Sunday, 29 March 2009







Friday, 27 March 2009

And when i love you, i will let you know as well

This gonna be like picture post. all kinds of picture. with stories following. wtf.
making myself sound like a very good story teller.
i become damn vain, i realized that.

This is my new friend.
Mia/ Amelia.
from teluk intan or some teluk place.

We have this boring 1hour break.
I love Monash auditorium sound system. wtf.
she figured out something last few weeks. she put her ipod earphone near the mich, and then we got this nice and clear song from the speakers.

I played old and sentimental song.
and this woman sudddenly said : i was actually wanna become a radio dj or something like that. and she walked down.

she did sound like a radio dj, serious.

coming post.
girls or guys, if you are admitted you're so up to date. i would say, fuck it.
you never see something like this in your real life, so don't pretend that you're so "IT".

Toys for girls.
" If woman doesn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning"
i love this quote. just wrote it in the front of the cover.

see this lovely Pink and Comfortable Washing Machine

This lovely Swarovski Chest set.

M.A.C Barbie makeup set.
Glitterly mascard and Hair dryer

This is so mad.
Pink Working Tool.
I bet the girls will so enjoying.

You think your house Yamaha, Kawaii so cool?
look at this first.
Swarovski Piano Set

Your iPhone or Blackberry is not the best phone in the world ok?
Vertu Pink leather and Diamond edition.

I'm sure you all know this.

This as well

Wooden PC Set.
fuck, so damn glamorous

Hello Kitty Pink Bicycle

Diamonted Harley Davidson - Berverly Hills

Swarosvki Pepperspray

Diamonted Handcufts.
i didn't take the picture of pink Vibrator.

Louis Vuiton walking Wardrobe

Christian Dior Diamated Sunglass

Piuget Diamond watch.

open your eyes ladies and gentlemen.
there is whole lot more in this thick book.
now only you know what is the Top of the world.
stop making yourself like a spoilt brat or a fashion guru that you think you're so good in fashion sense

When you love me, you should let me know

My fake lifestyle. wtf
i was studying. seriously.
but rain pouring soon. so i back home.
i manage to study 2 chapters.
i think is successful.

ignore my ugly leg.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The confussion start with A..

la la la..
Assignment. wtf. i have to organize my time table so well, being the true procrastinating, to get that shit done on time.
luckily, 1 was due after my mid term break.

i like my nail painted in dark color, recently.
but not black.
brown, all kinds of brown.

its raining in the midnight.
a very good reason to sleep early, and wake up early tomorrow.
fuck, i have so much readings.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Of retrospectively

This blog is going to be 2 years old in 3 more months.

i still remember the thing that i blog about at the very beginning is the birthday celebration with him.
the new and fresh moment that we spent together.

also, i seeing the differences that how i used to blog last time, compare to now.

this is a very important page in my heart.

just like benjamin button. he wrote down all his passes, experience and life in to this very old red book.
i will write down anything that i feel to write,
in this blog,
and forever remember it, about how i used to behave, in the pass.

i'm a retrospective person.
i like to look back to the past.
note down everything that i think is precious,
by reminding myself how important is that feeling,
even with just a sentence, a word or a smile.

i feel myself getting older le.

everything is gonna be different.
we all know it by our heart.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Of i woke up late..

This is my desktop wallpaper.
so vain.
I think ppl wil say i love him so much.
i might actualy put Hello Kitty so that can match with my keyboard and mouse and mouse pad.

My Ipod Nano is alive again!
brother bought an ipod shuffle, he said after school holiday end, the PSP will be back to its home sweet home then he no longer can listen to music.
he has this big headset, which is realy cool. so i ask him to give me the earphone which original price is Rm119. blahss..
he gave me and i'm a happy girl again.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Of nonses rhymes ..

My Fairlady update update.

la la la. buy buy buy..
i'm happy with my hair again and i'm a happy girl again!

oh ya, please switch off your light at 8.30pm- 9.30pm on 28th March! is the Earth Hour! if you didnt do it, people will start thinking that you are not environmental Friendly , and You're not Cool enough to UP to date!! boooo...

Right after the first time i have this fake eyelashes on, I'm addicted on it already. i bought like 3 different set within 2 days. actualy i'm not quite sure when i'll be wearing it, but this fake eyelashes are looking so cool, laying in the case, just like a girl closing her eye gently falling asleep.

