Saturday, 30 May 2009

Twitter difficulties

Can someone teach me how to do this twitter thingy????
i dunno...
i'm so sorry being so stupid here..... sob..
and how to put emoticon le???

Relax to get your journey further.

Hye! halloe. i speak like an alien now , after 2 cups of beer.
just came back from soho kl * i've been always going to this place* the fact that is actualy quite near my place, and i don't need to drive!

ok la i have a more serious issue to do actualy.
i've been doing the job to went shopping with the bf to get these toodles shirt. can you tell me all this baby shirt is cute not?
this small little sandles is so cute.. awww.. i realy wanted to buy and keep for my baby la. ok Gap is not that outdated right? however, is expensive.
the sandles is not expensive, is rm35. but some of the shirt /top/ dress is expensive. so i tell you one way - you can get a more expensive brand, yet is worth it in a way - i sound so kiamsiap - buy dress, so that when your baby grow bigger, you can wear it as a top. match it with baby stirpy leggings or just a diapers. see, how brillant i am.

hey, i realized recently i've meeting alot of friends. new friends. old friends. haha.
i'm happy about that. becuase it means i stil have friends la. buahahhaha.

i'll be posting some of the picture maybe next time. i'm so lazy to transfer pic nowadays. and i feel like wanna vomit when i facing the laptop screen too much. and i do feel like wanna cut off my fingers when i typed too much - 2000 of words.

ps. i have so many things to do and so little time. like so little.
fairy god mother, why didn't you respond me?

pps. you want picture? ok i can give you pic. with so thick layer of chocolate syrup and cream on ice blended latte.


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Of feeling good..

It's been so long i never feel a slight of relaxations since after semester had start. i feel kinda calm this sem, yes, calm but i do feel some tension is going on, you know - monash-ian. monash is always that stress, compare to any other place. i feel a sense of release right after i dropped this stack of paper to the pegeoin hole - we have this so cal pegeoin hole to let student drop their assignment, and a secretary will collect it at 5 o clock sharp and this has been consider late submition if anyone submit it after 5 o clock. how cruel the reality is.

today while i done all my stuff, i rush back to my place and to get my another stuff done.
lets see..
invitation card - check - i still have to send it to everyone. if anyone wants it please come and find me and collect it haha.
party hat - check.
cake - no idea at all. does anyone wants to sponsor me? :P

i make new friends. i love making new friends. and i like to talk to them. but sometimes, i will make myself not to expose so much. because i always avoiding people will taking granted from you, and you will be the one who blame because you talk too much.
again, how cruel the reality is.

ps. i still don't understand why is the M-clan always want to wet the toilet. they didn't know how to use the spraying thing? or they wanted to help to clean the toilet?

fairy wings
the party hat

bunny - my favorite one.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What will she do if..

Dear Fairy God Mother,

i wish i have more time to get my stuff done, i have assignment and presentation on the same day.
i have shopping list, i wish i have my time and money to fulfill my wish.
please, hope you can listen to my prayer.
from khaiyuin

i really have so many things to do.

Break Out! from Korea.
is the only stage performance that i can watched so many times,
from Korea till Malaysia ( i guess me and sis is the only fans) buahahaha

i was actually explaining to them what is happening,
because the hall is in flat,
audiences hardly can see what are they actually doing from the stage.
they actually have their own theater back in Korea.

outside Wisma M.C.A after the show.

my aunt
the lovely couple 1
the lovely couple 2

the lovely couple 3

and 5

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Thanks for the memory.

i guess i was suppose to post something sweet and lovely picture to show where i've been dining on this special night with the love one, take some pic of the food, and write caption like 'this is the best dish of the night', or 'the bill- cost us a bomb' something like that. but no, i'm so sorry, no pictures has taken and i don't think i can post any of it. its just a simple dinner on Teow Cheow cuisine and i have gastric and i spent the night with the siblings watching Van Helsing.

but i will be heading out soon for this Korean band stage performance - Break Out show, which i actually already watch them when i'm in Korea. i wanted to watch again because is nice, and funny - with popping locking hip hop yada yada some terms that i dunno.

