Saturday, 28 February 2009

As a result..

I didn't get anything today. only a sandle. i want to buy a bag.

Visit Stewart's Garden, with lots of handmade juicy lamp.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Quite a long time..

It's been quite a long time i last watched a sad movie which makes me tears. the bf telling me that i might be not watching it, because he thought that i would think its a bit draggy for this movie. oh ya, is 7 Pounds by Will Smith.
so i watched it because i damn kia su with this Oscar nominated movie. i force myself to watch it with the boring beginning. then i didnt expect the ending would be like that.
typical artistic Oscar kinda movie.

my heart was panting with some strange feeling. is like worrying, but when i think deep down, i didn't know what is the reason that makes me feel worry.

oh, as anyone sees, i wanna be a bitch for 1 day. i wanna get out i wanna splurge. i wanna get my new toy after i've been stoping myself not to spend any money for so long. i wanna get the real feeling of picking up stuff, then pay and get my shopping bags around.
i don't wanna sit around facing the screen and then pick something that is untouchable. that doesn't feel good isn't it.
let's splurge tomorrow! on the last week of my holiday.
and yes, i start school next week.
i can see people again.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Of driving nuts

All these software virus this and that were driving me nuts.
i decided to reformat it, of course the pictures and document are important enough to have their very own space in my hard disc.
i downloaded a superb new messenger which get me nuts again, i couldn't see any window if that useless box is in the front page.
and why are the heck of dialling broadband thingy keep coming out when i'm using the wireless, obviously.
the file downloading is forever never move.
why is everything are so in disorder with that ugly xp theme.

everything is just driving me Nuts.
i have to take 1 hour to put this damn fake eyelash on.
is not a good thing to tell here.

i never been swimming like a month.
and i want to swim. i feel so heavy with the whole damn body, laying around on the bed, with junk food and can drinks everyday.

i have so much dissatisfaction.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Theres a fire within my soul

Movie has become a part of my life. i watched 2 movies every single night before i got into bed. old school love stories or action movies or japan anime, whatever it is. it was the only thing i could doat the late night without going anywhere, and to enjoy my supper at this calm and peaceful moment.

I wonder why i stil can spent so much money without steping out home. i think is the partner in crime's fault. we went to this foot massage, went to mall, chilling out just like those rich girls with alot alot money and time. and then back home again to do our housechores. this is how our life been doing.
like finally schools start next week.

can someone tell me how to stick this fake eyelash? should i stick on my eyelid or on the eyelash? i should have practice since now because i know i'm gonna make it worst at the last min.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Of solution

Klcc Harrods just a small little shop selling the good standard of food. I think you know what i mean. =)
" Harrods Food Hall" haha.
'Shopaholic' keep mentioning right?
no boutique no cloth, just selling these chocolate or jam or this shopping bag. but this shopping bag is so cute omg with that bear.

this solution - since everyone were so caution with this taxi driver. i have 1 solution that i think if might help, although i never really took a taxi.
once get into this cab, take a look at the driving license of this driver, including the car plat number and the name.
dial your family member, or your bf or your colleague, don't just sms them (this is the old way, they seems might not realize with the message that you sent). try to call them and say out loud. eg : love, i got into cab already, the car plat number is ABC 1234 and the driver name is XXX, iwil there around 15 minutes k?
then the driver wil notice that his record with someone and might not doing some guilty.
but remember, must Say Out Loud, let him hear what you talking about.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Of repuitation

the day i said about the dining at the certain spot, the next day the bf brought me to this japanese buffet. sound really ironic to me. i didnt say that i wont wanna give a try or dine at this each place. its just we don't really have to realy be on the 'trend' right.

we were there at 930pm because of we came all the way from puchong to this place. last order is at 10 and it close on 1030. i sat down for 2 sec then we started to get things that we want, from teriyaki til pasta to dessert.

