Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Of dislike!

I'm so unsatisfy with EVERYTHING! yes, is everything.

I dislike the feeling of someone's was ignoring me, someone was not paying any attention on me!

I dislike the feeling of busy yam cha with others without attending any class! * that's my own decision though, serve me right*

I dislike the feeling one of the girlfriend had went off and now became the 3 of us.

I dislike the neighbour were stil parking her car at other's people's parking spot but not her own car porch!

I dislike the feeling of always having some small or big arguement with the love one.

I dislike the feeling of not enough money and i really do have my things to own.

I dislike the feeling of driving in dilemma which i dunno where to go what to do how to make decision.

I dislike the feeling of having a target and finally it ruin by other things else.

I dislike the father were actually saying he will help for doing housechores but actualy he is using his mouth to do housechores!

I dislike the feeling of thinking what to eat for lunch.

I dislike EVERYTHING. Life is just so unfair.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lost and tears

Schools start another week and everything just going fine.
i really have fun with the girls, who name themselves, Gossip Girl club. wtf. cant blame we name that because we really were gossiping "someone" stuff. haha

Girls night (the entire day) out.

Pavilion Dai Gong San, next to Pavilion Wong Kok.
a special chinese cuisine.
only 4 girls and we had ordered almost 10 dishes.
much more interesting part is we were there at 2something, and 8pm
only we left.
so you can imagine, how many things we can gossip.
*everyone also become victim for our topic*

Pui Yoke and Pooi Yee. ( ops sorry pooi yee)
ok, now can see her face
monica and me, and this sweetie pie will off to UK this wednesday. sob.
the ciggy that Pooi yoke bought from Taiwan.
and the heartshape filter plus pink coloe packaging box.

Rainbow somehting, forgot what is the name.
we all thought is cocktail, many tau is just some flavour sparkeling juice.

The most happy moment is because





dang dang dang dang
in apple green.
( the staff said is season color wor, once the color was sold out,
then wil came out new color.
which mean,
only beige, dirty blue and apple green for me to choose)

but my mood was ruined by baby because of something.

anyway. Saturday.
another girls night out with the same bunch of girls,
still, with another gentleman.
The Ship for dinner,
and then 7atenin9 here we go.
picture will post next time because i have to wait dear pui yoke to send me the picture.
due to everyone's handphone "kong" already.
in fact, the gentleman is not my baby,
but is monica's baby.
and he also the driver. haha.

swimming class at the noon and nap almost for 2 hours.
then night family dinner lo.

i look fugly in here.

baby, im sorry for pushing you so hard.
i just feel too worry thats why i make that statement.
no matter what happen, you're still my baby love, ok?

Wednesday will be sending off Monica babe to UK. 7am's flight, very early ler. which mean i have to be at subang at 5am in the morning.
so sad she's leaving so fast, then our gossip girl club only left 3 ppl lo. sob.
will be missing you alot!

Friday, 25 July 2008

Laugh out loud

i always admire someone who has a brother (kor kor).
a very handsome, tall and well dressed-up brother. which all of my friends will admire him, and im very proud of being his sister. because i don have a brother, and apparently i'm the eldest.
i always think that a brother will always protect the sister.
but that was just my imagination, because seems like reality is not like that.
my good friend was hit by her brother, together with the father.
aren't the brother should protect the sister hitting by the father?
and another thing that underneath my imagination is, brother will always interfere the sister's pak to issue. something like this guy very bad, this guy no taste, this guy not rich enough and this and that. Right?
eventually, it is more cumbersome.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Im very sure that today's newspaper were actually talking about this happy couple were finally marry after being together for almost 10 years.
i was realy amazed when Carina Lau has agree to marry Tony Leung.
because i was actually disturbing by the movie Se, Jie ( Lust, Caution) because he is err in real naked form. wouldn't Carina will be jealous? i dunno lo.. but the Red Cliff is really good la.
anyway, Carina's wedding gown were of course designed by Vera Wang, the top, simplistic and elegant weddiing gown designer who does in charging designed tons of Hollywood celebrities's wedding gown. cool..
Spoilers, i may not confirm the pictures are genuine because in newspaper it says that the security of the wedding ceremony are darn secure, maybe these pictures were personally sent by Carina Lau or Tony Leung him/herself to the entertainment magazine. not sure.

Old Navy woman toe-strap flip-flop on sales!!

