Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Of retrospectively

keep changing the template, and then put in the link one by one, and edit the color and font this and that, with all the small little words by watching it with my dry contact lense eyes.
i think this is the one i wanna settle down, really because the previous one was too girlish, and somehow i saw someone is using the same template. i guess this is better, for those who see how many template i've been changing within this 2 days.

i was actually wanted to have this post around the Chinese new year time. and i think i've been busy and lazy as well to upload all the picture.
every year, i will go visit my nanny, during chinese new year. to visit this wonderful lady, who has been taking care of me since i'm 1 month old.

i remember there is a photo of her when she was young, on the desk beside her bed. a black and white picture with a beautiful lady posing in front of the studio frame.
everytime when i visit her, i will tell my mum i used to be so short - couldn't get up to the basin to wash my mouth after eating. i have to use this little tool to stand on it, yet i stil cant reach the mirror on top of the basin.

she just like every other young lady, she likes to take picture. she like to pose, and act like she is the film star. look how beautiful she is.
and i will always remember her, till the rest of my life - a lady who take good care of me, teach me alot when i'm young.

this is the picture on the desk beside her bed

and now.


OK, I confirm settle down with this.
but i still need someone to help me to put the navbar and the short cut. thanks

Monday, 27 April 2009

Of new template

Ok la, i've been changing to this template cause i find it the previous 1 quite girly. haha. i dont want to be girly. i wanna be mature! LOL

i kinda like the butterfly and the purple background which is one of my favourite color, but too bad the thing is the typing pad combine with the words - pening. i find it quite dizzy actually. so i bolded it. i hope is easier to read now.

another masive problem is the navbar! there is no navbar in this damn html template. i have to code. but i didnt know where to put. engineering student? *wave* or programing student? *wave again* can someone help me how to do this??
i have to post item turning round with a big circle la.

oh. who hasn't been into my blog's contact list *waving again* , please drop me a message in comment or cbox to let me know ya!
i wonder why they have to clear up all my list.


fuck la fuck la. what the fuck is this la!!! why can't i just do it normally and what is all this function la!! why i can't find the navbar again!! and where is the quite edit link la!!!!!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009






Of wondering..

why la why, i can't even digest when things come in 1 shot. no more question marks. i have to control and control so much not to ask any question again.
i have to think and think til my head crack to have my very own version of answer, to convince and psycho myself.

i hope is a good change.
i hope i can change - the bad habit.
in fact i always have the negative devil in my mind, i always put things in the negative side. i wouldn't want the expectation goes too high, if things turns out on what you not expected, i guess my heart will be freaking break into pieces. how sad.
but that's actually not really a good idea.
ok la, i still expecting a little bit, you know, but its just a little bit, i will still psycho-ing myself in the negative way.

bad habit - go away!

the view from his room. and that's the result of my new toy. he says the spot on the picture will appear especially while taking scenery's pic. that's why sometimes will capture some 'anonymous'. lol

ahhhh.. i feel like taking aeroplane to go out. wherever is it. just out of the town.


alright, i wouldn't say this as a warning or whatsoever. and i actually edit this post cause i've been keep telling everyone around me the same things repeat and repeat again. Miss C, correct me if i'm wrong. i forgot the detail. haha.
maxis or hotlink had actually forward this msg to all the users. from Bank Negara, about the scaming using SMS email and telephone calls - protect your personal banking information.
this miss C, as one of the victim, while she was actually quite frustrating with something had happened with her. when she pick up the phone saying her Am bank credit cards has been used - while actually she doesn't have Am bank card, and this person ask her to call a number saying is the Bank Negara's number. so she called it, and thought of to faster settle down all this stuff, with the operator-style speaking tune, and of course she believed it.
i dont really know why the heck she will give out all her personal bank account, and didnt know how that scammer can transfer her money la. so the end her bank account left RM 10 when she checked back.

they are so smart lo, know how to use this operator to communicate le. press 1 for bahasa malayu bla bla bla. a good one.

Mayday is in Australia le. i can't believe it.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Punishment and question mark.

