Friday, 28 November 2008

Stay or change?


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Pink is the new green?

As i mentioned before i want to get the whole set of Hello Kitty computer assecories, with matching mouse as well. coincidentally my mouse was having trouble with the "double clicking" and my keyboard was too loud to type. so i decided to get change with my keyboard to a another, and getting a matching mouse.
Sophia babe had showed me her new collection of mouse and keyboard so i decided not to choose the same 1 as her, as in her mouse is the head of Hello Kitty with the button of Right hand side, is kinda hard for me to use it actualy. so i get the other 1 with the heard shape.
of course the keyboard are way more gently compare to the old 1. everyone was complaint with the old one with loud typing sound because most of the time im typing in the midnight, they can hear i'm typing. -______-

Hello! everyone is in Hello Kitty crazyness!!! although i'm not genuinely a Hello Kitty fans. but who cares as long as it is Cute!

adios. Shopping session tomorrow with the baby of mine. =)
(he's gonna say i'm a bimbo again!)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Sunshine after the rain

Hello hello, I'm back after 4 days 3 night. i do have fun this few days, clubbing [ i dont really say clubbing] 2 days in a row, which is impossible for me to do that in KL. that was baby bro-in-law new opening Pub? Lounge? or Club at Kuantan, After Seven *i know there's an After Five at kota damansara*. of course i doesnt drink and basically just me shaking ass the whole night, i wonder why they doesnt dance at all, and just stand there and drink. -___-

oh also is baby's niece a.k.a Princess Haley 1 year old big birthday. small little celebration with homemade lamb stew. mhmm delicious.

i actually want to share something, which i think they *yes, is a They - especially the mom* are kinda toh sui Kl-ians. why would i said that, there is a family, which are from KL, and of course im from KL too, saying that don't eat so much lamb stew in Hakka which they thought no one understand what are they talking. she said that eat to much lamb is not good, but hey do you know lamb is so much expensive compare to the pork and chicken that You eat everyday? and hello, the cheese cake is CHeese! not fat! omfg. she was actualy chose out the cheese part and just ate the biscuit at the bottom part of the cheesee cake and its Fuking disgusting. and the mouth keep saying that 'this is fat, this is fat, dont eat this'.
damn toh sui lo..please dont tell that you are from KL. grrrr.

like finally, i have my guts out to drive around at Kuantan, the very complicated arrangement of roads of town. i would say that because i'm actually kinda proud of myself of being very good at recognise roads and places, in KL Subang Penang Seremban Port Dickson and so on, i've been driving like tons of times up and down at these places but i really GG when im in Kuantan. the structure of the houses and roads are so so so so much complicated with a sudden small T junction, or cross road which is not cross at all, especialy the bf loves to drive along those small alley, i would say that. however, i was so starve while the bf was sleeping, and his frens were asking for lunch. so i decided to have the guts to drive out which i only knew how to drive out the main road on the second day. wow. proud of myself, which i stil have my good ability to recognise road sign and shops. claps for myself. oh, baby's friend are proud of me too.

my baby with "her" long hair.

baby's parent a.ka. Haley's popo and gong gong.

oh ya, stuff from Old Navy online shopping has arrived. and i'm selling the same flip flop like again.
this is what i got, i chose the Yellow because it was Marc Jacob's trend! woohoo. and damn luckily im getting the correct Size!
however, i didnt know the clutch was in that Big size! but i think it is ok because i have long purse, and its a trend now with BIG BIG Clutch =)

is Size 5! Multi Colour this time.
SELLING! first come first serve!
comment me if you are interest.
RM 30
[ genuine old navy, shipping from US ]


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Brighten up my life.

It's just the beginning of 2 weeks holiday, and i'm getting boring with it already, everyday went out with friends, and almost everynight went out yam cha. seeing the same person, talking the almost same topic. and of course i'm not seeing my baby this few days, because he was having his coming soon last paper, and after that i'll be following him to his hometown.
day was flying so slow, and i'm getting bored with everyday going out, but sometimes i don't wish to stay at home being alone, facing my laptop and tv, reading my online comic or watching drama. its just so bored man..

just like another day, me and cheryl had dated before to get some ice cream, because we knew that ice cream can cheer us up! we went to DesaPark City to get our different taste of icecream, and ourr mutual choice is Chocolate! f.y.i it was actualy raining, and we have ICEcream, chio ler..i started to get cold and sdnly was in a mood to have Si Ham Lok Lok. -___-
i called Mr.Eng and ask where have lok lok car around kepong area and he was recomment Mayana, another kepong yam cha spot.
we brought our fellow fren to the malay restuarant and she never thought that i will bring her to such place. haha. surprise ler?

so here was my another night.
the other day.
make appointment with the bobbi brown foundation tester in 1u. the artist were actualy saying my skin is real good and i look like porcellin doll after foundation applied! like so fake skin. *i'm flying ~*
i spotted a Levis skinny jeans in Levis shop, i really loving it. i think i have to get it before it finish stock. i realized something, its my tradition that i HAVE to buy 1 Levis jeans for each year. @.@
raining raining, i was actualy kinda excited to go somewhere else because i have erm quite nice make upm but due to the cold weather, so choose to go to YC's shop to have free lunch and watch 怪谈. damn it, i don dare to go to toilet lo. shit.

baby, try your best in your last paper!

see, she is scooping the Chocolate
she said i look happy here.