As i mentioned in last few months ago, i was online shopping on Old Navy website, and i purchased some stuff.
but something too bad which is i got the wrong size. i thought i was in US size 6, apparently it just like size 5 for me.
so i decided to sell it.
i bought it on 7 USD, plus 7 USD shipping, so is like 39 bucks in Rm,
and im selling it with 30 bucks.
first come first serve basis.
*someone already make order*


picture from Old Navy website.

not multicolor, but with my favourite Purple!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I can't smile without you

headache headache and headache!! (migrant)
everyone were in an ill condition - baby sister were having high fever, brother soarthroat, mummy pening kepala, me too - due to the dad sleep in my room with damn f*king load snoring. argh!!

i don't have class today. and baby and i were decided to catch a movie at Mid Valley - THE DARK KNIGHT.
but then he keep missing the exist when he was driving and talking on the phone, and finally we decide to watch at 1u. oh god..that was about to reach my house la, and my car at subang.

i would rate this movie erm.. 8.5/10?
isit the best box office movie at the moment? i'm not sure la.. but i just very sure that it is so darn long and i really wanna pee lo..

maybe i should have my shopping list, so that i know what to spend on it with the limit amount of money. muahahah.
1. Hello Kitty USB adapter laptop mini vacuum
2. Longchamp purple color handbag
3. Graphic or Caption Tee-Ssss
4. Black vest - any recommended brand?
5. toodle's outfit for Haley girl and Eugenie ( my youngest sister )

Strategy changed

ok, im actually trying how to post Youtube in my post which i saw many people doing that. and i hope i can make it la, because i wanna share a video which a guy was very good in singing and i really darn love his voice and i really will melt by his voice. i would really say that he sings better than the original singer of the song that he picked.

and allow me to have my own personal feelings here.
baby, thanks for joining me for another boring pd trip,
i know you wont wish to go, so sorry by forcing you.
but for me, i would think that that is a nice trip for us,
maybe for me, because we finally have a chance to talk
something, after being so long.
and i finally understand what you mean,
and maybe i might need to do something now,
for good to us.
no matter what happen, i will not give you up, and so do you.
i will following you no metter where you go.
and love you like i always do.

today's class was a blast, because i've met new friends, after like erm a year that i don really make any New friends. ya i mean it, like a year. because i don't really get close with other classmate which i so always hang out with the girls ( Kim, Gab and so on ), and now i really Have To make new friends just because im alone in the class. the first impression for me about them ( 3 peeps, 4 maybe? because 1 is like just join and not really get intro to each other) are really nice *the first impression la* there are really funny and maybe nonsense, although they all look like a bit lan ci la.. haha.. actualy i do look lan ci also ( but definately you will change your mind after hanging with me. lol )
So the coming every monday i wil be with these guys and hope i wont left out and feel boring la. muahahhaha.
television studies were filming Buffy today. oh gosh. i would really say that is a "what-the-hell" series, and i will really not watch that again for god sake. it just so immature and fake alright.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Fly away, fly away love

A very tiring and moody day for me. Nothing much for myself, but i would really introduce "Read Cliff" is really an awesome movie haha.
but too bad next episode have to wait until december.
Watched it a cineleisure and then head to Friendster cafe for supper.

and my monday class wil start at 9 morning and end at 530 la!!! so cham...
thats for all.
sitting on the floor in front of cineleisure.
the atmosphere in the pic abit like at genting la.
ah mon and her Baby <3the 3 fella
pooi yee
now my baby's turn
lastly, random shoot.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I should not have expect that much

my new so-on crazee stuff.

black big bow hairband.
and i'm actually wearing it everyday to school. haha.
black and white polka dot cashmere.

and i just bought a black pump from Topshop!

and i really wanna pay a visit at Time Square for graphic tee..




i wanna get this !

Thanks for the memories by Cecelia Ahern

*not fall out boy, please*

How can you know someone you’ve never met?

Joyce Conway remembers things she shouldn’t. She knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris, which she has never visited. And every night she dreams about an unknown little girl with blonde hair.

Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He arrives in Dublin to give a lecture on art and meets an attractive doctor, who persuades him to donate blood. It’s the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.

When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with her life and her marriage in pieces, she moves back in with her elderly father. All the while, a strong sense of déjà vu is overwhelming her and she can’t figure out why …

quote from Cecelia Ahern's formal website.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I can stare at you all the time

its my second day of schooling. i don't feel like going to skul la.
maybe because i still not familiar with the time table and dunno who will be the same class with me.
monday 9 o'clock morning class, and is f*king jam and i almost late.
baby were head back to his hometown, and this time of course i never follow la. but i really wish to.
and he gonna stay there maybe 1 week? and im gonna be alone for 1 week.. bad feeling.. and i miss him so much.
Just done reformat my lappie for faster speed.

hubby, i miss you ler..
get me when you come back k.
much love.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bleecker signature tote

argghh... i love this.. and both of this color...

