Sunday, 31 August 2008

I want Sunbathing!!!

Terengganu Awana Kijal here i come!!
I wanna get sunburn!
bitchy beach..

flip flop

so seducing me.

*and baby, i hope you can come k?*
Stay tune!

not forgetting


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Just dance

I'm in love with Just Dance by Lady Gaga ft. Akon.

Another post here. i feel so semangat this few days keep update my blog.
oh ya. now is raining session, which make me really sleepy all the time.

THIS POST IS SPECIALLY TO DEAR MON. your baby's birthday.
Special occasion yesterday. me and baby went to Saisaki to celebrate Ah Boy's birthday, and Pui Yoke's late birthday.
due to the rainy day and was jaming all the way long, me and baby reached earlier than those who said wanna go out earlier (5.30pm, which the dinner starts at 7pm). So we were there earlier than them, of course we have our meal first haha.
Nothing much happened.
so here is the only picture that i taken when boy is blowing the cake.

And i went shopping, like again. really broke to dead i tell you. and i bought the new arrival. really cant stop myself.
but really canot blame me, because Topshop always running out of smaller size (size 4 and 6). which mean is really small chance when you got something you fancy with the size you want, because other people will buy very fast 1 lo.. thats why i have to get it like immediately.

my pick of the day.
rose graphic-t with diamonds on it. from Dorothy Perkins. rm89.90. *argh*
black strechable dress with pockets. can wear it formally and casually. from Topshop. rm156.00.
*really can die lo...*

2 of baby's friends are celebrating birthday this weekend.
and i know it sure will have a lots of fun.
just miss that time when i was there to celebrated the beach barbeque party.
i want to go la..
for sure very happening lo.
too bad i'm in terenganu with family.
but i have BEACH!
nevermind.. haha
but hope baby can make it for me the next day.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Of announcement







further information, please check out my CBOX, call Cheryl.

I can't think of any title

olla. i feel like blogging. don't ask why.
i just wanna share something with you girls, for those who use liquid eyeliner.
i'm a very particular person with perfect shape of eyeliner. and i know im darn lazy to draw it over again, and i don like left-over color on my under eyes. so pencil eyeliner is a big no-no for me. because i'm a person that not very good in make up, jus slightly touch up and blusher and mascara and here it go.
i've been seeking like tons of eyeliners, from famous brand till no brand.
and i'm currrently using Kate, some sort like the lazy caligraphy pen. it has good line, with fine and perfect curve and tick ( i know every girl like to have tick on the end). but too bad the color is not dark enough, it's like greyish. but i like it cause it makes me look real natural, just like my own eyelashes is thick enough.

no offence to other brand, it depends on how good is you make up skills and what kinda skin you are. if you feel pencil is good, then just stick on pencil.

and i found another brand for liquid eyeliner, its like the magic color pen when we used when we young. it has real dark black color and sharp tip. unlike other with overload ink and blunt tip. and it's only 25 bucks. Korean brand.

and another news which is. i got Avril Lavigne concert ticket. HAHAHAHA.
thanks to Fashion Fast Forward (Topshop, Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins) for the ticket.
but. i'm not going to this concert, because i don't really fancy Avril.
and I ALREADY GAVE OUT to friends. hahahaha. sorry.

sound really ironic, "top spender with a pairs of tickets"
which mean i really spent alot in Topshop and i can get the tickets.

and and
mummy had bought me and sister a earring's stand.
with 52 pairs hole. and err almost left few pairs empty.

and last but not least.
a portrait of myself.
very bad background.

Monday, 25 August 2008

It's gonna be the toughest step

Sorry for neglecting the blog for ages. i was up to something which i doesn't have to mood to blog anything, or else i dunno what to type when i was feeling blogging.
Thanks for those who know what is happening, and understand my feeling. i feel great that someone were still besides me when i feel alone.

Major incident happened in these few days:

i err hurt my palm when i was climbing the rusted fence. Hence i went for tetanus injection after i found out its quite serious when i just ignore i. No more climbing for me, cause baby want me to promise him that.

i don think there is any other stuff that i had to mentioned.
no picture, but i have this. a purple edition simpsonised me, with my favourite shorts and pump.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A letter for myself

Dear Khai Yuin,

I know you have been passing the long and suffering month, August is really not a good month for you. But everything is going to be fine, as long as you remember don't be so soft hearted and think before doing everything.
You have to control yourself, even thought its really hard. let's make a change, because sooner or later, you still have to suit yourself.
Everything is going to be alright, as long as you stick in to your plan.
if things end up not how you expected, which means everything has over, and you don't need to feel regret for yourself.
Assignment is still important. Friendship too.
Stay tune for your new lifestyle and welcome your new life.

