Sunday, 25 January 2009

Of chickadee chick

I think i'm in very boring condition now because i have to wait to pick up the aunt at just traveled back from Vietnam. i start thinking that i myself is a bit out of mine, goshh i have posted like everyday.

when i was in the mall with the dad and bro, i met the guy that i used to like in my secondary school. it was so lucky that he can't even recognize me with my geek glass on. he has a lot of pimples on his face, and i think our status has been different. don't blame me if i'm being cruel here, i was just telling the truth.

Let's talk bout something more cheerful.
there was a hen started to laying eggs at this flower pot which is beside my wet kitchen basin. so we used to wash our plates everynight at this place. my mum was so excite about it. together with a neighbour. both of them were talking about the hen everytime when they meet. so... as my mum counted, to hatch the chicken, it needs 20 days. and by the 18th something days, we were actually back from Korea and Langkawi. and then my mum sacrifice the basin, to let the hen to continue to hatch the eggs, we have to drive all along to grandpa's shop to have our dinner.

so one day, the neighbours was keep calling and calling telling my mum that the eggs has hatch. 6 little chicks. but 1 is too weak. my neighbour tried her very best to chase the hen, because it was so so fierce. and her daughter to rescue the chick. we are doing this because we thinks that the chick will be eaten by the wild dogs or will drop into the drain.

5 little chicks were in a box. and my mum, my aunt and my grandma were so excited. they even speak like just having a baby. -_______-
they bought so many typs of food to them. water. heat. worms. sheild.

ok, so another day. me and the neighbour's daughter was offering to rescue the 1 last chick that stay beside the hen. we tried so hard. and the very first time i catch the small little chick. is real soft and tiny. ok, i was having gooose bump when i catch the chick. i'm not afraid of snake but i'm afraid of something real small. yet i still have to catch it.

this is the climax that i want to share. i put this little chick at my kitchen, yet the chick is erm 'chickeling' (what does it call?) to find the mum. and the mum is also cookoo-ing the baby and try her best to get into my doors and window!
so i close the window and shift this chick to my living room. and the hen was following the 'chickeling' sound from the chick.
ok motherly love.

so i bring this chick to the shop, and i feel like i'm fetching a dog (or a pet).

then my mum tell me to exchange another 1 which doesn't want to eat at all. so i bring back the weaker one back home

i didnt see the hen's existence.

me and the fren were keep searching the hen. when the moment i put down this chick, with 3 times of 'chickeling'. the mother fly out from the bush. ok, is fly. literraly flying to my house compound. both of us were screaming plus escaping.

a moment later. the sky pour rain. the hen didn't know where to go, and my dad was yelling at me asking me to rescue the chick. oh gossh.
the brother were using the unbrella to chase the hen, and i grab the chick and put it into the basin. then standing a side to wait for the hen to find the chick. both of them are safe.

another then. my family were leaving to somewhere for few days. and the basin has no water supply. my mum ask me to put some water and food for them. the hen can fly, but the chick can't. what i want to say here is, is my mum who wanted to keep the chicken, is not me. but seems like i'm doing most of the things. and risking my life! you seriously can't imagine how fierce is the hen. and very strong!

i'm sure ppl wil wondering what had happen with the hen and the chick now.
we thought of 1 chick is easier for the hen to handle. but the truth is. the chick has gone. and i see the hen was gathering with the cock.
the rest of the chick is very fine now. and has grown bigger.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Of a hi and a bye

I finally get to wash my apple green Longchamp
is like so so so much dirty than i thought. i wanted to bring it to the Times Square there for the professional to wash, because what i'm afraid that they bag will be having 'bubble' for the carelessly if wash by myself.
but i really have no time. i was busy helping him to clean his house.

i watched Bedtime Stories, i watched Underworld 3.

i got the 3rd book of the Shopaholic's confession - Ties the knot. fyi. the confession of a shopaholic is gonna shown on movie. yeah.

is anyone working at genting? can help me to buy movie ticket???
dad said we gonna stay at genting for 3 days and 2 nights. not 2 days and 1 nights. is 3 days. and i dunno what we wanna do. everyone said is really not that worth if we go themepark. so themepark is out.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Love and Kisses from Juicy

CNY is coming like so fast.

i was busy helping the bf to shift the house, driving the big Triton from kepong to subang then to puchong and then to cyberjaya. i'm proud of myself because i can drive big car. muahaha.

you know what. i spend alot. and i dunno where the hell all the money go. i didnt buy anything, except for the Juicy, but i stil think i spend alot. with foods.

i got my new mani and pedi place which i can do alot of art with just very very good price! muahaha.
jeasy asked me why am i choosing Hot red for pedi, i said "chinese new year ma". then she ask me what art i want to do, i said "you can draw whatver you like, but not fire cracker please"-____-
then she draw me roses for pedi, and pink with glitter top.
i feel like i'm getting paint for being a bride.

i guess i have my CNY shopping. and i'm waiting for my ang pao to come come come.

