Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Of rising sun..

hello hello. i have really a nice day with the cousin, because we spent most our time at pavilion.

beach! beach! BEACH!

i have to finish all my housework, leave order to the sister what to do. and come back packing.

arghhh. last minute still wanna throw some ass matter to me.

a matching HOT RED pedi manicure

not forgetting the epilator

( i always cant take a nice angle of the picture)

Monday, 29 June 2009

Remember me?

Seems like everyone is blogging about the death of the king of pop, micheal jackson, or maybe the very first post of everyone's blog, should i blog about it too? lol
but i dont really understand what is this big hoohaa about MJ la. i obviously not born on his era, i got approach because of my mum i guess, she sang those song - not only MJ, also beegess or the carpenter.
i was driving to somewhere and i wondering why is the fm keep playing his song, so i called my sis to comfrim for me and i only knew he was dead.
i guess is only the sooner or the later he will die, and how he die. thisis what i only concern. most probably his nose dropped out.
why is everyone only start appreciate him when he was death? and he obviously earn more when he was death, compare when he was alive.

so. all the peak point has passed. no more pre or post birthday celebration. still i have so much things to do, the cod stuff, the appointment with the cousin here and there. i need to write down where and who and when i'm gonna meet later.

oh and i very busy thinking what to bring and what to wear for my trip. haha.

so this is what had happen to me when i'm in holiday - like i realy dont wanna talk about anything relate to school.

i bought another new book. obviously the previous one is not my taste.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

My post-birthday celebration

At Nero Vivo. with the besties -Cherly Lee, and cousin from Canada - Michelle. and my new english name is Vanessa? LOL. enjoy the picture.

the best mashed potato i've ever had.

mich and cheryl

Homemade Gelati

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Of spending time..

My dad still not giving up to go to the Look out point, after last week black out incident. honestly, there are no more nice place at KL anymore. and i can't answer what kinda nice food does KL have when my brother asked me yesterday. i dunno how to answer him. and the first time came out from my mind is those foodcourt inside the mall. how sympathy is that. and only those foodcourt that we can find everywhere.

so if is not the cousin has came to malaysia, i dont think i will be going out and spending so much money. i guess i will be a rich women if i just stay at home and only spend money on paying phone bills and feed myself.
and i obviously like to spend money pampering myself doing random stuff - manicure pedicure, wash hair, cut hair dye hair.
nope, i stil thinking should i have a hair cut. because i kept burn myself with the hair curler. and the hair curler always burn and melt all the stuff. and i want to dye my hair in black. i feel disgust when the black roots grow. yuck.

i've done watching the Harry Potter marathon. and now i'm waiting for The Lord of the Ring. i probably will get blind, or maybe my tummy will get bigger after i watch finish. i gues i have like 6 to 7 meals a day. i'm a fat woman. the bf don't want me, and i feel so down because it will be very ugly with my big tummy when i'm wearing bikini. and he scolded me saying that i always go out, which i dont use to be like that - last time. but i do stay at home finish my movie.

so. i wil get the picture uploaded when i get back from look out point.
Nero Vivo with best friend and the cousin. is my post- birthday celebration. =)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sometimes and somehow..

I just came back from Transformer with the bf, and used my Baskin Robbin voucher after i been keeping so long. but ice-cream doesn't make me happy. i don't have the feeling like i used to watch in the movie, people eats ice-cream and they are happy.

honestly, the movie is not that good to how i expected, maybe from those trailer i've been watching it. is good, but not that good. i still like the first episode with my always-high expectation. maybe i'm not a fans of transformer. too many metal fight together.
i just being honest here. lol.
i like sin city and japanese cartoon.
and i like reading love novel.

holiday is kinda not that fun as i used to think. i'm suppose to have so many activities, meeting up friend, doing things that i wanted to do, i plan before the holiday. but end up i don't really have the mood of doing it. and i know i always have to habit of being lazy. lazy to drive out to buy food, or even lazy to cook. i just dont feel like doing anything and let my stomach singing in nobody business. and i know the serious consequences of being lazy and hunger is a very serious gastric, and i dont like people saying i'm very thin. i think i have eating disorder. not as in eating and gorek my throat and puke all the food out. is as in i can eat realy alot when i feel like want to eat. and i can just ignore the stomach singing. no wonder i wil get thinner and thinner each day.

i think i will become a blind woman someday.
and i do feel like puking when i facing the laptop the whole day.


sometimes, things has change.
is not like how it used to be. when you do something you used to do, we will start thinking that this is what suppose to be. but we didn,t think that is that truth this is how it should be? or is just something that you think it is.
i used to think this and that. but when another chance come in, i doubt that there will be something differents has going on.
i try to get myself out of this, and stand outside to become an outsider.
like my aunt say, we will always see clearer from the point of view of an outsider.
i'm learning. i'm trying to get myself to best.
i like changing. but is not until us to decide.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Of holiday plan.

My holiday aim. buahahaha.
i plan to finish watching the whole Harry Potter movie series. i shall watch it in marathon. blahs.
and also the lord of the ring. i watched the first but i didnt watch the second and the last one.
but have to wait i finish watch the Rosy Business first.

Some of the picture from the Boyfriend's birthday dinner.

cousin sis from JB


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Of bless and wish.

Happy Father's day and i love you alot.
although you scold me alot, keep saying i will fight you back bla bla bla. blah..
but i stil love you alot.
and i feel quite touch when you say on the 18th of june 21 years ago you feel very nervous because is the first time you become a father.
but argh, i stil don like you nag me so much.

and Happy birthday baby.

Is not how i used to think...

Can you imagine how boh lioa i am now?
trying to get up to the look out point with the family, and then they said it was black out up there, and then we come down and have dinner at the random place.
so boh liao.

i try to wake up with something in my mind. but i dont think i have things to do besides wake up and go find food.
oh ya, i have to remember all the dates and reservation for my own itinerary. which day date with who.

and i try to dress up my Sweet-71 in a pink dress, and find a matching theme for her. now she look so gorgeously with the sharp pink dress that i bought to her. no dull-y white again.
i'm boh liao.
and i already started to think what should i wear, what should i bring, what should i do for my perhentian trip.
so boh liao.
and and i actually drive all the way to cineleisure just to buy the ticket for Transformers.

i'm actually waiting the clock strikes 12 and then i can start texting the bf Happy birthday!
wheee. the 3rd birthday celebration with me/ with him. ♥

give me some time to upload some of the reunion and my pre/post birthday celebration k.
i love my friends a lot =)