hey, i was kinda impress nowdays there are so many ladies driver on the road - including me, miss khai yuin. i observed that some are really good driver but some are lousy of course, especially ahem start with M. particularly this M-clan ( i shall call them with this nicer term from now on) they drove nice cars, really nice cars - like bmw, cayenne turbo, or merc c class or whatever class, with sucky driving skills. they would not put a signal when they wanted to cut line. they will just drive the same constant speed when they on the fast line. they will just park at the place which i think a normal waja also could not get in. and i dunno why. how come this M-clan can really afford so much expensive car ar?
anyhow, stop disccusing about them, but overall i'm kinda proud to say that ladies driver has getting more and more, i guess is a symptom of getting independent and successful. buahahaha.
but stil have to have to drive carefully, like i always say - ini bukan lu bapa punya jalan.

tada. off now.

Of shoutout.


Friday, 22 May 2009

An order you can't refuse.

someone says look nice * i bet is the wig nice* , or maybe look like an Ah gua. i myself think that is quite ok though, maybe not the very thick hair. pui yoke said there are so many kind of wigs there at the cheras wholeseller, any kind of hairstyle - bob, long, curly, wavy, straight, maggie.. or any kind of colors - blonde, brunnett, maroon, purple, black ..

i'm starting reading another english novel by an author that i haven't been reading her book before. i borrow this book from library while i'm searching other books about child labor. hehe. i wasn't suppose to read this book right. haha but so tempting la.. and is so cool with a black bookcover - like a so freaky serious book i'm reading.

i had failed baking a marble cake!
it was not erm texture enough, so when i cut it into slices the whole cake just can't hold together and like falling apart from each other.. how sad. especially my heartshape cake, i specially bought this heartshape mole le - is destroy..=(
mum said is not enough butter, and i also fail to make the marble effect with the choco i have. maybe i should change to use Hersey though.
( the hersey will be more expensive than the whole damn cake)

so.. tomorrow is friday. weekend.
i'm kinda excited haha.
tomorrow is a special day for me, and the love one. * shhh.. silent*
and then i wil be going to this stage performance perform by the Korean group.
and then a primary school gathering which i always missed.

when the clock strike 12, is time to change to study mood again.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Out of boredom

can someone please slap me by doing this?

i'm wearing a wig! and first of my life time i'm seeing myself with such long hair.
let me know how i look k? buahahah.

like ah gua.

this is the half length one,
the one clip inside the hair.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


congrate me.
because i'm one of the whinner
in FourWhinners
which also mean, i will continue whine about things that i'm so not satisfy.
so what?

Monday, 18 May 2009

Pass me the sweetness..

the venue is set, check. guest list check. i guess i have to spend a little time to find someone to play the band. or i should just bring a song list la. :P

buahahahhahaha. i just feel like wanna laugh.
i guess i've been saying like so many many times that this is my own lil space to whine like a mad dog, or my own space to post that i'm a bimbo, or i'm a lazy bum bum. buahahahha.
i'm not perfect. but i like to whine. opsie.
i always like to complaint. hehe. the bf always say me that. sorry ar, my bad habit.

i got some stuff for the coming baking session. i just so love to go to this Daiso place, everything with 5 bucks!
but of course i have to choose something that realy worth for or more than a 5 bucks though.

hmmm.. well..
i'm not gonna just wear a bra and undy to mall. buahahaha.

hoi.. why la.. i just viewed a friend's fb showed that they just came back from Koh Sahmui. beach!! why la i want to go.. =(

Of sadness..

ok la, now is sadness already. because the group mate has cancel the trip to Perhentian.
i'm so sad wei. =( =( =(

i want a gateway!!
blame to the flu! make me so down..

nevermind, i have ice creams to cheer me up.
i always love my family. a lot.

i have my first ice cream before meal =)
a famous ice cream in Korea.
i have it when i was in korea back then
with honey dew flavor - they call it melon la

Korean food

my super love camwhore grandpa hehe

you see this 2 kids

they have their own table
look at them, so enjoying.

i Want to go BEACH!!!!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Why like that one???