Black or brown? black or brown?

Happy 1 year and 10 months anniversary


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A new life a'head'

I got my new haircut. everyone has their new haircut as well.
i think i doesn't look different with the passed of myself. but i love my new haircut! only if i can style it perfectly like how the stylist style it for me.
i've been so tiring of everyday curling the hair before going out, have to roots like dry grass hanging on my head.
Replacement big NO no. but is opposite, blahss.
Shawn Cutler. a very confident young man. lol.
he kept saying that he is very good in styling hair, which is truth. and asking us to go Kl fashion week?
because he is in charging with the hairdo. no wonder.

msn always no ppl chatting with me. i'm now in the so bore condition looking the bf sleeping behind me, scrolling again and again who is on the line. i might as well just add random ppl?

i got this boring autobiography waiting for me to read, have this assignment waiting for me to do. but i don't feel like doing anything now with this Hot and Cold weather.

hello. My Fairlady has update. please go and check it out.

ok, when you realy want to get something really cheap, i would suggest that go those flea market or bazzar, if you're not those who Must fancy Branded stuff.
i have to say, i'm not doing any advertisement here.
Pick and grab is realy a cool idea, but ironically it was so hot at that place.
vintage, pre-loved of brand new stuff were selling. i look buying accessories at there. is much more cheaper compare to F21, but i stil buy F21 lol.
i bought this lovely vest with 20 bucks, which i was actualy eyeing on the Warehouse, but 159.
highwaist skirt with 25bucks, that i kinda regret to buy it because i forgot that i have the same 1 in the wardrobe.
some random top only for 15 and earring with 10 bucks.

tell me tell me, dat da lat dat tell me..
Korean version of what is that call, 'Brothers in Flower'? something like that, is so nice.
guys are cute. weeee..
i want nobody nobody but you.. lol

ok, just slap me.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's crazy how we lost ourselves tonight.

note: I'm not sure whether is Bimbo version or not. haha. but my bf is really cute. wtf.

i didn't update. but i do have alot to post up, and i will just post up randomly with the mood i have.
i think someone wil be wondering, where shall i get to dress with the red dress. and now i wanna post up the occasion.

is baby's eldest sister's wedding. at Concord hotel. I'm not going down kuantan, i guess most of her friends is at here.
i was made it to put on the fake eyelashes but the second tried haha, because i've been watching alot 'how to put on fake eyelashes' on Youtube. the eyelashes is long enough to shelter my face.

he didn't get himself a red tie or red shirt to match me up.

sneak peak. i haven't been transfer those picture from camera.
why is this red dress so special that make me wanna buy it, all the way from UK. just scroll down.

special thanks too:
makeup - bobbi brown, its Free. 180bucks purchase for free makeover.
hair - 2 ways braid, Miss Zling.
Big bow black Satin Clutch - Mon babe, bid from Ebay.
red backless bustle prom dress - asos. mon again.
black peep toe stilitos - my own
circle gold necklace + gold bracelet - present from Miss pooi yee.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Of human nature

I have serious backache this few days. the bf and the mummy say i have old ppl's body. lol.
like benjamin button. haha.
i have to have this acupuncture everyday, because i wanna wear heels.
i can't swimming, i have to walk slowly.
i have to stop my favourite cold drinks.
i have to start drinking this milk powder. i can't even drink any Hot milk.
can i add 1 spoonful of choco?

this is the first time that i've been seeing ice raining. its just happen in a sudden, a heavy rain falls. we heard this tok tok tok sound.
i always heard mummy talk about how young she saw it at the first time and now finally is my turn.
but grandma said will have 10 years of bad luck.
i don't think people will belive from the pictures that i took. its just like a normal raining picture,
and another with 1 ice cube on the floor.
i think it more looks like i purposely drop this ice water on the floor.

school starts another week. i always can't wake up at time,
plus diarrhea and headache occurs me.
i have a very bad sleeping clock on holiday, i have difficulties to rearrange back.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Wedding bell..

A relatives wedding dinner held at Jaya 33. the parent were not with us because everyone was having their wedding at the same date!
very happening at the last part, because the kids were actualy dancing and shaking ass on the stage.