Friday, 31 July 2009

Mumbling under the hot sun..

Ala.. why is the time table in soweirdandisindisorder? i have like 3 days finish class at 6pm. 6pm! i basically just have to run to the parking machine and pay my ticket and run again to my car and zooming out to the LDP as fast as i can and zooming back to my home sweet home. malaysian are always like that isn't it? bad bad time management. and what the hell is the gap between 3 hours? or 4 hours. what am i going to do in this 4 hours? i'm not going to spend my every friday at pyramid. i'm not a millionaire like my dad going to sponsor my eating and spending. i think i really have to pick up the habit of reading. i have to tell myself that i loveeeee books so much. i love reading so much. which i don't.

the weather is suck. it gets rain in the midnight and get sunny in a sudden. i'm actualy hot like hell, but i feel like i'm in the 16degreeC of aircond room. im sneezing like ass. i don't get a nice sleep, which makes me even worst.

is weekends.. what are you going to do?

Monday, 27 July 2009

Not standing at the same point looking at the same thing..

Speaking of friend, i always feel myself like a princess for them. maybe a very 'rude' or 'more natural' kinda princess. i act 'superb naturally' haha - trademark.

on saturday, i went to pavilion to have a walk with miss cheryl lee ( ok i didnt spell your name wrong now) while the bf is at the Hennessy Artistry something like that.
it's the first time i have shopping with this hot chick. and i remember she kept asking me 'why you didn't buy?'

so we chilled at one of the restaurant, and another 2 new friends joined.

oh and i love you miss cherryl or miss cherry haha.

i got my hair cut. how do i look like? XD

Cleaning up my wardrobe

for those who are interested with some of my pre-loved collection, sorry.. everything was sold!

everyone's support is very much appreciated..

thank you!

of course, i admitted myself as a *ahem* shopaholic ( every gals does :P), i need to clear up my closet:
first, i really have not enough space for all these lovely shorts and skirt and dress
then, of course, i can earn some *extra* to got more collection XD

thanks for the support!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Of sunday blues..

No, it's not like that at all.
we can say anything we want, but the very truth is how difficult is that,
to do something that we really want to.
can we really hypnotized ourselves every time when we feel bad?
can we really tell ourselves yes we are always happy with this?
and the very fact that is no.

things has changed.
changed to something that you really not familiar at all.
to something that you are unexpected.
then you will tell yourself,
life is like this, isn't it?
but not changed to something that you can't control again.
you can't control at all.
is not that you don't have the ability to control,
is you did not know from where to control.

don't blame.
you're not someone that are almighty.
don't judge,
you're just someone the same with us.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Such a long time ago.

Nothing to exciting lately.
A very weird organized of time table.
I need time to get use to it though.

I planned to stay at home to read some superb long excerpt.
I'm quite lazy to drive out.
But you know,
this woman who just came back from US wanna meet me :P
I miss her...
Thanks for the gift

I wish i have the gut to do something.

Zanmai. Sunway Pyramid.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Squeezy easy lemon juice!

My first day of school was okay.
Hopefully everything goes in order.

Food review. nah, is not really a food review la cause i can't even remember what is their name.
so if you go there, then just dok on the menu say you want this or that. easy. or choose something with a special symbol attach - mostly is their signature. very easy right?

The Carat Club, Pavilion.
dinner with miss pooi yee on my first day of school.

the lovely chandelier

their menu/magazine/catalog

2 dishes of green grass.

ah. i remember the right 1. is Supermisu. not Tiramisu.

my dearie :)

Shopping bag from Forever 21.

who says i don't dare to wear leopard print?
i'm superly in love now ok. :P

look at her. she has become so gorgeos, isn't she? From the cute Harry Potter star to Burberry Fall/Winter 2009-2010 model.
of course, Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince is great. please, watch The Order of Phoenix before you enter the cinema. don't make yourself ashamed keep asking why this why that.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Of denim shorts fever

If you know, i'm sure you notice this.
you know what, i'm actually scrolling this webpage everyday.
still remember i said i love Tuck in these days?
i got influenced from the cousin from canada.

if you love denim shorts, and you are dare to tuck in. just do this!
everyone is doing this. i'm sure you wanna be one of them.
because i'm doing this :)

sorry, my bad. i can't pose.

find your mummy vintage jeans ( ask for permission first) and cut accordingly!

and guess what i found?
you saw this dress at somewhere? :P
yeay, My Birthday bash!
garden floral dress!