I wanted to blog yesterday night, then when i start watching this Bai Quan Nu Wang, then i take it as nothing at all. and i blog now, when the really bad mood, but i realy want somehting to dsitract my attention. maybe i should start my assignment.

first. Michelle Tan i will never ever go out with you again!!! * no la just kidding
we've been doing the exactly same thing as last 2 weeks before, we have lunch and then we hang around at the same shop while i keep asking her what time she's leaving to her group discussion and that woman from 2 o'clock say 3 o'clock.-__-

hey, its actualy quite nice bump into someone that meant alot you.
i've bump into my first violin teacher in the same restaurant and she's sitting behind me. i remember her face, and her voice, but. she has a quite common face, haha. and finally i've decided to ask her does she knows how to play violin, and she remember me. teehee.
but i don't dare to tell her that i've alread stop playing violin after form 5. ops.
still good to meet her back.

actually, i'm not in the good mood at all.
so much nonsense had happen and i didnt know why. izit i'm being too serious, or i'm being not to serious. i was just raising out what is not satisfy with me, or maybe i should say things that what should do.
is love a punishment? is love a question mark?
thanks for the punishment. i'll never forget in the rest of my life.

ps. to anonymous - thanks for your suggestion. i'll let my parent know and consider k? thanks! =)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

You, make me happy.

We seldom have this trend to celebrate every month-sary like how everyone used to be. i guess we think that it is not really that important compare to valentine or maybe year anniversary and its just another month to go, maybe just a little wish or remind each other were enough. plus, we never really going to purposely find a better restaurant with nicer ambiance to sit down and celebrate, maybe because we randomly will go to any restaurant that we wish to go, or feel to dine in anytime anywhere.

but coincidently, when the bf dated me before to this weird japanese pasta cuisine at pyramid, it was our 1 year and 11 months date. actually i mix up the date, whether it will be sooner or later 1 day. so its just another day to meet him up at school, then go for lunch.
oh. another thing that cheer me up is. i received something from him. its not any special date, but he did what he had promised - as he said, and i actually didnt really expect that. hehe.

i'm a happy girl again.
ya, my leg is recovering. =)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Of nothing.

Write exactly what’s on your mind and don't change it

1. Your ‘ex’ and you: we never speak
2. I am listening to: noting
3. Maybe I should: either sleep early or go down watch tv
4. I love: doing things that make me happy
5. My best friends: all are in random type
6. I don’t understand: why i can't understand things that i 'should' understand
7. I lost my respect for: malaysian police
8. I last ate: my dinner
9. The meaning of my display name is: a thing done, is done, and a thing made is made
10. Someday: i'll get married
11. I will always be: stubborn and straight forward
12. Love seems: to make me happy, literally.
13. I never ever want to lose: anyone on earth
14. My myspace is: i didn't know i have that
15. I get annoyed when: when he/she already wrong, and still thinks that he/she is so damn correct
16. Parties: i can't wait the coming soon party
17. Kisses: i love french-kiss.
18. Today I: went to school

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Of your eyes look so weird.

Like finally, after kena scolded by the bf, and keep control to death not to sneeze and cough, and the father everyday ask me the same question. do i feel better, do i have fever, is the swell less this and that. finally the finally, i got this number from a doctor's recommend, to Subang medical centre for orthopaedic surgeon check up. i dont even know how to spell this word correctly without checking the dictioanary. but.. the appointment is on May!
any recommend?

and i was a little bit tired to answer the question like how's your leg yada yada, thanks to Kim keep helping me to answer the question. hehe. " this woman wear heels, and she walk like a bitch bla bla bla..".
she's like my personal assistant, and i don't need to say a word. whualaaa.

how come i couldn't get the shopaholic disc? the movie has down, and i've been so semangat read finish the whole damn 5 or 6 books, i feel so wasted la if i didnt watch, even though i heard alot no-so-good comment.
i just want to watch it.

restaurant city is in maintanance.. i couldn't get any level up by today. =(

haha. small little whispering
Happy 1 year and 11 months to the boyfriend!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Of another climax

I've waste so much days to lay around the house and the bed - which i know i have another essay waiting me to do. but i really have no mood la.. and keep thinking and thinking what is the reason to take another extension.

