Saturday, 29 August 2009

Whats in my bag?

whenever i read magazine,
i always love seeing whats in other people's bag.haha

so i'm here to showing off ma stuff in my bag.
whats yours?

Longchamp LePliage in Apple Green.
i used it everyday because it seriously can stuff alot of things, and its light too!
a library borrowed book by Chris Manby,
my phone , my purse, my cardigan

MNG grey cardigan,
LeSportsac pouch,
Nokia 7250, very old phone with another number.
tissue, Kungfu Panda pendrive, for school.
Sharpie yellow highlighter and a black ink pen. for school too.
sunshade, DKNY watch.
a mask under the letter M black case from MNg,
with my pink camera in it.
Coach purse

in LeSportsac pouch:
Renu Lubricating and reweting drops for my dried eyes,
i'm wearing contacts.
Hand Sanitizer in pinkw ith mickey mouse face on it.
the green 1 is pink lipstick from Clinique,
SebaMed spf30 lipbalm,
miniature Anna Sui perfume.
Pepper Spray.
Silver TSL diamonted mirror, gift from my grandpa.
baby's house key.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

When the sun shines..

realized the cloud and the sky are different compare to the other days?

i'm fully utilising my camera to caught the movement, and sunset.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Once in a while..

they are all standing there watching football.

on the cable car!

he is so busy texting. keep update the scores.
am so geram!

A lot of things have been going on these few days. my car's window broken, my friends are being emo, my assignments coming up, my backache has getting serious, have to think assignment topic, i'm gaining weight, my mood swing, etc.

but what i'm going to say is, life is just like that. i wouldn't blame to the god and the fate why this happened on me. and what i can do is just move on. right?

serious, when it is you, it is You. you cannot run, you cannot hide. the fate wants you to see it, you see it. the fate want you to deserve it, you deserve it. the fate wants it happen, it happened. so, don't blame it.

one thing i have to do almost everyday is to think what to eat. no matter with the bf or the family. i have to crack my head and to think where and what to eat. weekdays and weekends.
and, my dad, who always suggested to go gohtong jaya to have dinner, always rejected by us. because we don't like to go up there, have dinner, and come down again - although we're not the one who driving. but because of him being nag for so long, we agreed this time.

haha. my very first time went in to Casino. no one check my ID. and my dad is so good to pay me rm50 to 'dok' (press). XD
actually is very boring after i tried a few times.
when leaving, the mum suggested to take cable car down and my dad will pick us up from the station.
i feel like i'm some tourist from other country who just visited Genting. -__-

KLCC for 2 days. i'm quite sick of it. but the dad wants to go LV.
but we always can get something from the parents right? buahaha.
and, my dearie mum had signed up package for me from Cres. BUAHAHAH.

hahahahha x 34567
and a same design luggage!
who cares it was last year design. as long as is cheap!

2 pouches, and a luggage bag all for 60% discount!


and also to fix this......

Monday, 17 August 2009

Vera Wang

You don't even wanna look at my face now. Haha!
i told you, i do not have any monday blue. so my monday are usually for laundry and some applying/removing nail polish day. of course, reading.

and right now, a white cloth is hanging on my face! boo!

I think every girl has the their own dream wedding ceremony.
white wedding gown, favourite flower, pure white lacey, and a glass of champagne.
ever since i know Vera Wang's bridal gown collection, i'm loving her design. and i think all this bridal shop's gown are ewww.
i want/must Vera Wang's as my wedding gown!
* to the bf, remember la. XD
i look better on tube. take off the attention of my big fat arms. and tube can emphasize on my neck bone.

Vera Wang Spring 2009
Simple and elegant.
and my favourite tube design.

this is my favorite

i love this too, a simple tube design at the front,
giant bow at the back.

so these are my bikini's new members.
left one White OP summer grafiti with gold ring was from Lindy
and the right one navy blue Calvin Klein from Mon

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I've lost the urge og blogging.

The urge to go blogging is missing.. it's so truth.
I really can't be on top of the post everyday can I? No. i can't and especially my confidence has slowly disappear by many reasons.

I've lost the confident like how i used to be.
Why do we always have to follow what people say yes and no? why only we have to listen on what other people think is nice?

I don't have a photo full with colorful neon light or girls dressing up nicely posing. i don't have the constant update of food review. i don't go nice and classy restaurant that often. i don't have people comment on my blog saying that ' ah, i love your dress'. i don't have a very nice photo taking skill. does all these makes me a boring so-called blogger?
i don't get the meaning of blogging. as i say, i just like to whine things that i don't like, or things that i fancy. or things that i want to share. if all these reasons makes you think that i'm a very sucky author, then just click the red cross on the top right of your screen. or left side if you're using apple. just don't read it.

why bother to follow all this do's and don't's if you don't feel like doing it?