i actualy did finish it, on my own. with 1 coconut juice and kiwi juice and 1 cream of mushroom.
with each bite of every dessert, from tiramisu to strawberry jelly, choc moouse and peanut muachi.

i keep repeating getting my toe nail painted, and rubbed it away. in fact i already got my pedicure apointment on next week which i just need to have my toe nail nude for few days. but i stil paint it and rub it again. for whole days.

i realized, no matter how long or how short you know a person, a friend or a relatives, even your family members, we would never know what the heck of their mind is thinking. you think you know them long enough, but the truth is not. even just a little misunderstand, or a lebih person saying crap shit, things wouldn't go on how you expecting.

so yea, just be carefull on what came out from your mouth.

my proper red dress is here already, all the way from uk. together with something i wouldn't expected i wil get it, of course things with not selling here at all.

alright, everyone has left to this country start with an A.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Fly far far away..

The same things is happen again and again. i'm so tired with it and i really don't want to tell what had i done to the house. i was kinda piss that the father is doubting me and saying i'm lazy. yes! i am. but i won't be ignoring it like nothing happen ok. i do things with me own and i do know what i'm doing. screw it.
i keep saying i don't care but now i'm pissing off with what the shit is going on.

Harrods is opening soon in klcc. so does Nichi in 1u or klcc? i can't remember. what i'm craving now is to go Kinokuniya to get my 5th 'Shophaholic' book. Kinokuniya is cheaper than Borders. i'm done with my boring life now.
everyone seems so enjoy their schooling.

I wonder why that people just have to follow the trend? as in going to a place. or dining at 'some' place. the routine is like Yogoxx once a hits, and then the special Full hoxxx and now of course the cheaper version of Yogoxx, Tenxx. i'm seriously never been to this 3 place before. and i was kinda proud of myself that i haven't been before, not saying that i Would Not want to go. do you give credit to yourself if you been there before? I would more prefer unique.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentino's valentine

看见一对对的情侣们, 穿得好漂亮,
笑容挂在脸上, 牵着手,

朋友们, 我们很好.
不用担心, =)


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Summer ends

Summer gonna end soon, i mean australia summer. means i'm gonna start my school like in a month more. and is a tough year.

i think i'm not gonna have Vday celebration this year. the bf have to back to the hometown for some reason.
i can handle it myself well, isn't it? i guess i wil make myself think that it would be crowded.. expensive and bla bla bla right?
the things that really excite me is i doesn't need to think any venue for dinning and the Vday present. i already got him the things that i really like and i think is so so much worth it.

anyway i hate the dad staying at home ordering me do things that he is actualy going to do. but hell, is fucking far from my place and i can imagine i need to wait and wait for the number to get my turn. plus, his mouth is keep saying that he is busy! which he is going out to have a very nice tea time with my mum! oh fuck.
as i said, the father want me to go to pay the bill. i walked in the press the number, it was 13xx, guess what is my number? 15xx. so i walked out and plan to get a bottle of water and magazine cox i thought that i wil be there quite a long time. an uncle pass me a number with 14xx. i was smiling and so grateful to him. then, when i walked back to the place again, the same man pass me another sheet of paper with even more front, like after 15 of my turn. i was so happy and sit there to wait for my turn.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Huahaha muahaha

Death bored. bored bored bored and bored. i watched bimbo-ish movie, i read bimbo-ish novel.
and i shop like a bimbo! muahahahahhahahahahhaha.
are you thinking what i'm thinking Mon? :D
can't wait our outfit fly back here!!~ woohoooo.
im a nerd!i'm a nerd!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

25 things.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. as you can see i'm really boring at here, i have few post within one day. my fingers are itchy and i want to type something.

2. my mind is keep thinking about the new dress that me and the crew (Monica and Pui yoke and Queenie and Cheryl ) had been chose. the two almost-similiar red dress for dinner.

3. i Don't like Mint. i can't stand anything with mint. peppermint spearmint or whatever mint. i stil use fruit flavour toothpaste.

