Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Monday, 29 September 2008

Cause you had a bad day

i dont feel like typing anything. blahs.


this was a game that played during tutorial. student were tied up with masking tape,
and for those presenter, they still have to present with the tape, lol.


i know is funny im wearing something like that in my living room.
like i before say, parent were back from bali and this was what they bought.

heart this slogan T from Hard Rock Bali.

another Hard Rock long sleeves T


i bump into one of my lecturer when i was doing my shopping with family in Pavilion.
"Why are you here? didn't write essay huh??"

poser sial.
while waiting the mum and dad shopping.


and my baby LeRonn in Facebook.
after been neglecting for so long, now im addicted to feed him and earn babybucks.


One last assignment.
and i'm so gonna die.

p.s Stay tune for Wednesday/Thursday post. Top Secret. Shhh.

Friday, 26 September 2008


从一开始的热情, 变化成过后的冷淡.
从一开始的紧张, 变化成放松.

但是, 我觉得我已经不再是以前的我.

这让一切一切的我, 变得不再熟悉.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Once in a full bloom

I still doesn't have the mood to do any of my assignments, which i got the 2 days extension, and another after my mid term break.
next week is my mid term break, which i think i wil be more lazier, plus the Raya holiday and baby will back to the hometown. argh.. ya better that he is not here.

ok, so i doesnt have class today. stil thinking whether i should go to meet up the bf or the fren. and i choose fren.
you know what, i spent erm less than 50 bucks to get something i really likey today. =)

so lets check it out.
lunch with the "boss" unexpectedly and they are the one who belanja me makan, so i doesnt have to pay any *winks*
and then as the usual plan, me and Eng went to Ikea, because i want to buy some box/container that can contain my books inside the car, which everytime when i break the books and papers will spread to the whole place.
Not forgetting meet up with new friends. *nice to meet you dude*
nice to meet you Edward, he is from my baby's place too.
but.. they doesnt know each other.
nevermind, know me enough. haha.

so coincidently i got what i want, 2box with rm16.90/ damn cheap right!! i thought of going to find some plastic which is more expensive 1, but since this is in promotion, why dont i just take this? another 1 for baby to put his books as well. fair enough.

so, here it is. ngam ngam for the books.

back to before Ikea, three of us were shopping around the Ikano. i went to a store, with oh so cheap and nicey shirt, and i got myself a shorts which only cost me rm39.90 with 50% discount! and forever 21 will be selling the same things like 99.90.

taddaaa!! isn't it so cute? just exactly the same alright.

and after hang around in this shop. we went to the vinnci concept store which i rarely will walk in there. Eng said we can find something real cheap in there. but 'that' store even more cheap lo.

guess what i got here?

original price is 69.90 and i got it only with rm 10!!

the Edward got this vest with only 49.90 which doesnt have any different with the topshop selling.

oh so lucky day!!

so after the shopping. 3 of us bought ourself ice-cream!
rm 1.00!

so. 16.90 + 19.90 + 10.00 + 1 = 46.80!!

hahhahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhah. cantstoplaughing.

Game of the day

Can You Find?







The answer is


Monday, 22 September 2008

More than just a kind heart

You see, i really doesnt have the mood for doing any assignment. and i plan to ask for extension the next day. everything is just not in order, like how i want it to be.
something happened again, and i really don't wanna state it down here, since i think it has been solved. is my fault again to made this things up, and i really blame myself.

Parent were off to Bali to have their honeymoon again. so you thought we will have house party?
nah.. mummy warned us, "no activities these days".
i was planned to have a little shopping with the love 1, but since he woke up late, and actualy i've been prepared like few hours ago, i really doesnt have to mood to go anymore.
but he was here to have a sleepover at my place. this is still pretty good though.

grandma now is watching the Moonlight Resonance downstair with my external hard disc. i guess everyone are watching this. ya, the baby follow the episode like mad, and almost everyday sleep at the morning because of this series. and me, slowly slowly watch, because i have to wait baby to download from others, and then i only can copy. why would it need to be like him? i can just watch slowly so i doesnt have to chase and wait like a mad dog.

having some bad stomach day, due to many spicy food recently and less drink water.

thats it.

both of us has weird expression. due to the overload spicy food.

the sister.

to my little sis Eugenie, jie jie start missing you already ler, mummy and dad went to holiday, you also "holiday" ler. how are you in aunt's house? do you stil always late wake up? did you finish your homework and listen to aunt's order? be a good girl k?
much love.

Friday, 19 September 2008

7 things i hate and love about you

Is 3 am now, and This is a racist entry, for those who are uncomfortable with this, you can just shut down this window and wait for the next entry. No offence.