Mayana. with 2 bowl of Si Ham.


click to enlarge if doubt on my skin =P



冷冷的, 望向窗外的秋千,

最进的我, 觉得越赖越不依赖他了.
我喜欢一早起床, 打扮好自己然后出门.

暂事的自我生活, 和之前的事件,

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

That girl is so dangerous, that girl is a bad girl...

Dilemma dilemma!!! darker or brighter or remain the same color!!!!!!!
talk about the hair, comment received that black or natural black or dark brown [include as dark color la ok] is not in a good side. muahaha. so means dark color is not suit me, because im not as fair as i used to be last time, due to the every week 12230 swimming session, its impossible for me to turn that fair anymore.
and i found another pic, which is surprise me again. teehhee.. have a look.

so this is the picture. and for sure i'm having my frindge short and the color still have to depends on what the stylist say , maybe the result turns out doesnt the same. =P


so since i'd started my holiday, of course i have to fully utilise it. the morning i drive alone to KL again to pay the fees for 3 siblings for their British Council class. and then i drive back again to pick up Miss Zling and Mr. Eng to 1u, to get something for baby's 1 year old niece. oh ya, im going to kuantan this friday. hehe.
so we spend most of the time to search what we can get. and Baby's stuff is not cheap at all please! 1 shirt also have to like hundred plus lo.. luckily we found a shop name Pepe with a cute teddy bear was having discount, and i got 2 lovely dress for Haley girl.

oh. tomorrow might be going to hair saloon.
full of plan. ops

Mr. Eng

moi. -___-

Miss Zling.

in Topshop. Eng said i look good in this. -_-
i still canot accept myself wearing this.


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Show me the money

I need money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money

a lot a lot of money!!

i need to get ink myself.
i need to dye and cut my hair.
i need to buy present, so much of present.
i need to splurge for my Korea trip.
i need to shop for my Chinese New Year outfit.
and i need to get another Hello Kitty mouse!

like right now!
i need money!

There will be an answer, let it be

I spent my day uselessly waiting for the youngest sister to finish her class at British Council, with my ipod on and magazine from UK. and i think i got some idea to with my hair after i really get crazy on no-dying no-cutting condition! as those who knows me personally, know i always play with my hair. teehhee.. cut and dye. especially trying different color is my favourite. but i never tried on perming and straightening before.
so when i flip on one of the magazine, my eyes was brighten in a sudden after look at the picture. I want to be like her!
ok la, just show you the picture la haha. don't feel so curious, but one thing that im worrying is not sure what color i want to try next, because if darker color, i might look childish, and brownish or goldish my beloved baby will keep teasing me as la-la mui. oh and my frindge too.

this is Rumer Willis, the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and of course her M.O.D (my other dad) is the hottie Ashton Kutcher!

hmmmm, i think i have the same length right now, and maybe just trim a little bit, and have my frindge short,and darker color. muahahah.

oh and a random stuff, me and baby were having little grocery shopping in carrefour like again, and i saw this can drink with funny name. maybe i was outdated or whatever la, but i really didn't see it before lo.
the name is Anything and Whatever.

Anything come with carbonated drinks, and Whatever is non-carbonated drinks, and it wrote there it was the mix of all kinda of tea, green tea lemon tea and yada, couldn't rmb because the Mr. Whatever is still inside my car. in addition, Mr. Anything doesn't taste weird at all.


Saturday, 15 November 2008

I want to feel your pain...

As before had stated, im not in a good condition at all. vomit and diarrhea is giving me a real hard time. and some other things too. i just want to be alone, relax and nothing hectic happen again.
and you know what? is it now the season of breaking up? or even fighting? i dont like this season ok? i totally hate it. i dont like everyone surround me were telling me the same problem, asking me question that i will never answer, because im having problem too!

sorry was being so outdated, i know i havent been uploading picutres in ages, such as Mr. Eng's convo, and yada yada. but what i can tell is just i didnt went anywhere special, no programe for me eventhough im in holiday now.

suddenly out of word. adios.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


我生病了, 突然其来的症状,



Sunday, 9 November 2008

感想. 20岁

这一天是一个百感交积的日字, 我参加了一位好朋友的毕业典礼, 也让我遇回了以前的好朋友,好久都没见了. 大家还是一样的搞笑,仿佛回到了以前上课的日子. 好想念那时候,不必为伸学而烦恼, 每天都可以和朋友见面,谈天说地.
他可是的了最佳学生,真是难以相信,也恭喜了. 还记得以前的我们谈论着, 可有前途吗? 但今天的的他,已经办到了!真的替他好高兴,也为他努力而值得.他当初的决定,真的改变了他的一生,让他踏进了人生的第一步.

