i can do everything i want.
don blame me for that, im sure every Monash have the same feeling as mine. FREeee!!

no picture still.

Friday, 30 May 2008

I saw you from the sky

I think Salt Crystal Lamp is very useful. to absorb the ultraviolet and some random neutralized the ions.
detail click HERE.
i love it, because baby's mummy bought me 1. muahahahha.. sweet..

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Besame mucho

i got my hair highlighted due to the very boring and ordinary life i have.
next week i will have tongue piercing.

hopefully have the guts on the day la.

Yes, it is very de lame

bread and kopi who is more talkative?
the answer is bread.

breadtalk and kopitiam

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tagged by miss Gab

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
would like to be around 26 to 30

2. What will you do when you feel really emo?
i wil just text all my feeling to baby

3. Who is your idol?
i think Angelina Jolie is in a good role.

4. Where is the place that you want to go most?
Penang 1st, then is Hawaii

5. If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
to have my other wishes done

6. What is the purpose of your life?
to meet the person i love, succeed, get more money, being healthy and of course happy

7. What are you afraid to lose the most right now?
baby love

8. What cheers you up for the rest of the day?
a kiss from him =)

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
i guess yes, because if im not, i wil regret to die, i don like keeping a secret till i old.

10. List out three good things of the person who tagged you.
"bitchy" is the first word i describe her, trendy and so po

11. What type of person do you hate the most?
some ppl pretend like very chio and actually is copy-ing other ppl

12. What would you do if you won a million dollars?
30% for invest, 10% for charity, 10% for shopping and the rest mayb save up in a fund account

13. What is your ambition?
fashion editor in fashion magazine, and maybe purchaser

14. What will you do if you got rejected by someone you like?
ask him why he reject me?

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
i duno..

16. What is your favorite color(s)?
purple! i like all the colors

17. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
i wont feel regret and always be happy

18. If there's one thing in your life you want to do but yet unable to, what would it be?
maybe i wanna get back to college life to get my diploma better

19. What would you do if tomorrow was the last day of the world?
i will hug my baby love

20. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
dont be so unpredictable, let me understand him more.

8 things I'm passionate about :
baby love
my coming school break

8 things I say or do too often :
"you very tired"
"scratching" my teddy bear
hang around at shopping mall
have a nap in his house
do revision of course

8 things I've read recently :
someone's blog
msn email
monash email
my own assignment
magazine (seventeen, marie clare)
my reader
movie subtitle

8 songs I could listen over and over again :
no air- jordin spark and chris brown
close to you- the carpenter
i dont love you - my chemical romance
sudah - nidji
a song from stephanie sun
some korean song

8 things I learned last year :
always know what i want i fight for it.
everything must say it out, communication is very important, if not misunderstand will occur
family and friend is the person who always stay by my side no matter what is happening
think before you do
tolerate and understanding is really important
dont always spend money on shopping! save it!
don force someone else, if is yours, then its yours, if not, then no fate
i've learn to be very patient, but it doesnt mean that i can wait til i old, i wil stil have my limitation

8 people to tag :
pei man
tee ywe
and another 2 who read my post if your name is not on the list

Monday, 26 May 2008

I will always love you so

i really wanna post up something, but the time really doesnt let me sit down properly and do type down what i wanna write.
and then now the bluetooth start being notty again..hmmm..

it just nothing really happen this few days, or maybe i should say a week.
i suggested to postpone the anniversary celebration, bcox i got a visual test to rush and baby also feel unwell, and eat medicine haha.
so i guess maybe this coming weekend or so, but i wouldn't mind, if happy, everyday also anniversary and valentine right? haha.. comforting myself..

so i was basically spent my time wisely in shopping mall ahhaha..
now i realized that i already bought 3 pumps and 2 sandles and 1 wedges..
i guess all the money i combine i sudah boleh buy a Longchamp bag.. haiz...

i wanna post picture post picture...

went The Garden for this very first time, not much stuff to buy, but i guess the Isetan are really damn move variety than the klcc 1, i really get bored with the whole f*king Klcc..

here was my week goes..
oh ya.. baby Er Wen celebrating his 1 year old birthday party today.
Happy Birthday Baby Er Wen.