Ya, im kinda racist, born in this so call multiple races country. it happens from the last time to built this kinda feeling in my heart since i understand. there are alot of things which happened on myself to let me have this even more strong feeling of racist.
i admit that i like M food, but it doesnt mean that i agree everything of what they did you know.
yesterday i've been joining the class trip to the Isla*ic Art Museum Malaysia. for what i thinking that it might be the last chance of my schooling time which i can take a school bus to have a school trip in my schooling life, so i decided to join. i've been seeing alot of things relate to the isla*ic cultural, for what myself think that, and so agree with pooi yee said "die die also want to relate something with isla*ic"
for example, i've seen a pot or plate with chinese tradition art on it, such as phoenix and peacock and such, but they stil wanna add some jawi or arabic caligraph or word on it, so it can represent as islamic culture stuff. how ironic is that.
and the museum, please count for me how many person will go per day? i think less than 50 alright. it has so grand design, with so much light bulb, air cond electricity, and so much staff in this small museum (it is smaller than the national museum), with fabulous design of these M mos*ue ceiling. how wasting money isn't it?
and the other is the oh-s0-funny politi*al issue that happens in this country. dont you think that is kinda funny bout using all this issue to become so call "politi*al issue"? please la, take something more proffesionally and this is a adult game, please dont take some childish issue as a so call weapon.
and the what tu*ung. i really cant understand that is the purpose of wearing it. it says that is purety, or been covered not to let the male to get horny and interest on you. halo, the baju ku*ung is the easiest outfit that can easily settle the female ok? dont get what i mean? just imagine how difficult when you taking off your jeans or baju ku*ung when you wanna pee. is so darn easy i can say.
i purposely fail the history in the so call important exam, because i really doesnt interest on it, because of "die die also want to say is from isla*" halo, the paper machine was invent and made from chinese, and they claimed they made it, what is the heck of me to study where and when the who born in the world, and rescue the world?
i dont understand.

ok, its satisfy for me to type all this not agree statement.
i guesss i still have lot more not satisfy statement to make.
this is the space that i think of freedom of speech for myself.
yes, i don satisfy. i feel so uncomfortable with everyhing,
it seems so alright, but its actually doesnt.
can you imagine how and what is happening the last year?
what is the feeling?
i think you have forgotten.
but i stil remember.
you already not the one that had been always comfort me when
i have nightmare. you already not the one saying,
i miss you alot and thanks for being with me.
i know you been loving me so much, so do i,
with the flash back of last time,
because i doesnt feel the sweetness anymore.
like you say, it has improvement,
yes it does, but is not like this.
what for im doing all this,
to make you realise?
this is another question mark again.

[ edited version ]

Monday, 15 September 2008

Everything is going alright

The ladies on the beach at Awana Kijal on Merdeka Day.

I wanna start my assignments la.
but i doesn't feel like doing it.

I kiss a boy and i like him

hey yo zup! i'm here like blogging again. i know i shouldnt have open this page,but i think i have to fulfill my so-call job then i only can concentrate to start my assignment.

i never g to my swimming lesson today, because i was at opposite for neighbour's wedding. the car horning and such and such, follow to the groom's place and such. very tired and hot. i dont think i manage to get any picture, if yes also it wil be someone's camera.

night, is the house warming party. 2 different places. i got to meet up the secondary school friends which i quite a long time never see before, also those who always say wanna meet up and end up nothing. so this is a good chance. nothing much and this time i manage to get some pictures.

my expression abit akward, because someone was making joke while me and her were taking picture.
miss pei man, just came back few months from UK and soon going back

dear yen zie

shu yi, tina - the owner of the new house and moi

the regular face =)


ok , this is the random 1, i find he is kinda cute so i wanna take pic with him.
nah.. i know him since he was stil little boy la, no worries i'm not that ganas. lol.

so the end of my activities.

please support Little Dress Room, just drop by to check it out if you free.
[ http://profiles.friendster.com/80733030 ]

toodles. time to start my asssignment.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A friend is always with you whenever you need

Take Care Miss Lindy

was having a last minute farewell with this woman, and she still the slumber personality as usual, last minute. no one know that she is flying today. Anyway, just roughly introduce her. An Ipoh lady which i met her at the first day of my college, also the first friend of mine since i didnt know anyone in the school. we were having fun together, talk cock and such, and i hell remember SHE ALWAYS LATE FOR SCHOOL, and i have to wait for her. we less contact each other after she change course, and also after we studying separately. and she is the only friends beside my bf, who ever sleep over my place. *so you know how special you are la huh* seldom meet her after we separate and kinda hard to make for each other due to the timing and she always back the ipoh. so fast, now she is getting off to her favourite place in the world, the white guy heaven huh. haha. anyway, take care alot ok, we shall keep contact through msn. love you so much.

ok, so after the so call farewell dinner at kim gary, the i waited for dear cheryl to finish her family dinner and plan to meet up at ss2.

we talked alot like how we used to, even until the shop had close and we shifted to inside the car and continue our topic. girl oh girl, just so much things to say.

last but not lease
Miss Kuu =)

Friday, 12 September 2008

Of feeling

the love of my life.
*see his new hairstyle, done by me. haha*

was basically yam cha with a friend, that have been long time never really sit down talk to him, due to something. i've said out all of my question that i've been wondering so many times, i actually hope that he can give me a convincing answer, but the truth is still with me, although i think im getting better with those question which i always hide it deep down to the hole. i think im getting real better if everything just keep going on like this, and the question doesnt bother me again, just like how he said. hope everything is going fine.

i remember the last mooncake festival i was celebrating with his family. the first time i've been visiting the family, the first time having fun with small town, the first time meeting up his friend, the first time think that kuantan's transportation is so bad. but this year, we are in separately, separately celebrate this chinese festival.

nothing much for myself, just i guess stil something around in the heart, which i dunno why i have this kinda feeling. maybe it goes too fine which makes me a bit worry. nah, just as i said, ignore is a bliss. something sometime we have to ignore it, to avoid arguement. isn't it?