和母亲的谈话,让我觉得自己真的很固执,突然间,觉得自己好恐怖. 为什么我可以让妈妈伤心,为什么我就不迁就她呢? 我知道她是为了我好,但是有些事情我真的不想自己骗自己, 可以办到的我一定会做, 做不到的我可能会尽力, 因为有些事情让我明白, 其实是不能随便答应的, 当你答应而做不到, 你会怎样看你自己? 别人也又怎样看你呢?

感想, 感想.
而你也好奇为什么人家想得到, 而你却不呢?
真的要有人提醒你, 告诉你, 你才知道要怎样做吗?
难到真的只能想到一半, 而踏不进那另一半吗?

20 岁, 不是花样年华,
懂得各方面角度想东西, 做决定的事候.
很多事情, 就在这个事候让你知道,
你的决定对了吗? 是你所想要的吗?

感想, 是多么的恐怖.
20 岁. 青春不留白.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

I think that your smile is very lovely

Don't worry, its not another emo post. teehee. i was glad that i had Finally finish my exam, however is quite worrying me because i did not do well. *ya i admit it here*
i'm still waiting for the answer for the Summer class, and i think i should have just drop by or phone to ask does it available for me.
i have finish my exam, but its the start for my baby. so, i guess i should spend more time on myself or with my friends. hey, anyone has good suggestion in this holiday? a visit to kuantan? or JB?
i wish i would have enough money to get ink myself, with perfect timing and guts. and also baby's christmas present. also alot alot of things to get! actually i had stop shopping, but i still dunno why i still can spend money.
i like to pampered myself with manicure, or hair wash, or coloring hair or massage. muahaha.

anyway, i woke up early today because with the early paper, and then drop by to baby's place to have brunch with him and his lovely dai lou.
after the meal, i was actually calling my belove fren for some catch up but seems like everyone were so busy. so end up i back home alone, while miss zling wanted to date me for movie, plus miss cheryl date me for a drink and phote session. you know what? BOTH I ALSO DIDNT MAKE IT. the movie is very early, and i don't feel like driving to Kota Damansara to meet Cheryl up. so i was home to think what to wear for tomorrow Mr.Eng's convo.

anyway, i did some edit and combine for my photo. and i get real bad comment from Miss Zling. -__- wanna have a look?

i personally like this. =)


Wednesday, 5 November 2008








Monday, 3 November 2008

Of update!

hey people. just ignore the previous post which is just some random shout out.
however what i want to share here is, before i had mentioned that i didnt make it to attend a Halloween Spooky party, and i had finally waited for the picture to post from Sharon sweetie.
this is the best dress up Halloween party that i had ever see! AWESOME everyone! really feel regret that i didnt attend lo....
clicky click here to view those SCARIEST PICTURE in the world.

to eng: you really freak me out. and you take your Chinese new year outfit as your ghost shirt. zha dou 99.

oh ya. i don understand why are those girls like to wear hairband with the two strip of hair infront?
i think there still have tons of way of wearing hairband which is way too nicer and why is this 2 pek of hair in front?? like zhou dai hei? dok dok dok chiang? or gossip girl?
not enough descriptive?
hhmm is after tied up the hair with a hairband as accessories, like a princess, however 2stip of hair wil not tied up together. like purposely pull out the hair. halo, people can see whether it is natural drop out or purposely pull out that you think is chio lo.
or without tie up hair just a hairband and the hairband is in the middle of the head.
screw me if dont like what i say. i have freedom of speech and i didnt mention anyone. =P

*comment is allowed for both topic!*

the picture is courtesy by Sharonbee. [ hey girl, i gai xiu your blog ler, you know what to do la! ask eng arrange us for a date!]

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Just like a star across my eyes

What another useless day, i really wanna to fully concentrate on my revision, but due to the renovation of opposite house, and i dunno what the hell are they screwing! banging! for the whole day.
so me and miss zling plan to have a study day at Coffee Bean. frankly i do make some study, but i think she is day dreaming the whole day because she just fall in love. haha. ok she is basically wasting her time there thinking and talking with me, and of course sleeping, but i don want to talk to her.
Suddenly i have the urge to spend money! like on hair or nail. *please kill me as i said*
so we pack our stuff and went to a nail spa that we used to be. and i have my manicure and nail art on toe, because i just changed my nail color last night!

Hey, is HALLOWEEN today! i was invited to a halloween party but i doesnt feel like dressing up with costume, and parent were out for movie. so i have to stay at home.

feel like seeing my baby now.


after 2 hours..

guess who i bump into? Chui Ling? does anyone has idea who is she?
if dunno then just ignore it la.
she was with her Astro working tag in front and walk in to Coffee Bean to have a sip with cold water and rushing after purchased her bevarages. weird.
she was just in front of me.

she was choosing her nail color.
dor dor lan yea.

her manicurist is kinda cute, he way to describing the color is like "something color you step on mud" or " a very bitchy red".

my nail art of the day. not sure whether is sunflower or what flower, i was the one who ask her to use different color based on my good sense of color. muahahha.