*picture will really post when the bluetooth not manja-ing again*

thats about. wanna continue my next 5 episode of drama. so gan zeong man...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

We'll always be together

While the sun is up there shining
and the seasons come and go,
while the rivers keep on flowing
I will always love you so.
While the stars keep twinkling brightly
in the vastness of the sky,
i'll be happy in the knowledge
we're together, you and I.
I look forward to our future
and making our dreams come true,
because there's no-one else
in all the world who means more to me than you..
... So while the world keeps turning
deep down in my heart
I know,
we'll always be together
because we love each other so.

love you till the end of my life

sorry for neglecting the blog for quite a time.
was not in the mood, also because of very gan zeong with my drama.
final are around the corner, better hurry up for the revise.
nothing much,
just really spend my precious time for Shopping, Shopping and Shopping.

love love love love

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Look into my eyes, tell me that you love me

HOooray!! assignment done!

alright where shall i start first?
wednesday went to Taylor Hospitality campus for the so called fine dinning again. i guess this time the food pretty good compare to last time, we have lamb indeed.
so after the dining, 4 of us, 3 gals 1 guy, doesnt feel full, so we back to kepong to have second round in Prince Cafe.
and the next day i skip my class, bcox i really have no time for my assignment which due on friday.
luckily i make it to crap until 1am something.
but i couldnt sleep.. dunno why..
so i stayed up for my continue korean drama til 5am and sleep til 11 something..
drive to monash to hand in my assignment. hang around at baby's house then go back to mummy's shop.

ok, parent were planning to have a trip to penang 2mr, but i don feel like going because i feel tired.
so i make a little lie, so that i got another assignment.
but i started feel guilty, bcox i know that my sibling are so looking forward to this trip, but also nvr expect that the father will cancel bcox only me.
its really unfair lo.. i cant stay at grandma house, but must follow them, but my brother can just simply make an excuse and then he can stay at grandma house.
UNFAIR!!!! just because im a gal..
argh!!! nobody even understand what is my feeling. the mother like this, the father also like this.

don care la..
now need to arrange my time for the present-purchase-session and also figure it out where to dine.
i shall look forward on the dinner, which can make me happier.

countdown to our anniversary - day 8
love & peace

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

How's it going to end?

ok, i promise myself after this post i will start my assignment asap! no surfing net or playing games! if not erm.. i wil get low mark. *ya im not that mean for myself*

so i was basically wanna post Mother's day dinner picture, talk a little bit about that.
and also talk about why am i so Happy today.
overall i am happy everyday la.. i does get emo, but it wil ran off in a short time when i get emo. and basically is Him that can make me emo.

Mother's day.
went to Bukit Tinggi for the dinner. and baby was joining us. because he cant get back to hometown to celebrate with his mum, and i wil replace it maybe a present for his mum. and me, as a gf, of course still have to care of my bf's dinner.
so basically everyone was really enjoying the dinner. but after the dinner. baby have to got back to School for his assignment discussion.
Pity him...
ya.. late night for school. don feel surprise. it just a norm for Sunway student. because Sunway College provide a secure environment, nice facilities - wifi, fans and lights.
and Sunway student like to 'Pou' there for their studies. *50% are advertising haha, bcox im ex Sunway student kekeke*

alright, monday just so normal.
watch Batman Begins. i still prefer Iron man, because Robert Downey Jr. is so hot compare to Christian Bale.
and then A Truman Show for another lecture.
i guess a question mark will appear for my readers. [ perasannya.. my reader pulak]
why i always get to watch movie in my lecture, or maybe should say is that so easy for Uni life just watching movie in lectures?
and the answer is.. because i took a course of Film Studies, so of course i wil be watching movie,and discuss it in tutorial or maybe in assignment. is not just normal watching, but really have to analyse deep down toward the movie - Not easy though.
and another subject is. the exam question wil be related to the Truman show - about what camera angle, why use the angle, why this and that.. so also not just because of watching movie so easy..
and another another subject, which is studying world history, like WWI and stuff so...i also will be watching some ancient documentaries.. Still.. have to discuss in the class..
so it really ain't easy like how i blog previously..
damn stress la.. assignment due very de soon. so can really see how appreciate when the lecturer say gave us extension. really

today. after my class, im rushing to 1u to meet up the bf.
he was wit his fren doing some shopping for a fren's birthday present..
i got myself a top from Topshop, and i wanna buy another more feminine/formal blouse for myself.
because 2mr wil be dining at the Taylor again..also for presentation use.
and i get mummy's call when i was hanging around.
she asked me to meet her up at a place, and i met her there.
when i reached, she asked me to choose which necklace is nice. i thought was choosing for her..
mana tau she said dad said wanna buy for me.
and yada yada..
so i got myself a D________ R____ haha.
and it really make my day. it also will be a treasure in my accesories box. til old.. with value.