Sob =(
my vacation dream has broken. it means i'm have like 90% not going to beach anymore.
because of this H1N1 thingy la! and majority of the group is decide not going.
canot say they kia si la.. but i really thought is gonna be nothing right? right? cause stil have 1 month plus to go..

just done 1 of my assignment.
i really want to go la!
do you think Perhentian will got effect??

Saturday, 16 May 2009

So many things so little time.

1 assignment down, 2 to go. 1 presentation down, and 2 more to go..
then revision. then my Partayy. then exam. then holiday. and then my actual birthday. then his birthday. then beach. muahahahahahahahaha.

ok stop.

Malaysia has confirm with 1 H1N1 case.

Oppsie.. no offends to all the post that i've been written - you know la, it was just some of my opinion with things that i really don't understand. haha.

do you see what is this? what is this?

this was really random

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Of mumbling...

oh my god, school's connection are so slow. and i didn;t what i still can do without waiting the computer to load like a thousand years.
i was really intended to stay back to study at school. 2mr presentations and submitting my assignments, but the email are not loading wei, how am i going to get my presentation's slides le?? come on.. the school connection should be the best wei.i rather load at home, but i really couldn't concentrate at all at home. muahahha.

and so many things has got me happy muahahha.
i go go out for trip! wheee.. finally! out of the town! and beach and bikini!

* the bf said why should i post everything about me in my blog. which i shut him back because i might treat this blog as my online diary i guess.
he says that a blog suppose to post something that you want to share with people, which quite true. but i guess no one is going to explore anything so surprisingly and post it up everyday right? like i'm not gonna say * ok, i'm gonna saying this muahaha * i watched Pyscho by Alferd Hitchcock yesterday in the lecture hall, and is a very funny film ( it not suppose to be a funny film, is a horror film actualy, back then it might be scary la, but now this black and white thriller horror film are so much funnier, i should say ' innocent') so am i suppose to saying this to everyone?
oh maybe i've eaten a very nice pan mee with the bf and taking the pictures of the pan mee, and showing the address of the restaurant and tell everyone this place is nice their lemon juice is nice like that?
i didnt know actually.
i just feel like posting things that i wanted to share and say, who cares who gonna read it and spam me again?

the connection is still very very slow. god.

oh ya , another thing. i can't understand why are this people, that they couldn't get themselves a pair of pumps or shoes? why must they flip flap with the not very nice slipper with diamond and blink blink which they thought is so comfortable or what? ok, no pump, but why not the sandles with a strap behind? or maybe a nicer ipanema giselle buschen flip flop * you get what i mean right* but why a slippers? they wear it everywhere. to a walking trip like melacca, or maybe to beach, and to restaurant and yam cha. everywhere. they are so many shoes outside there and why they're not wearing 1 of them?

hahahha. oh my god. i have so many dissatisfaction to the world.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Of midnight resolution

I used to be quite good in adaptation. but that was long time ago. i think now i have already minus with that ability, maybe because i'm getting older - without more flexibility, or maybe the 'ohmm', the strength, the energetic feeling - no more.
i can settle down myself in a foreign country,without my mum's accompany - but that was long time ago. i can sleep in any bed or any sofas or maybe just the sleeping bag. but i don't think i can do it now.
i guess is realy because we ( ppl, human) will getting lazier and lazier,with our comfort zone, with the very good condition of living standard, with all you get, you can open your mouth and your mummy feeds you, yada yada.. i know is not really related, but because of that, you ( or me) is getting lazier!! this makes me doesn't want to change - doesn't want to step in to another boundaries of life.