It started with a kiss and they kiss again

I miss my baby so much and really hope to see him soon. Yesterday i spent my entire day at Pyramid Japanese restaurant, Zanmai with 3 girls. they are baby's friend's gf. muahahhaha. so..all the kuantanese'gf bergumpul for gossip la.. from 3pm til 730pm.. and my parking ticket cost me 3 bucks. lol.
but at night, another asshole were causing trouble and so im kinda like pissing off and make me even more miss my baby..
hubby wanna see you la..

result out tomorrow.. damn gan zeong la.. no mood to blog now..

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The sweetest kiss

olla everyone! i'm back!
back from baby's hometown. ya. im paying a visit to his hometown, a place my baby come from.
so i was actually spending my 4 days 3 nights at kuantan, with his family and friends.
its a really exciting visit though.

i met alot of friends there, and for those who i already know, i must say its another good connection for me.

i wont say its full of programme, cox i've been visited for maybe 3 times *excluded with the parent which im stil young and never thought of my love will from this town. teehee.*
but compare to last time, i love this visit!
bcox... i got to eat delicious food !

and crazy barbeque night of the baby's brother-in-law's birthday at beach side..romanticnya.. i don think KL-ians have this chance la.
and almost everyone was thrown into the pool, including me of course..

oh ya, i watched Hancock at the erm cinema that are non-GCS and non-TGV.
for the movie - its not that expected for me bout the movie, bcx i thought is some chio fighting scene since the movie caption wrote something hero and hero, mana tau is some erm touching storyline.
for the cinema - its really not that bad lo compare to GSC and TGV, aircond plus nice chair, and for what baby's friend said, its still ok if you bought the first line ticket, bcox the screen is really far from the chair. you think in "those" cinema can buy front line meh???

and then..
i found that *not found la, just realized and baby told me* Kuantan's peep really have nothing to do, not yam cha then is drink.
so my 4 days were basically spending time yam cha after breakfast, yam cha. after dinner, yam cha. or maybe drinking session. so this is the lifestyle of them and me this city gal *called by them* really canot think about if i stay longer there, but luckily baby's friend were happening enough.

so thats all about my weekend. and i do love kuantan. i really will find another chance to visit there more.

result came out at 11th. gan zeong.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Going on Holiday!!

I'm having a bad bad flu now, due to the sudden-hot-sudden-cold weather. and it really get me sweating all the time.also maybe because of the sunburn few days ago..

of course, everyone was in Euphoria now, so does my baby and im home to blog.. sob sob..
sad la...
baby said there are only 2 sections compare to the Singapore's one. Trance and RnB wor..
maybe most of the Malaysian like this both.

back to me. i couldnt sleep well the whole night. and just replying baby's msg..

Monday went to PD Water chalet again, because i've told that we have free coupons for the owner of 1 unit. and mummy and aunt suggested we have 1 day trip at there for the kids, because coincidentally the secondary and the primary having 1 day break. but daddy and brother was not on, because working and start schooling.
but my baby was with me la.. poor him, didnt sleep the whole night because of the Football final, and i really want Germany win, and i Fucking owe him 500 bucks!
nah..i wont take it seriously.. bluek..
picture of PD will post next.

and yesterday i were in charging cooking lunch for the kids. Spagetti.
of course, i follow the procedure that i've learned that day at Kim's house and it turns out really great!
muahhahaha.. can fly.. praising myself.
and of course, clear up lo.. my baby cant have the chance to eat ler..sorry..

then went to taipan with sister with her massage thingy and hang around at Glampot.
i tell you lo..really have ppl very very rich lo..
a woman with her Mercd C class parking outside, and brought i think 15 bags to Glampot for sale.
including her Brand new Fendi Straw bag, Cole Hann and Ralph and etc etc canot remember la..
and i was there together negotiate a while then back home..
( brand new Burberry Blue label bag and the Vincci Heels im selling already sold out)

im currently keep starring the clock to have my medicine on time because if i dont get well by tonight, thne i cant go to holiday la!!
its TOMoRROw la..

breath taking scenary? haha
he is so semangat on helping the kids to get the tube blowed.

my baby haha
the lala.. and the kids said wanna cook with steamboat and eat it. omfg..*faint*
alas just throw it back to the sea la..
on the way back, and they are exhausted after swimming for so long.

thats all for now.
wish me get will soon, NO! by Tonight!