thanz mama, thanz papa and also I love them and i love my baby too. muahahhaha...

end here. and the picture's turn.
adios. wanna stay up late for my assignment.

my brother. came back few days from Sarawak, and he left this morning. will miss you.
quite blur, but mandarin is YAO GAN FAN DIM. [direct translate = there is a restaurant ]
how lame is that -____-
2 of my aunts. there are the one who always ask me go shopping.
and the more decent picture. with my baby cousin.

my chio granpa with his motorola V3xx. and my grandma's head.
baby and baby
see! grandpa was playing with his phone. he knew how to use la! don think he lou mong dong. dad and mum next
of course me and baby

lastly. with the peace sign. and this picture was taken by grandpa.


Monday, 12 May 2008

I so so so so wanna get this!! this and this!!

i so so so so wanna get this 3 stuff!! and cant wait until october!!!
arghhhh.. damn stress with my last assignment then exam wil coming soon la!
oh ya..


i wanna get a casual dress a casual dress!!
so many stuff wanna buy la!

feel better now.. -_____-

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Want to be your girlfriend!

alright, so here was my weekend goes...
went to watch Iron man on thursday with baby, since last week we missed the movie, so replaced it that day..
and i really really wanna say Robert Downey Jr. is SO SO HOT!
i mean in the movie la.. although he is erm old *sorry for saying that* and he is a drug addicter, but i don care la.. he is just so hot..
and i would rate Iron man for 9/10! nicey movie..

i mentioned that my parent went to sarawak, so the job of being a driver is my turn now..
after the movie, is really damn late, i need to drive very fast to pick up the brother from schools. when i reached the toll, i mean after the toll, there is a Horny uncle staring at me, with a fucking horny look, and i just cock stare him back..
puik.. so disgusting..
and my night goes to online shopping with the auntS cause we about to ask someone to bring back our cloths from U.S.
whhhoooo.. so excited!!

friday nothing much to say..

i guess it will be more interesting than few previous saturday of Klcc session..
i had asked my bff, aka Eng eng to joined me for Klcc. ya just 2 of us..
so we walked around, nvr bought anything though. and i showed him the Longchamp bag i really wanna buy..
and we spotted a dress in Gap, 350 bucks lo... really nice but then i think i wont buy la.
but a cute guy working inside.. muahhaha.. Ah Gap..* i know you know la ok?*

and my night goes to my nanny's house party.
i bump into a long lost childhood sister, who i always went to her house when i was young.
we always play the "wedding game" which my bride is a gal, another childhood sister -_______-
we talked alot about last time, and time flies i am now 20 and she is 27. wow.. horrible number..

and last but not least.
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to mummy, grandmaS, nanny, auntie(baby's mum) and everyone who became a mother!
love ya always!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Knowing what really matters, when you holding his hand

damn.. i have to retype my post again because the electric suddenly cut off, but luckily my Word document still have autosave, if not kantoi..

so i was basically telling that yesterday is the worst day ever for me..
frens and peeps will realized that i never been on the line for 2 days..
opsy..sorry.. i really have no energy to walk to my pc or even type anything..

diarrhea, vomit, cough, flu and massive headache was visited my all at once..
i guess they have been long time never see me, and they are so urging to pay me a visit, since i've been lack of sleep these few weeks,rushing on assignment.
and some conflict also happen between me and baby. but everything has settled down. love ya always.

so 2 days never go to school. and today feeling better so im here to blog and also start my assignment soon..
Kim was asking me to have extension.hmmm.. will consider about that..

i know that everyone was actualy doing online shopping, but few online boutiques i have visited and i don really see something im fancy on it..
anyone have suggestion on nice website, or blog for online shopping?
maybe i should have go visit overseas website to have some shipping shopping..
hmmm..shipping shopping..sounds nicey!

oh ya, tomorrow will be sleepover at grandma's place, due to the parent off to visit brother, and he will be back home soon.. arhh.. kinda miss him la..and i better fast finish up my assignment so i can hand in on time, afraid that i wil be very lazy or busy when im in grandma's place..

and now the rain stop -___-
just now the thunder so geng now rain stop, not really stop la, but is drizzling..
and till here, adios..
wish me get well soon, and for sure i will get well very very soon =)

Monday, 5 May 2008

Life is great, when you know He is holding your hand

i would like to post the pictures of my parent 21st Anniversary first, then only i start blog about myself.