Thursday, 13 August 2009

When the skies are blue..

my new art :P

I don't have the urge to blog recently. firstly really because of the Grammar Nazi, and another reason is i didn't know what to write.

aunties from Australia and Canada has sent me a list of prayer items, ask me to print it out to mummy as what should they pray together. people who surrounds me get ill one by one. especially my two little cousin brothers, and another baby cousin who just few months old, the two Michelles, make sure you guys drink more water and take more rest. i have to remind myself to drink more water too.

Monash has been confirmed 1 aH1N1 case. i find it a bit funny to have a temperature test by those security guard with a very nice smile ( of course i only can see their eyes due to wearing mask) before get into the campus. i feel funny because besides doing patrol check and wondering aroudn the campus, checking student's security, they have to take a job of taking body Temperature. hehe.
that's why i love sunway and monash security. =)

the bf teaching me how to gain more and faster experience in FarmVille.

to all my friends, please date me out.. i love to hang out with you guys, because i know my assignment due date is around the corner. :P
awwww.. i missed Perhentian. i missed the sun and the sea.

2 more bikini sets have added to my collection! thanks to Lindy sweetie and Mon babe for my late birhtday present!

the Voca People.

and a very cute fei zai beatbox

Monday, 10 August 2009

Things that you didn't know.

I wouldn't because of my very bad English and stop posting what i wanted to say.
Thanks a lot to both of the anonymous, whether to condemned me or to protect me, i'm still very glad that someone trying to correct me from my bad.

well, it's really great to have a gathering with the family- cousins from another part of peninsular. i'm having a great time with them, especially getting know their partner. but too bad our partners have no chance to bump to each other although we were in the same mall. but there is always another chance right?
so i'm having fun at this cousin's new crib. just like a holiday chalet for us. drinking and sing k session. i don't have to worry about driving back home :P

twitter and facebook are keep updating info related to G.I.Joe. and he nagged me few months ago telling me that he want to watch.
the cousin kept telling me it is nicer than Transformer.
after watched. i would wanna say i can watch more than once for this movie.
it's a bit too cartoon, their graphic is ok. but i love the part of each character having their own story why are they become a part of their clan.


people are just getting weirder. when i'm doing sacrifice, they think that i shouldn't do that. when i'm thinking of protecting myself, they think that i'm not considerating.
i just didn't know how to cope with things with a sudden change. or someone who being emotional all the time.
i'm just trying my best not to make myself down and upset but some times its things that we can control.
i'm being a bad girl here.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Loves not only make you blind. It makes you dumb and deaf as well.

My mum and dad are going to watch movie. The Proposal. i wish my future husband will bring me out for movie or a drink - not like those old couple, staying at home watching tv and reading newspaper as the wife has to stay at home doing the house chores all day long.

to anonymous. i'm here to say thank you so much to correct my very bad grammar. =)
in fact, i will just post what i feel like.

pheww. my cousins are coming to town. i miss them a lot.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009





Monday, 3 August 2009

Again, again and again..

Look. can i have her hair please? :)
But i guess i really can't do it at here. am i?
i'll be a part of the seafood member.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Of sunday blues 2...

My blog is like a crap now i think. i didn't know what to post. and sometimes i'm afraid that my grammar *ahem* makes people laugh. or maybe i should just cut down some writing post so that i won't be embarrassing myself. XD
did i mention that i have 1 day class start from 9am til 6pm?
it's like a mad cow ok. but still ok, cause i'm getting use to this kinda school's environment. those people won't even look at you when you're walking talking or even laughing out loud. they don't bother you. so i always have my own little private space which the best thing to do is reading. i read chic flick. haha.

i know my blog is going to be like so boring nowadays.

oh. pictures. i don't really like my new hair haha. or maybe i should say it doesn't look good in the picture. LOL (i'm actualy thinking to bleach it. HAHA. of course is not here. these ang moh always look so hot with the bleaching thingy, i want to try.. but i'm not ang moh =(
well alright, i always look suck right. so it doesn't make any different.
i'll just post it when i'm free. ( i'm free now, but i don't have the mood)
it was Joanne's birthday last night. so i went to her dinner celebration at TGIF The Curve. and that's it.

what is happening with the connection????