i hate the mood swing.
weeeooooowww.. up and down. down and up..
happy and not happy..
relax yet tension..

leg ar leg.. why you still haven't recover le..
the bf also dont wanna see me already le. ( not until i fully recover, final warning if i didnt take good care of myself)
i want to go cinema watch movie le.. fast and furious! Shopaholic!
see. now i only can watch dvd.
my mid term break are so lifeless le..

see. i can't go out to show show my red hair already la.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

V - is very very extraordinary

my so called 'new ' friend

Do Re Mi

the monkey face
was just coincident

Joye Carter - the singer of the night

His new collection of 'chanel' haha

I stole it from Mich's facebook. teehee.

So last friday night, after a week of staying inside the house, cant walk at all. i told my parent that i realy have to go to this Jazz performance - for my assignment on American Music.

I had a pot of Passion fruit tea. instead of drinking beer. cause i can't even touch any cold bevarages at all - which is my favourite.

Nice atmosphere. haha. i kinda like there.
accompany us with nice songs.
and a new friend tagged along too! *
is not new for me, haha.

Mad photo section and great companies =)

ps. oh, is at Alexis, Ampang.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fly up up the sky!

OMG. i can't stop laughing.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Wheee-ee aaaa-aaa

the wheee stand for the cheer for mid term break.
the aaaaa stand for how difficult for me to cope this 2500 words within few days.

Can die.

I want hang out with the girls,
i want to hang out with the baby,
i want to do so many things,
and i need money,
i need to have extra time for another assignment.

how la how? :(

i have so much things to do,
blame to the leg.
no la, i still need 'you both' to walk with me in a thousand million x 12345689 miles. teehee.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Meahwhile, however and no matter..

the bf hates me alot because i always have this scientifically and biologically prove when we were both arguing about some topic. i was once a science student in high school and college. i find it quite proud of myself that sometimes i really can beat him down, with prove and i'm so sure what is my answer. =)
wikipedia and google is the best thing in the world. teehee.

and also i have to thanks the 2 bros alot, because they always update me with gadgets, like cars, technologies, nature, general knowledge. but of course not the fashion stuff la. and.. oh! fashion i will have to rely on the 2 chicks that i mostly hang out at school. but of course, fashion that we are so unaffordable la.
oh, and the chick stay so far in UK, and the vintage sial and this always go LV shop bff. haha. you know who you are. you guys meant a lot to me. weeeee...

but still, i'm always the 'play safe' one. -___-
i don't dare to wear bright color, no leopord print. only the essential more variety of basic tee. haha. *only thanks to miss gaby keep psycho me buying the yellow Old navy pumps, she said Marc Jacob's yellow, and the floral print tube dress *eyes rolling*

why do i sound so formal la?

Kim said i can get extensioon! muahahhaha.. if he doesn't believe, then i will pop up with my popo walking.

i find that the computer turning wheel chair is sooo good. it can replace my 11. but this is only exemption for me, but when my leg cure, i wouldn't have any chance to slider here and there. :(

Student Lock-in is tomorrow la. fast fast go and grab grab what you want! and my goodie bag.. ;(
i want eh..

wee. i love her alot alot.

ps. is it some renovation or something wrong with Blogger?

Monday, 6 April 2009

Time fly and i want to catch a bird..

from time to time, when human getting older, when i getting older, when everyone surrounds you getting older, how we/ i'm gonna be?
once, the parent teaches me how to button up, how to tie the shoe lace and holding my hand. another time, when you turn to help the siblings do this, when you been ordered or willingly to do so. then, is vice-versa.
i have this odd feeling this few days, when i hurt my tendon. people wanted to the help me so much, when seeing i'm having the difficulty to walk. i tell them, "no thanks, i can walk myself'. a strong feeling that i don't want ppl's help, i want to walk myself. i guess is the same feeling that elderly have. when this grandma/ grandpa does not want to tell anything about their hurt, about how pain it is. no one can help us, only we, myself, know how hurt it was.
cry in the night, without letting anyone know, and the next day, putting up the smiley face, show how strong we are.