Sunday, 19 July 2009


他在你身边的时候, 你是爱情的奴婢; 他不在你身边时,你变成了时间的奴婢. 有没有想过, 这样克尽职守的你真的快乐吗?

面对鱼缸里头的鱼, 游来游去都是你眼前这个小小空间,你看了一会儿变觉得索然无味, 但望着池塘里的鱼, 一会儿往东, 一会儿往西, 一会儿消失不见, 一会儿又浮出水面, 你可以津津有味地盯着它看好几个小事.


出现得太频繁,对方习以为常; 暂时切断关系, 他才会更挂念你.

既然鱼儿不可以选择自己身处的世界, 那么就反过来,由你自己决定你在对方心目中的位置!

With love.

I always love the feeling of content and joyful after catching a movie (maybe not for the horror movie ). a movie always can make me laugh even though i know is really not that funny. and of course love seeing the bf besides me laugh with those scenes that i dont think is funny.
Ice Age is the only comedy that can make me laugh out real loud.
you see, i can be very kiasu with the Harry Potter Marathon on the holiday because i scare i cant remember anything after been neglected the previous HP series for so long, and i dont want to make myself so confuse with some many question marks bounce up when im watching The Half Blood Prince. very pai seh.
you people love Romance? maybe a more relaxing romance. i watched this tralier Ghost of a Girlfriend- something like that, i wanna watch. hehe. maybe watch with a girlfriend of mine would be good :) and 17 Again - maybe get a dvd or ask the bf download.

Schools start next week. i have so much things to confuse to arrange to plan. im really worry with my future, with things that if i couldn't get.
and i don't have class on Monday! no monday blue. Phewww...
all the friends are leaving one by one, and some have different classes, and some are graduate. :(

and im glad that my parent ok with my result, they didnt scold me or nag me ( maybe later -_-'). very pressure and stress eh.. i'm so sorry.

can i have tattoo please? LOL

: Congratulation Mon! and i love your Convo pic!
: Congratulation Msia team! i didnt go but i can feel the huuhaa from another side of the phone! ( i was actualy calling the bro to have dinner himself after watching the match and i heard WOOwwww/ or maybe GOaalllll. i dunno)
: Thanks the bf's mom for the lovely diamond pendant - my very late birthday present
: Thanks mummy didn't scold me. hehe

I love everyone.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


《当我们不在一起 〉






Monday, 13 July 2009

Moody monday..

Done my so-called spring clean and i got something good for my dear reader (as in like i really have reader :P)

i have some pre-loved top/dress/shorts to sell.
and i only wore ONCE.

just contact me via comment or my cbox and i will come to you. :)
dont hesitate. and grab it fast!

TRF knee jeans
UK 10 (28 waist)
RM 70
adjustable length

English Garden floral dress
deep v and adjustable string.
RM 35
Free Size
(fits UK 6to UK 8)

Dorothy Perkins Turquoise Tube top
Rm 40
UK 6

TRF Summer Shorts
RM 45
UK 6

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Swedish sunday.


i wanted to finish all this post before my school's start- another week more.

I received the text msg and saying that the dresscode is Striking color! everyone loves theme party, don't we? I do have quite a lot orange and yellow and pink and red, and i'm of course i'm so obsessed with my denim shorts recently - TUCK in is my new TREND!
everything i wear, i tuck in ( not pajams of course) :)

Arghhh my ugly bangs.

see behind..

the so-called Apple Crumble wtih vanila ice-cream
(the ice-cream taste better :P)

After i came back from the trip, i feel myself differently. Like everyone say, lifes seems so fragile, especially the daddy keep pressing and remind me must wear life jacket - ok we do have a very challenging-gonna-end-my-life-floatingonthesea-story with my dad at Redang. and of course when we got under the sea, we thought we've been knowing a lot of things in the world, not until you got under the water, so deep, so wide and so mysterious.

so.. *pat on myself* grow up grow up! up up up!
i know i'm a superb independent girl! HAHHAHAHA.