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A brightful day

A reply to dear Jass Choo: hey girl, don't give up to get the suitable skincare, but for what i suggest, is dont use something that costly, the ingredient might be more high concentration. slowly try some persuable average range brand first, then only slowly upgrade. Also, be hardworking to get your skin clean, wash twice - the morning and night when you taking bath. Hope i help you. =)

a big project today. i went to carrefour with baby like twice this week, and i went myself like once, to get those furniture and groceries that he needs. the so-called big project is to clean up and switching position of his room-sweet-room. and then coming up he stil need to get a coffee table and a table lamp. its tiring, but i like the new decor because i was there to help, and i realised that almost everything is i chose, eg bedsheet. is our room though, with our pictures around.

Of annoucement:

1. Juicy Couture are having new arrival, Fall season fo 2008. check it out in Pavilion Store.

2. Topshop and Topman are having Student Lock In sales! just come over with your student id!

[ i need more cash to shop shop shop!! old navy old navy.. topshop topshop.. juicy.. ]

[ i need more time too!!! time to start my assignment! ]

*i hate the brother keep talking on the phone with the gross voice ok, its just so annoying and he will keep raise up his voice. wtf la!!! not meaning that i jealous him, i stil have my own sweet call from baby, but please la, you met her in the morning and the stil wana talk on the phone like whole night, and everyday. fuck.disturbing me*

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

There is a LIE between BElieVe

i feel like writting a novel. a novel about myself. about the story of me and him. but is this gonna be a happy ending? or a no ending story?

online shopping here i come again. i was busy on choosing things, which i think im ignoring my coming soon assignment. i don like this feeling, with undone work, and with stress.

everything is going smoothly. i hope, i pray, i wish everything going to be fine. real fine. thats what i wish about.
oh, of course, i wish i can win lottery which i think i missed a chance [ i bought the first prize number few weeks before the first prize number winning ], or else a bag of money [ no coins please ] drop from the sky. and then i can get myself everything i want.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Boring . Nothing

[ i think its quite boring just typing my daily routine at here. im not sure why me/people are doing it. is it just to showing off what are they doing? i dunno lo.. i just feel like typing what i feel like typing. blogging it just getting off from my interest, but its kinda happy you can read back what you've been doing lately and last time. isn't it?
but it better to be a nice memory, if not you gonna trace back the date and delete those post that you don't want, or just ignore it. ]

nothing special for myself. i just feel that im being lazy and lazier compare to last time. i didnt have the semangat to go to school. dunno why. maybe because monash doesnt have leng chai. like sriously, no leng chai at all. the 2 things came out from my mind is, many leng lui. and i wanna see my bf.

and me and baby getting better i think, nothing special too, but just some random and bullshit stuff to discuss. i find it weird. i might like or might not like it. and i duno what is making all this weird, it should be a very good time. but i just dont like the feeling.
maybe i should just ignore it. ignore is a bliss.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Sunny Side Up

Hi people, i'm back. It was just a short 2 days 1 night trip in terengganu and now i'm here back to kl blogging. Baby didnt make it for this trip because i was quite worrying he driving down alone to meet me up if he wants to come, so both of us agree that he not to come. I would say that it is a so so trip because something was happening *not me and baby's stuff la*
and i thought it would be no raining in terenganu since baby said kuantan doesnt rain that much compare to kl, so the first day was quite sunny and windy, nice weather. i gave my first time forr beach volley ball, and now my wrist is hurt like hell. but the next day it started raining like morning 6 o clock. and our activities only start like afternoon. we do a little shopping after having our breakfast buffet, mummy bought me and herself a batik pajamas.
so let the pictures do the talking. i didnt make it to take any picture the second day because i forgotten to bring down my camera. so.. sorry no picture..

on the way, i force brother to face the angle while he was texting the gf.

proudly present, khai yuin.

this is the famous kopitiam, Hai Peng, in terenganu.
for those who doesnt try their coffee and toasted bread when visit terenganu,
it doenst counted as visit ok.
this is much much more better than the old*own kopitiam ok.

this is the main enterence of Awana Kijal.
with my magazine haha.
this sister and the cousin

the big jelly fish, but i saw another much more bigger the next day while i was having fun with the sea and wave.
my cousin brother was pointing at us and shout " got animal floating, animal!"
i like what the .. damn scare and quickly swim back to the beach and i saw the big with brown polka dots jelly fish.

those are first day pictures.
no pictures for the second day.

and the result of two days trip:

sunburn due to the sunbathing with the bikini line.

till then. adios.