LET ME PRESENT.. THE COUPLE OF THE YEAR.. Mr. and Mrs. Kuu.. duhh..

mine and hers. but is mine actualy hah

. i missed my morning class, due to the reason i slept at 3something yesterday, because i was really rushing my assignment. woke up the other day when disturb by baby's msg. so wake up take a shower and off to skul. i was kinda running to the library to printed out my stuff. and i met the Kim Ha Lim [ FYI he is a korean who stay 5 years plus in Msia, he said he likes Msia wor.. ] when i was waiting my printing job release.. and another silly conversation.
me and Ha Lim
eh, the interviewee's draft we have to staple it and hand in together ar?
ya.. at the appendix there *of course with the 50%korean accent and 50%msia accent*
huh? i use draft paper to do it wor.. so messy..
you type out lo..
you done yours?
huh??? today hand in la..
no..... next week..
you didnt come for lecture? or received email?
i never go to the lecture and i don check the sure is next week ar?

and im being an asshole again -_________-
fine.. since i've done this, then i can start another 1..

attend to lecture then pick up baby for lunch at Subang Parade.
[ and another silly conversation we have ]
me and baby
wah.. a Kenny Roger Roaster also 60bucks plus.. ok la, this as our anniversary pack this chicken back then reheat on that day..
not bad.. since the first date we have Kenny Roger Roaster too.. quite romantic what..
ok ar.. you say 1 ar.. then i han fan that money..
but then that day with the flower and perfume wor..

anyway.. maybe im allergic with the air cond in his room, i start cough and sneezing non stop.
im ill... sickening..
i drive baby home to take his car, and baby thanx for caring..
really sorry about waking you up..

Unit Code Reference Exam date Exam Start time Seat
Exam Duration Venue Unit Title

pay attention on the second column..
O8:30 AM!!! AM!! mtf...
damn early eh....

but then stil better la, cox end on 12 june, so i can happy happy on my birthday! june 18th k? muahhaha..

i missed my long-thick-bob hair la..=(

Sunday, 4 May 2008

The nottie and the hottie

currently listening: Kenny G - rhythem and romance. (repeating everyday)

really very hot, especially these few days.
after showered, then can get sweat again.. and become ci ci lap lap..wth really beh tahan la..
so baby asked me to choose which day to date, because he was busy with his test and assignment, just same like me. then i decided to pick up friday, since me and him can have our time to done assignment which mine due on monday, because the morning already spent most of the time with my frens.
the curve here we go, he said wanna watch Iron man, ok lo.. then we go cineleisure. but then today is friday, everyone knew it wil have not much seats for us to choose, since we both are prefer couple seats.
we (i) really have tons of movie wanna watch, which ended up i didnt watch.
1. 10,000 BC
2. Definately,maybe
3. Rambo (watch abit here and abit there )
4. Step up 2
5. 27 Dresses!!!
6. Iron man
i watched Jumper.. phew..
i wanna watch The Hottie & the Nottie by Paris Hilton
i watched the Water Horse on dvd -.-
and alot..damn beh tahan d la..
and then HK drama ler??? ha yo..tons of assignment waiting for me ler..

back to topic, after not succeed on watching movie, then we decided to have Sakae Sushi, which is more instant and fast, bcox baby was having gastric pain.
after dinner, then we thought of going back to his place since he was really tired and sleepy, and both of us plan a lie to tell my parent, bcox i wil be driving his car back home from his place..hmmm..
so here was my friday end.
and another day, Klcc. no surprise.
i bought 2 shoes from Nose , 1 pump and 1 purple sandles. *die... spent money again*
and went to Kinokuniya to help Kim to get her book. The age of Extreme.
since yesterday the whole day i didnt do any assignment. so i was planning to have my dinner done at Klcc foodcourt , so that i can nap a little while and start at night.
but then mum come in to my room

mummy: khai yuin, wake up go dinner lo.
me : i ate d la.. i don wan go i wanna iron cloth the do assignment later.
"we go Shangrila for dinner"
"huh? don wan la.. i ate chicken rice d.."
"[bin zui =( ] but today is my anniversary.."
"huh..ah yo.. ok la i go la.."

so this is my mum, i force to wake up and change my cloth then follow them to dinner.. lol..
and not forget to mention, they are celebrating their 21st anniversary and also meaning that im 20 years old lo...

