Wednesday, 16 December 2009

For her..

I'm sorry, is like another continuous post... because today is a mundane day which i just came back have lunch with the bff and everyone else is working. scroll up and down for my phone contact and at last i chose to go back home before the rain starts.
maybe a little photo of my life :)

Hard Rock t-shirt anyone :)
daddy wants us to buy because he thinks that the quality of the shirt is good - stretchable, like no matter how many times you wash it will still like the new one. and it has great designs! i hope my bedazzled won't drop off.

i saw this luggage at isetan. i took the picture wanted to show my big M because i love the print soooooo muchhhhh!
but after i asked, the size does not fit the standard hand carry because is too bulky compare to the others.. nvm, i can still pick some of the design, maybe with more striking color XD
imagine i'm carry a very sharp color hand carry and walking at the airport.

ok, next wish list. dkny tote.. the small one. you see, i spent most of my time looking at bags.

the ringer of festive seasons!! i love their designs!
and i ask them to wrap everything. EVERYTHING i bought. haha.
but the atmosphere is a bit dull compare to Singapore shopping centre because sg always has the longest queue at wrapping counter......

Dome with the aunty. 2 scones and 2 Latte.
Luckily i can still catch some sleep after tiny little caffaine consume.

of a little update..

Couldn't blame me for not posting anything in this dead blog, because like i say, i'm being so free and enjoying, literally.
no no no, i'm not purposely saying here or showing off that i'm happy, HAPPY. but i really am.
it's like the very first time being so free, that you do not need to worry about barrier, not doing this and that, no funny nail colors, thinking of what to wear so that can match him and so on.
that's the good side of being so because i always have my friends and especially the family.

Penang trip's photo and so on. i posted on facebook, so just click there and leave some comment. LOL.
i will find someday to post it here.
nope, i'm not gonna abandon this blog, because is the space that all i wanted to say and write and whine. of course. haha.
i have no energy to whine, because i spent all my energy meeting up friends, chilling at home with xoxo, You Know You Love Me, painting nails, shopping, planning what's gonna wear for next trip.
yea, Pulau Sipadan for next trip, and Christmas shopping at Singapore. you see, i did not lie..

well, update a little bit of myself.
so unexpectedly i got a really good grade for this semester. i have to thanks to a lot of people, especially joojoo, beverly, and rania and etc.. oh! and khairie. without you guys, i won't have good grade. you see, i spent most of my time studying and chilling at schools with them on that 'particular-cooling-down-period' haha.

so so, well just wait for another astonishing news from me ok? :)
i can't wait. haha.

if you notice it, i'd done my eyebrow embroidary. haha. my very first time putting needle on my face instead of arm or ass.
what should i say? what do you guys want to know about how does it feel?
the truth is..
i did not scared you.
it's really painfull. but.. it turns out really good and i'm really satisfy with it. haha.

that's basically all.
i might have no time to update, maybe a short post or what until i come back from singapore.
oh ya, who wanna date me on New Year? :P
it would be really really great!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Of notification

sorry for the missing in action for so long. i did not do it intently hehe but really because i have no time. hehe XD
i will upload those picture, from another visit to Penang without under parent's guidance, bazaar with the partner and so much more. stay tune.

please stay with me k? hehe.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Shooo away!

Sometimes, i feel myself wake up in a cheering mood. Other times, i find myself wake up in a down mood.
it's just up and down up and down.
actually there's a lot of things that can distract me,but i know i will still have to overcome myself.
is not that i haven't let go, or i don't want to move on.
just things does not turn out like how we want.

In fact, i know how capable i am. :)

my new decorate handphone pouch.
i used the leopard print Fabric Reform sticker to stick on the pouch. and cut accordingly.

leopard print shopping bag :)
me likey.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Throw your summons away!

Whenever i collect letter from my house letter box, almost every once a month i will see an envelope with my mother's name attached and sent by the Local government (Bandaraya). and of course i know, my brother received another summons again from them. what happen?
i think those who study in Taylor college will always have the problem.


either you have to go to school very 7 early to get parking, or you just have to park at the road side, risking your car might be scratch by someone or your side mirror will drop off. so sad right?
oh ya, you have to keep update your parking ticket.
that doesn't happen in sunway college and monash :P

But after tomorrow, whenever you received letter/summons from the local government, YOU CAN JUST THROW THE PAPER AWAY AND DON'T BOTHER.


if you don't believe, please read newspaper.
not khai yuin say can do double parking, but is now under High Court Institution.

SO, what you waiting for?
just park whenever you want, at your own risk.
of course, the best way to solve the parking problem is right down your phone number and put on your desk board, so that people can call you.
don't be so inconsiderate although sometimes we really couldn't find any parking.
or else you want to let people hornnnnnnnnnn then i don't care la..

just can't blame sometimes we really can't find any parking.

sources : The Star Online

Friday, 20 November 2009

Of updating..

Can anyone teach me all this camera function? like shutter speed or exposure or whatver is that?
even though i'm just using this digital cam and i slowly like using manual mood :P
but the effect is a bit blurish and bit dull, forgive me that. i will improve myself with nicer exposure.

oh ya, it's been raining almost everyday. it's cooling and i love the feeling so much. staying at home downloading and watching drama.
updating myself haha. it's nice staying in my comfort zone.

i watched 2012. i wanna watch Astro Boy, Christmas Carol, The Princess and the Frog. maybe meatball. what else? and and Time Traveler's WIfe.
who said single cannot watch romance?? i just loveeeeeeeeee romance...

I'm having a good life here :)
ps. i look like shin chan now. due to the eyebrow embroidery. and you know what?? the shape is really nice but they make my it not balance. F@#$
i need to wait the skin peels off and go back touch up after 1 month. 1 MONTH.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Of penang gateway..

Well you see, from the previous post or fb status, i really need an escape out of this town that i've been stucking for so long time.
i need to relax my mind with all the nonsense and make myself chill with the beach and sun and trees. i just need that.

and so, beach is really a good choice for me especially i love the sun and wind blowing towards me. i feel all my sadness had blew and taken away by the wind. the feeling it's just nice. :)

2D1N Penang Hard Rock gateway. the reason that this trip is a bit rush like we all the way from kl go to penang just for a night is like seriously, Hard Rock is so crowded and fully booked that we couldn't get any extension.
alot of KL-ian just to go there to experience the hotel. same like we do.

enjoy the pictures and the interior design. if you do not know, Hard Rock was formally name Casuarina.
not much renovation has taken, just some of the signature idol like The Beatles, BeeGees, Micheal Jackson statue and etc..

"Big" foot
Align Center

The Beatles

Costume replica

Beach view room.

i know i have weird expression here.

mummy with pictures collection

The Beatles again

Lil' Rock - Kids room

The Beatles again..

Horse riding, while the elders one (like me) have this Wave runner,
the result of riding too much of wave runner = muscle pain and sunburn.

purple lighbulb.
guess what, the whole hotel theme is Purple!
my favourite color - the slides, the towel and even the hand tag.

this is the hand tag. is compulsory for every visiter when you register for towel. the purpose of doing this is to easier to recognise the hotel guest and strictly no intruders.
security guard and uniform guard (rela) is everywhere.
i feel like staying at a terrorist area (kidding)