then, a friend ask me - do i like kids?
i said yes, but i'm afraid that i wil hit em. not really hit, maybe a bit crueler way to lecture.
maybe an excuses because i'm the eldest. is my job to control every situation. once thing is not done, the consequence will be on my part. this is how i grew up. i borned to be a controller.
anyhow, i stil think that a mom must really focus on their kids, once they have make the decision, or maybe should say once they gave birth to them.
i'm not saying that nanny is not good - cause i was borned to be with my nanny in the beginning part of my life. but is was really a fate whether can you choose a good and clean, a responsible nanny, and trust worthy nanny - many many condition to take care about it. i was real glad that i have this very super good nanny.
rmb i told before this small lil gal who stay opposite my place? the father canned her because she haven't finish her homework.
actually i do feel sympathy about her. is not because she is real notty - she went in some strangers house and open their fridge and take things to eat without asking any permission, running out from the house naked, talk like an adult all that ( really notty isn't it?) in fact the main reason is the lack of family's care. the mother and the father working - is not saying that they shouldn't work, they work because of their kids future- but do you know that the first 3 years of the baby's childhood is the most important stage?
the lack of nurturing, caring and yada yada is the main consequences - that's why she has become like that - is cruel to say that no one wants to take the job to take care of her. no one is blaming her, then the arrow is pointed to the parents.
i'm actually quite afraid this will happen on me - i bet every mother.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Of a reminder to myself

Everything has been postpone and postpone, my assignment due date, my presentations, my plan.. everything. and this makes me even more lazier - of course this makes me start thinking that i have plenty of more time to settle down all the stuff. big no no.

my leg has not been fully cure yet, which makes me a bit headache, because of this, i'm so afraid that i couldn't do things base on my plan - to go vocation, to go out of the town - right after my hectic exam and assignment. and talk about assignment and exam, i really dunno from where to start from.

appointment time has been settle down, yet stil have to wait for the big boss to bring me go. and i'm thinking to switching doctor. firstly i don feel secure with him, the main reason is there is no improvement at all.

then come to my party plan. date has been set, venue - no. the big boss haven't been giving me the correct answer, and all i need is - Still the big boss. plus, all this small tiny little detail i have to take care of. i wish i have so much more time to do this, and why is my birthday is at the mid of the year? everyone is busy with their own stuff.
one thing that cheers me is- my exam end on the day of my actualy birthday! and the bf's too. hahahahah. no?

oh? if anyone is reading this, please do check it out my new blog shop.
The London Affair
everything is truly and genuine and real and authentic from London!
explaination - my partner in crime is at LONDON now!! hahahahaha.
so this is why i can get all the stuff from london.

1st presentation - set
2nd presentation - setting
3rd presentation - i didn't know where is all my group mate
music assignment - waiting for someone
PR assignment - done - to comfirm the outline
Int. stu assignment - still long to go.

part banner - set - waiting the venue for confirmation
guest list - almsot done
outfit - half way, i need more time and $. oh ya. HEADBAND!
party pack - not yet.

what else?

Friday, 8 May 2009

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I will do the same thing she said

my new hobby
this is with original color cause i find that the tone is already good.
just add the bolder and darker at the corner.

Finally finally.
nothing much happen recently.
actually i do received some erm bombastic news. LOL
firstly - one of my ex lecturer has been arrested under some Convention crime Act .
secondly - i already swear that i can't tell anyone so i won't tell. haha.
thirdly - I GOT O.P.I base coat and top coat only rm 57!!! hahahahahahhhhhhhhh
* i realy cant stop laughing*

i would never get this super good promotion if i never walk in to this small little tiny shop at subang parade while me and the bf were walking tiredly thinking what to buy for Mother's day present.
hahahahahahhahaha. i still can't stop laughing while typing this post.

rushing rushing - assignment two.

oh ya - i love wolverine. i love everyone. i love mutants. i love 'electric man' hahahah
* electric man - the bf of mine - he evolve to electric man because of got shock by the elevator. wtf *

ok la - random - Mid Summer Night!!


Monday, 4 May 2009

Que Sera Sera..

Suddenly have the urge to hum this song.

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

When I was young, I fell in love
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows, day after day
Here's what my sweetheart said.


Now I have children of my own
They ask their mother, what will I be
Will I be handsome, will I be rich
I tell them tenderly.


Dear me,
Sometimes we all know, what we want, what we dream for our future. to get a brilliant job with high pay, migrate, married a good husband/ wife - everyone's desire.
somehow, things is not really what we control. we try our best, we work hard. this is a process to get the things we want. but things will turn out not in our expectation.
Whatever will be, will be..
we, only can try our best - to avoid things we didn't want, to overcome, to accept.

if i could reverse, i wouldn't make the same decision again.
we will not be that difficult.
sorry for messing up everything.
this, is the only do i can do.