Saturday, 28 June 2008

A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself

My weekend was quite miserable.
Dinner with the so called Secondary school friend at Green Lotus, a Thai food restaurant locate at KL.
actually just 4 people only, me,eng, YC and ah fu. and they were belanja me for my late birthday dinner. opsy..
our dishes. for 3 person.
rectangular rice. i think it does taste nicer la haha.
YC and Eng eng

look at his smile

arghhh.. im just so miss my baby la...
wanna see you ler hubby...
movie time. adios.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

A picture is a poem without words

Baby's Birthday
the muffin i made for him

Port Dickson with baby
too bad we didnt take any couple's picture.
a view from room's balcony
baby's back, haha.

after edit =) *with my beige shade from Giselle*
before edit.

Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity - Kahil Gibran

Finally!! brother found the cable for me and i no longer have to buy another bluetooth device which is so darn fragile.

came back from baby's place. this short break is really kinda boring, but is good for me to relax a little bit.

so i will be posting long time ago pictures, hope you don mind. hehe.

Kuala Selangor
my cousin sister from singapore

waiting to see fire flies.

My Chinese Lunar Birthday

my birthday cake
ya my aunt is cutting the cake for me.

brother, came back from NS.

Father's day

My Birthday

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A memorable short trip for us

As what the title showed, me and baby were having our short trip at Port Dickson Water chalet.
daddy has a unit at there, of course we will save the hotel money and also because near.

Morning i get to baby's place for packing up and PD here we go.
But i really have to admit that pd is really boring lo.. luckily i brought the dvd player along so that we can connect to the tv and watched movie that we brought from home.

the next day after check out and we went to seremban to pay a visit for my grandma.
then i bring baby to taste the famous beef noodle of seremban.
forgot to tell, its really expensive eh.. we da pao for baby's dad who already at KL.

another thing i really have to mention!

after back from baby's place, i called eng for yam cha.
so we went to aman puri's oldtown kopitiam.
by the time im searching parking, a myvi has com out and i thought a murano wil park inside. ok lo, i need to let him park then i only can go ma. mana tau he didnt park in but stil blocking the empty parking and went down. is a 30something man. then i horn him and put signal say i wanna park la.. mana tau he said he want the parking!
halo.. if want then what for you come down from the car.
so i point middle finger to him la. * ok here i really had to admit that is my fault and i shouldn't have doing that*
then after i parked my car and went down to the restaurant, the man was smilling to me and eh me, so me and eng just dont bother.
ok, this man really si beh fan, he came forward to us and sit down beside me. saying that i have no culture.
uncle, i wanna ask, you park the car like that and when ppl was putting signal, do you thinkyou have culture?
and i was actualy bursting english with him, and he reply me cantonise. i bet this make him even pissing him off. but i think only when i speak english i wil not add some vulgar word by controlling myself.
this old man lai sei no go, and my food is already here, i apologized and asking him should he off now cox he is now interupting me for my food.
and do you know what the old fella said???
" do you believe i wil do something?"
"what you wanna do then?"
" i can hit you"
WAH LAO.. he dare to say that in the public!! realy lo..nobody can see what i've done in the car, but i bet everyone in the restaurant can be witness as he is THREATENING me. he watched too many drama d la...
he said that im not polite and want me say sorry and i just reply him said i already said it TWICE.
i already apologized for twice and this old uncle really duno what the hell he is talking.
so.. this is what happened after my happy day. i guess i have to tinted my car's windscreen and so that not easily to recognise my car. haha.

whatever la.. you drive murano but so bad in english. better go learn some of it. this is my advice for him.
but of course this will be a lesson for me indeed dont simply point middle finger to others.

what to do tomorrow???
maybe body massage lu..
time to ciao. not much picture taken in pd, because very lazy. haha.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Happy birthday my baby love

This picture is specially for baby love. Also as a memory for our second birthday celebration together.
Happy birthday baby, you are very important to me.
Cupcakes made by myself, baby suspect that i bought from outside, hehe. of course taste good lu..
Much Love.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Happy belated 20th birthday to myself

Ya, its my big day yesterday,and i really have lots of fun, also a unique celebration to say.
spend my day at kim's place, to have our paste cooking session. and white wine here we are.
the paste is quite good, for me. haha. maybe i cook it. but of course the sauce is instant 1.

and night, the bf and friends were having Japanese food.
i'm still glad that baby was with me at last.
Really thanks about that, because he already very stress with his exam.

and back to few days before.
i really few that i have alot of friends. haha.
how to say?
cheryl's drinking session kluang station.
giselle's shopping and lunch session at pavilion. and thanks for the beige shade! i really love it!
my girls's home session and also thanks for the body shop strawberry's series haha. its my very first stuff from the body shop, seriously.

oh ya. Made of Honour is a really great movie. i guess its good to watch it with the boy, if Your boy willing to watch with you, but watch with your girls, if they don want to. haha. really nice movie.
so now let the little picture to tell continue my story.

before go into the oven, and on top is the Mozarela cheese
ok, this is after.
bibi - the one eye Jack

my cheese cake

this is gab
and this is kim