Juicy time!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The first family reunion

Nic: are you free tomorrow night?
Khai Yuin: why?
Nic: wanna ask your family for dinner. must ask david k.
Khai Yuin: oh? at where?
Nic: KL Hilton, 7.30. 8 person right.

so a small family reunion with the dad's side aunt family to celebrate cousin's sis 18th birthday. i was wondering why is she insisted the bf must come, because her bf was invited as well. lol.

outfit of the day - topshop white T, high waist belt from Little Dress Room, black high waist skirt, curly hair with black and white polka dots headband, yellow cardigan from Gap.

the very cool walk way of Le Meridien.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Of complaints

I'm done.
I'm done with my work. free from pain and numerous of cookies ball in front of me.
but i don't get paid anymore. i don't get any 50 bucks per day anymore. i don't get to eat nice food anymore and i shall back to my normal routine which is brunch and dinner. that is why i became smaller and smaller.

i'm still in holiday now. people please don't ask me about how was my school. and how are you. lol. i wil just answering i'm fine eventhough i'm really not fine. oh well, i want to go to school, but i don't want to go to school.
go to school because better than nothing else i can do besides working and going out everynight until i abandoned my housechores and the big M make so much noise. still, i dont want because i'm gonna be in an even more tough year with tons of assignment which i don't think i wil understand. oh fuck.

we had started planning about things in Australia. searching the best place for both of us, staying together, getting a car (shall we?), adapting and etc. from the bottom of my heart, i still love malaysia alot. but not the very high crime rate and asshole taxi driver.

hey, i don't really know what is the purpose of blogging.
sharing information? shout out? showing off? or expressing?
and some people had really fully utilise the use of blog.
he said that i have so much complaint in the blog. i thought this was the place to post what we INTEND to show to other people?
you shall post your unwillingness in the blog (if you're really famous with high hit) and tell the world what is wrong with it, and then you wil get attention without any doubt.

he was sending me to work one day, when he sent me home last night and slept at my place. i left my Smart tag in the car so we have to wait for the Touch n Go to operate. but it was just 1 TnG gate. so everycar were basically cutting queue.
one of this car were keep pressing horn, and i was kinda piss that he is cutting queue plus he still being the jerk of hornting ppl to let him get through. going to the bf's turn he had whined down the window to "beep" the machine (coincidently his tattoo is on this right arm), plus not letting the car pass through, because we think that he is rude.
we had make misunderstand on him.
he horned while he was looking at the bf and pointing to another TnG gate which has been close down.
the bf said "this guy is more suitable to stay in US or others freedom of speech countries. what the hell are you closing down in the early morning while everyone were rushing to work. get the ass up if is really machinery problem."
so this was what happening in my last day of work.
[ i was teasing at him that his tattoo will be useless if he was driving a left handed car, which we start arguing about commowealth countries is on right handed]

people, i don't go club.
i don't clubbing as often as other ppl does.
i even can write down when is the time that i went to a club.
first time, the bf's birthday on June, 2007.
then, merderka celebration on August 2007.
then twice in After Seven , Kuantan on November 2008.
then, Phuture @ Zouk on 1st of Jan, 2009.
then, 20 min in MOS, yesterday.
do i still count as a 'clubber'? stop asking me that how was my 'naughty and party' night.
i drink, at lounge or bar or at home, i dance when i really go to club. but i DO NOT go that often. please.

i don't get it why is that Taiwanese host call herself in a weird english name like [Party] or i dunno what else. "let's follow me Party to get yourself pampered in this spa bla bla bla.." and she thinks that she is so god damn cool with her chio name.

Langkawi, Xmas 2008.

Ok, i'll go with Langkawi first.

The USSR restaurant
Russian restaurant that located at Telaga Harbour Park.

the nice yatch view at telaga Harbour Park

after a very nice and special home russian food, we went to this tallest (or second tallest) mountain in Langkawi with a very high tech cable car.

very nice sunset

Day 2 - on the way to get up to our private boat for island hopping.

Beras Basah Beach

Dayang Bunting

this is the island that we have our bbq lunch.
with very fresh steam fish just caught not long ago, and very juicy and tasty bbq crab.
with bottomless BEeeer!

Day 2 - after the island hopping.
we went to this place with Crystal making process, and selling real cheap crystal!
normally a bowl cost like 700bucks in town although is on sales,
but here is just only hundred bucks!

the ingredient that needed for making crystal.

the famous signature of Langkawi

actualy, most of the thing we done in this trip is shopping. one of my aunt were intended to get very cheap and imported bowl for her new decorating house. of course with all the crystal decoration. well, everyone will be talking about the very cheap liquor. my favourite Budweishers just cost 5bucks per bottle. and kampai as well. i got the mini collection of Chivas, Black label and Martell with just around 6 bucks perbottle.
oh ya 1 more thing, there is a very big Al Ikhsan outlet store, the guys were finally cheer up with all the sport shoes and sport equipment.

coming up next - Korea 2008. ( when i'm free teehee )