Khai Yuin.

Hey, assignment has done, but i dont think i wil get high mark, because i didnt know what i'm doing actually.
and sick were attacking me this few days, but i just feel like going out to meet up friends.
you know what, i really doesnt have much time to meet u friends. argh.. whatever.
nothing much for myself, and i'm still look the same.
thanks for caring, if anyone were caring me. i'll be fine. love.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Of hateness!

i really have no extra time for my to update my blog.
everything has just in a random position and i'm really dunno what the hell is going on, and i really wonder why.
i hate him. i hate assignments. i hate boring. i hate everything is not going fluently.
i hate the feeling of neglecting. i hate everyone can understand me, but not him. i hate the assignments just floating in front of me and i duno what the hell im typing and whether its correct or not.
i hate keeping everything inside and crying every night before i sleep. i hate i really cant put down my heart.
i just feel happy when i'm watching my series. i just feel happy when i think that i can have a sleeping pills for me to sleep. i just feel happy when i think that i doesnt need to wake up so early for class. and i feel happy when i got to see new post in online shopping and the moment i'm getting my new cloth.
online shopping is just better.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cheering me up

haha. my new toy. and you know what? the pink color are really driving me crazy and i'm so gonna collect the whole set! eventhough im just using a laptop. mouse. and speaker. but i don't think i need a speaker because all the time i'm using headset.

assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment assignment

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm miss Cherie

It's 1.23am now and not surprise seeing me still blogging here and on the other side were chatting MSN at this time. Assignments are really driving me crazy and i'm working like a cow with tons of words and research in from of my laptop with backache.

I just wanna post up something which was quite cheering me.

First. a perfume for myself which my nose already in a numb condition due to tons of choices.
i hope i'm making a correct choice for this. because i really fed up by making decision which to buy and which actually suits me.

Second. new watch is 12/24 on my wrist with joy when each time i'm checking out the time.

third. olympic had started formally and it was actualy my first time sit down in front of the 50inches flat screen tv which only a 0.0something km distance with me from 8pm till 12pm just to watched the colorfull opening ceremony.

forth. happy belated birthday to dear cousin brother who already 11th years old which still look like 7 years old.

fifth. it just so random i checked it out with a special date.

1 year, 2 months, 3 weeks and actualy 4 days.
actualy is just 2 weeks la.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Of announcement

Due to some personal reason, and i think my hair color making me looks messy. i dyed my hair *like again* to an even brownish and a bit greenish color.
ya ya, i know it's just so spoiled, but nothing else can do with my short hair and i only can play with color.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

i broke her heart in 30 seconds flat

i'm gay! yeah.. the gay but not that gay.
1u in the afternoon after baby's class.
and finally i've got my late birthday present which baby has no idea what to get for me.
and i got myself a real cheap shade from Topshop, just so coincidence.

I really cannot watch GAY KISSING scene.
*alright, now is that gay*
why suddenly i will talk about this?
i was watching pilot episode for Six Feet Under, and f.y.i one of the main character ( the second son) is portraiting as a gay.
i feel like wanna puke when watching two masculine size gays were kissing and hugging each other.
omfg. i just cant accept it. but i'm quite ok with lesbian.

ok cut the crap, ASSIGNMENT now!

thanks baby for the present,
like you said, i love everything you bought for me.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

I just love you to be true

It's July and Its Mega sales, i bet everyone, especially girls, average age like me will got mad right??? and guys, because of NEED to accompany the gf, and *maybe* need to pay for the gal, so they will got mad too.
So am i. i just keep non stop buying and buying until i need to wait for the baby to belanja me makan and keep some notes for my parking fees. *pening*
nothing much, just having lunch with baby for korean food in klcc and night dinner with the family in Sakura, while baby were tag along too.

at 7atenin9

boy, mon, me, pui yoke and pooi yee *i know im short*