Shang palace at Shangrila hotel.
and aunt called for Pavilion sing k section. lol..
but then didnt go la cox too expensive.
so im here back to home again, blog, then start my assignment.
picture post soon.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Talk to my fingers

first of all, i would like to say this is a real long post, because of many pictures. haha.
this few days was really busy on my assignment, and my labour day was basically spent the whole day infront of my pc to type my work.
i did not follow my parent to the curve and i'm decided to da pao, done my iron cloths, and assignments. guai i am muahhahaha..
sleep at 3 something, then woke up at 9ish to prepare to hand in my assignment.
however, i stil have loads of waiting me.
on the way to Monash, Eng called me told me that got Zara warehouse sales.. hmmm.. damn itchy la whey.. was planning to have little shopping in pyramid to buy some outfit for tonight's bday party. *so sorry la i cant come last min, bcox i really got something to do*
due to my heart itchy, so i went to Joanne house to pick her up, and she followed me to skul to hand in my assignment, then we can straight away go KL together.
printed out, return and renew my books from library and etc, then bump into pooi yee and told her about the warehouse, then she follow us to go, but with her fren la.

so Eng was actualy already in KL, then we meet him up at his art skul (is a oldskul banglo though).
he introduce to us about the Batik painting which is his assignment. (FYI he is from MIA art skul),
then he intro the process of making batik, with typical batik corak, and also by using batik paint to draw contemporary art.
me and Joanne are so damn impressed with the art work.. the room was full with wax smell though.

Then we walked opposite to Corus Hotel from the warehouse thingy.
not really many ppl as those warehouse i went before. Zara, Ted Barker, and a dunno what brand.
we gals are basically grab everything with Size S. haha.then only man man choose..
i got 2 tops, 1 hoodie jacket, 2 baby top for Haley gal, and another scarf for only hundred bucks.
luckily i went there, if not i guess i wil only spend my hundred bucks with 1 outfit. argh.
damn cheap right? 1 top 10 bucks, or 20 bucks. *and the ballroom was playing Kenny G's songs too!*

so after shopping, hang around in the art skul again, bcox i park my car there, to save the parking money in Corus hotel, and wait for the Mr. to pack his stuff, then we off to Manjalara Coffee Street for our lunch, which is my brunch.
hang around at there from 2ish til 5ish, Jerman, Joanne, me and Eng 4 of us can talked about 3 hours lol.
dont forget that baby was still in Subang becox he said he wanna done and hand in his assignment.
you can see we are really rushing out stuff, i bet that everyone also rushing with their assignment and exam too during this period.

so now im at home to blog, bcox wait baby to pick me up for dinner and movie.
he will not with me 2mr for klcc bcox he wanna done his assignment and me as well.
which due next monday, then another next thursday then another next next monday.
die die die die die

and pictures of the day. or before few days:

last sunday after bak ku teh dinner.

Wednesday dinner at Taylor Hospitality campus.

pei wen and i
miss seow loo
my pancake skin's dessert lol.
with a bit of taste of brandy. and super sweet.

the typical Batik print.

contemporary print.

the process of washing away the wax after done the painting on the cloth.

thinner Bruce Lee!

the roots

finally.. the result of splurging!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

You are the best

a peak of my family portrait, taken last year when i was still keeping my long hair.
im really the eldest 1, but unfortunately most of them are taller than me, and the most right's brother are having his puberty, so you can guess that he is real tall now.

A little smile goes a long way

Not much for today. just to mention im really farking stress with my assignment and all.
screwed and screwed.. damn speechless whey.. how much i've put my effort on it, and i really dont farking get what i want?
then what is the point of studying so much??? really damn hatred la..
what to do.. the lecturers are not linear as the last sem..
die la really can die la..
all pack up together and i don have any extra time to spend.
screw you la...

however, i still have my own sweet time with my friends. haha. opsy..
hang around at kim's place, chit-chatting with her mum alot alot..
then head to baby's place to wait for my fren.
we were heading to Taylor hospitality campus for my fren who is a he; for his serve-customer-practice. im on the list, because i eat beef. duhh.. thats the reason he called me la..
environment is quite nice, compare to KDU hospitality campus, and the food also way more better la.
but then what you expect in such place? the beef really hard like stone, and realy will bengkak if kena throw i tell you..
but this time, all of the food are still average, just the beef which seems like midium well, but it really a hardcore to chew...i don really eat finish the beef though..

then meet up with baby and his frens with Ma Lat Si Chuan spicy steamboat.
really really hot and spicy. i can eat quite spicy, but this time is the soup that made you feel a it numb and hot with your lips thats why is really another hardcore food to try. but the soup quite nice though. at least still got taste of its own even is very spicy..
drive back before the guy finish, back home and continue my assignment.
and im here to blog again.
and tomorrow is holiday, which is not a holiday for me, and i need to use my time widely for my assignment.
pictures will post soon.