Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Of small problem..

I always stick with the same brand of facial product, although i see a lot a lot of brands and variety of these products has coming out from the market,
especially with superduper cute packaging.
i wanted to try, but i'm scared that it does not suit my skin.
and now, my worry has came out after i've been trying the new facial product. moisturizer ( the Garnier 1with SPF control and from the ad it says that we can measure the lighten of our face) and another 1 is Laneigh Hydro Essense.
my forehead now full with blemish and small pimples.
i'm not sure which products cause me this.
That's why,i do not have the guts to change and try might has a big consequences.

my hair also another problem for me.
out of shape.
natural curl.
dull color.
i'm thinking to change color again,
black is the hot color now,
but you know,
i will look like secondary school girls.
so how?

Of the gift of god..

now i finally have time to update a little bit.
been busy with a lot things.
Mr.D car has been broke down so many times..

i went to a short trip at Mr.D's hometown.
witnessing what those rich and nothing to do old man how they spent their money, paying all the liquor and wanting to see people drunk but not himself.

sending and picking up Mr.D from workshop for so many times.
Waiting toll truck for twice in 2 days.
see how fun is my life.

Hari Raya holiday at Kuala Selangor.

Moon and Sun

Cousin sis's room.
the theme is red and black.
I blended in her red comforter.

and the cousin bro's room.

and liquor.

3D2N at Mr.D's hometown.


Teluk Cempedak

Haley baby.

my new toy.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Of little update of myself..

hahahha. picture grabed from lahlahland on the 5th of September Bizarre Bazaar.

ok update. all my assignments is due right after my mid term break. today is my first day of the break. i'm enjoying very good with someone-i-know at a foreign-place. HAHA.
but after that, i have to back to the work loads.
i'm checking my email constantly after 2 or plus hours.

i think i have some photos in my camera, but i'm so lazy to upload.
give a hint.
kuala selangor for the raya holiday.
i stayed at my cousin's house for few days.
the bf tagged along.

what else?

oh ya. up coming.
that was my plan for my break besides the assignment and assignment.
school Ball, and cheryl very late birthday celebration from me.

i'm not going to Monash ball, as in now i'm at this foreign state and everyone is going to Black eyes peas.
so yea. no one is going. i mean less.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Of so much cravings..

can i have her heels please?
so yummy so sexy so hot and so tall!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Our loves is like a drizzle that falls quietly, but floods a river.

this post i'm gonna blog about a girl, who name Lindy, she was the first friend i knew at sunway college, at the first day of orientation.
i hang around with her more compare to the other times when she flew back here from US.
and today she gonna fly back to US once again.
(Lindy, you always come and go, so i don't really feel sad for you la :P)

and some other random food post.

Japanese food with Mr. D

in addition, some of you who do not know what course i'm taking, this is one of the subject's project me and my group mates are working with.
take photos for the story board.
i have to go to school on saturday.

There are actually 4 cameras going around,
including my not so pro one.


Thursday, 10 September 2009!

Just like every other girl, i'm obsesse with all kinds of nail polish.
especially in Red, Purple and pink/coral/beige.

this is my newly bought O.P.I nail polish.
i'm actually looking for a red color.
cause i think that red kinda difficult to find,
either too bright, or too dark.
and because red is not like only a fix or dead red.
like black, do not have a darker black or lighter or charcoal black,
black is plain black. you got what i mean right?

Mon was the one who helped chose.
Conquistadorable Color.
very cheeky name :)

as i can't really try it out in the shop, we only can see it from the sample.
from the bottle, its slightly pinkish.
but when apply it, its more like a maroon red.
i'm loving it .
because i don't really like a brighter tone red,
as it makes my fingers look darker.
Just my color :)

OPI Coleccion De Espana, Conquistadorable Color

A clearer color texture.
(Picture credit to The Nail Polish Ninja)


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

For your information :)

Joo Joo is my new friend. :P
she's a korean, a lovely korean girl.
i can always click with korean.

Malaysia gonna have Hard Rock Hotel!
at Batu Feringgi, Penang.
are you excited?
actually i am.
i wish i could go there..
dad, you listen?

A little joke for you
Why other fruits are afraid of banana...‏

Monday, 7 September 2009

Of rise and sun

to: Joo Joo! so happy to see you here! i didn't know you read my blog! and thanks for loving it! and don't complaint. :P

so saturday. i suppose to go for birthday party at night. Wai Yin sweetie, i'm so sorry i couldn't attend your sweet 21st! i really wish to be there.. and so sorry for the ladies and gentlemen!
and i love your banner sooooooo much!!
hope you like my prezzie.
( ok i don't used to ffk last min, and i do hate that. but because some emergency and i need to back to dad's hometown to visit my grandma. I'm so sorry, please understand ya..)

so saturday afternoon. date miss pooi yee and mon for lunch at La Bodega Bangsar. we back to the old time la! it was 1 year plus ago before we hang out together.
pooi yee said wana bring us to meet her friend.hence she brought us to Mist Club. a bazzaar was run there by Lah Lah Land, i didn't know there is a bazzaar today :P.
besides me and mon plan to do rent a booth too! so stay tune k! :O
ps. i'm actualy quite good in bargain. :P

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. the first thing i told the bf once he wake up is telling him that i cook lunch for my grandma and family!
the story is like that. i wanted to go for vocation during my mid term break, but dad bot agree because i went for a trip just 2 months back. with democratic way, grandma of course on my side! but the deal is i have to wake up early in the morning to go MARKET with grandma. ok i usually the last who woke up. :P
in fact, i also in charging chopping off every ingredient and cook.
you know what, i'm quite good in cooking. HAHAHHA.

Was checking stock at Mon aka my partner's place for The London Affair.
see things tht you like?
Stay tune and be the one who get it k?

2 ways brooch.
as hair clip and together with pin.



My new friend. Stephanie.

Mon and I at Cat Whisker, Bangsar

waiting Wai Yin sweetie to receive her gift from me :P

my 3 superb tall didi and mei mei