When she's having this smiley face on, and tell them to live well, don't worry about her, and then, let go herself,stop her last breathing, when she knows she can't really getting cure by now.

why? why must we be the independent one, when we really need help? we can't we just be the one who nag? what is not independent enough?

please, don't scold them, when they are mumbling. i'm sure they are really hurt. they wouldn't nag,if they really can stand the pain.

i have this true feeling, have this regret and non-regret, to her, together with the pain that i have, to think about how pain she is. i can understand, i can truly understand. so much of sleepless night, so much of pain, and no one knows it.


i have so much post this few days.
and assignment. i can't even concentrate.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


people , people.
i should have be greatful enough because i really thought no one is reading my blog - or maybe my close friend. =)
now i have more readers! yay
i'm so happy and satisfied with things that i post, and i owned. i have the qualification to post what i wanted, and what i owned.

oh? and this is my very own little space, but somehow i still very welcome that people come and spam here - which means my freedom of speech and things that i'm saying or proposing is successful.. muahahhaa. and i get respond. weeee....

maybe i can say erm, please donate more? and then readers from my blog will go donate?
hey why not? i get respond what. lalala..

welcome welcome.:D

Saturday, 4 April 2009


I'm telling myself try to be more gentle in this post. I'm not gonna point out who i'm talking and referring to. its just some random thing.I’m not saying I’m going to go around shooting off everybody for their privacy or their activities - I think if it’s really bad and they had become so 'mature' enough to do what they should do - I’d just say it like it is because one side i'm kinda jealous that i can't have this chance for myself, another is that please take care of yourself.
i can't believe that nowadays these young girls has getting wild and wilder than i ever thought.

i was innocent enough that didn't spend most of my time to go clubbing or what. well, i do spend (in terms of money) alot compare to others, but in a way i'm talking those hanging out with friends issue. i have curfew, which i think nowadays parent are so loosen compare to my time.
i thought she ( no particular person/no offense to anyone) was maybe my age, or maybe a college student. so i figured it out when i scrolling down and down - how surprisingly the digi cam can make me look so young (with the fact that i'm 21 soon and in picture i look like 18),
and make them look so mature and looking good. i want that.

i'm so conservative and i don't dress up like that.

and what is this? no more public transport? but always choosing a car that you can't even drive and own a car. is the public transport humiliating you so much?
mostly i drive, admitting myself that i don't even know how to take a bus - i don't really need to take a bus. but once before, train and lrt is the only transport that can take me to where i want to.

also, why you have all this different bags in your picture? ( i'm jealous ) i just realized that i have this 1 or 2, or maybe 4 or 5 bags with different occasionally used. look you wont bring a tote to a dinner right?
but why you have so many bags just to different time or different place when only you hanging out with friends?

i'm so jealous with teenage have nowadays, back then i just have this red backpack and a mng tote - i can't even going out with friends just like they do.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Can't get you outta my head..

See, i told you. i'm so enjoying, with the tons of assignment waiting me.

We dated the day before, because of quite tiring keep typing on msn.
since she is sooo free on thursday and i finish my class earlier.
The Garden restaurant. not The Garden at Mid valley.
[ eh i sound like erm introducing the place lo. wtf. like everyone did it ]

michelle - our 'purse' promise k?

D. i bought new goggles and i think was so cool because is black in color.
seriously i think is cool.
and she make fun of me.
kill you..
my image spoiled already.

my floral dress.
i will definately wont eye on this if i shop alone.

erm.. for the mandarin post previously, i'll tell very roughly here.
1 elderly grandma has passed away. the last time i get closer to her, is the last time i meet her.
always appreciate everyone you love and everyone that surrounds you, because they will leave you 1 day.. it's not that hard to do that actually. just a little bit caring, and less scolding them, although they are annoy and they irritate you.

this was the result that i done some random test on magazine while i was waiting for my turn for the tit da sifu.
the answer is so correct.
oh, i sprained my thigh. so geng right.
but i still can swim...

my another new toy..

i'm seriously feel happy from the bottom of my heart =)


Haha. the Celebrity of my blog.
Happy Birthday Mon!!

look at her face!with her satisfaction and glory.
* so envy lo*
wait you come back to have a belated birthday celebration for both of us!