4. i will only order leong sui ice/ barley ice/ or tea-o-ice/ apple/ orange/ ice peach tea when dine outside. and 100 plus.

5. i like to chew. something salty and spicy.

6. i actually like aginomoto

7. i used to yell to everyone that i know, close with me. and i dunno why.

8. i wil plan things before head to make sure i have extra time to dress up myself + to reach the place on time. I'm quite punctual.

9. i will keep persuading myself not to expect so much things, when the truth is i do expect a little bit.

10. i have to have supper before i sleep.

11. i shit every morning. and i think because of that i have a very nice skin.

12. I have a lot of heels and dress. but i only wear pump and jeans and shorts.

13. i hate ppl copying me like exactly how i wear. but i always get inspired by everyone when i walk in the mall. like how they dress up special with the things i have as well.

14. i read mandarin and english love novel.

15. i only read entertaintment and novel section everyday on newspaper

16. coincidently i will only apply purple and red ( like all kinda of purple and red) on pedi.

17. i do eat alot, like a lot. and i don't give a damn about my weight. i have high metabolisme. and i'm still very skinny.

18. i only chose solid color when i go to pedi mani service. because i think that the shimering 1 i can apply myself without any proffesional skill.

19. i like to crap with those i know for quite a long time. but i dont like to talk with those i just knew.

20. i'm superb selfish. yes i admit.

21. i'm lazy.

22. i'm good in baking muffin and cookies. and pineapple tarts and murruku.

23. i have 2 phone, 2 different numbers. but the bill for the main phone is still burst.

24. i like to shop alone. and i always can get things when i shop alone.

25. my sudden urging to dress up nicely mood on when i realy have idea on what the dress. i will just a grab a shirt and a jeans if the mood has over.

ps. Mon, i do this especially for you <3

Saturday, 7 February 2009


闷热的下午, 呆在家做了我觉得我应该做的家务.
父母觉得我懒惰, 身为最大的为什么都不会帮家里做点东西.
做的时候他看不到, 做完了没看到就说我只会坐在电脑前. 真的不懂怎样才好.
每天下午都只好乖乖坐在家, 让他用嘴巴来分付我做事.

父母不出声, 但关心我的他终于开口了.
我说啊,平时父母都知道我和他一起, 所以都比较放心.
对不起啦, 我也是比较贪玩, 但是我也会知道分寸咯.

也不懂有谁会读, 算了吧,
就做我自己喜欢做的事, 我开心就可以了, 管他的.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Of boringness

ok la i 1 shot upload all the new year pictures. muahaha.

Chor 1 - Ah ma's house. preparing to go Tampin pai nian.

the cousin bro and cousin sis

at daddy's water chalet
we were like wanna take picture with the 'celebrity'
and he keep saying that he is the spoke person for AX.

Chor 2 night - Melacca Jonker street
with the cousin sis and baby sis

ok, here i wanna say one thing. cars has been allow to drive through all along the jonker walk since i dunno when, i still remember it doesn't happened last year. which i quite mad because the safety of tourist has been harm. we like have to be caution while walking on the street, and all the stalls has been move upward at those corridor.

a place which a malay singer together with her band sing free songs.

Chor 3 - first day at Genting.

Steamboat for dinner.

and Starbuck AGAIN for late yam cha.

Chor 4 - day 2 at Genting.
the aunt and uncle from Australia.


Chor 5 night - after came down from Genting. heading to mother side grandparent's annual dinner.

cousin sister from Aus.

two of my aunty

grandma and aunt from dad's side

to be continue..

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Of chilly chill chill

A sudden urge to going out with friends after like 3 days stuck inside the house. besides the pai ting gong at friend's crib.
had a last minute appointment with Queenie, the girl that just came back from Aus while she was gonna leaving soon.
so she pick up a place at jalan Tun Razak for Delicious which i never been before. :D
nice ambience, big portion of food, and so many ang moh during the lunch time.