Saturday, 31 October 2009

Of concern..

It's has been a week more gone. i'm busy with preparing my coming exam. also hanging out with friends.
i'm really glad that everyone is with me when my hard time.

JooJoo - Thanks alot for accompanying me when i'm at school! love ya much!
Beverly - I'm glad that i know you too and thanks for spending time with me so much! let's hang out without joojoo! haha. sg wang! :P
Michelle Lim: if you happen to see this, i really want to thank you because without you, i really doesn't know how capable i am. thanks for reminding me and i know i can stand my own now :)
pui yoke, Mon and pooi yee - thanks for calling me. especially pui yoke and mon, thanks for spending almost a day with me. i really appreciate it. love you girls much!
Lindy - i love your poem. and thanks for writing it to me! i miss you so much. wish you are here.
puipui - you know i really hope that i can go there haha. congrat to you too!
cheryl - thanks for the msg every single minute. i feel really touch and i know you concern me!
all the girls and guys, and anyone who i'm so unexpected, that drop me msg either my blog or facebook. thanks you guys!

i'm proudly to say, i'm very good here and everyone don't worry k
wish me luck for my coming exam and my long long journey!

Thursday, 29 October 2009





Monday, 26 October 2009



那种酸酸, 又带点轻松的感觉,





Of a turning point..

someone who surrounds me, might knew what happen.
i'm officially Single now.
hello hello..

i'm really alright with the decision.
and should say i'd prepared well for the moment come.
of course, i have sadness. it's been so long right?
i'm allowing myself have this small little moody corner whenever i feel down.

also, i might or might not update that frequent.
maybe i should, after my exam.
oh ya, i found a job.
might be start working after exam.
but i have this 1 whole week free.
who wanna date me??? :P


i'm trying my best to overcome everything. and trying my best too to accept new things in my life.
i understand everything, that's why i choose to move on.
i'm really sorry for the constant disturbance.
and sorry for all the hard works and burden on me.

i will be living my life with full of excitement.
this is what you and me dream for. right?

Thanks for the memories.
Thanks for 2 years and 5 months.
Thanks for the tears and happiness.
Thanks for everything.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Of nagging.

argghhh. fuck it why all these things have to happened on me? am i doing the wrong thing i'm the one always have to be the punish and i'm not the one who control?
why always have to be you the one who no replying me and i'm the one who say sorry even is not my fault?
am i doing the wrong thing saying the wrong word? being the one who nagging and thinking that i'm not considerating enough and not understand enough?

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Of morning mourning.

wah ah biao so boring now lo and so sleepy lo. i want to go back and get some sleep again but my tummy is so full with all this dim sum and chu qeong fun.
and this internet connection ar i want to whack the modem hancur lo. sometimes i can steal someone's line, sometimes i don't. the connection is just making me so off.
on and off on and off.
make all my plants dead and all my food spoilt. wth.
its week 11 or 12 or 13 now. la la la.
i still have another assignment, writing about racism and religion in Malaysia.
what else can i write right.. it's Malaysia.
you tell me la, what else can i write besides that?

oh ya, i always come out with this random thought whenever i get bored with my hair. even though i know i'll still get back to the darn bob.
i wanted to get wavy. and i went to this korean saloon. hope that they can do it better.
you know la. as i said, its just between a line whether it turns out like an aunty or kawaii. HAHA.
but so many already call me leng lui aunty Kuu. :P

Hi aunty Kuu :D

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Of thoughts....

I just came up from downstair, after reading this newspaper article. i'm not sure what's the government is thinking, about demolition on Pudu Jails, just like how it happened on the bukit bintang girl's school, when one of my shooting class group mate is the ex-student, telling about how sad it is.
i don't understand why would they want to demolish a building that contain so much of history just to build some random shopping mall?
pudu jail has the world record of longest painting wall and is done by one of the likfe-sentence prisoners. it has became the famous landmark in the whole kl and i know everyone knows about this.
why whould they want to do it just for a nonsense subject - road expanssion, building tunnel. they should have been plan it earlier on how it should be in the future, like what singaporean does.
singapore would not want to spend any other money on building highway or flyover, because they have this superb well-plan and their road is the best even for F1 racing.
why can't malaysia learn from them? whenever the road is stuck with jam, they said wanna build flyover, whenever the road is fload with water, they just dig a hole and fill more tar in.
why can't they just do the best and plan the road well without doing all this big renovation that cause even more jam?
i feel so sad that this famous painting wall jail have to demolish just because of that.

*read more at here*

i started to go church on sunday few weeks ago.
last week topic was about the climate change and from what christianity said, jesus will come soon.
that is how the sympthom.
i'm not sure becuase of the arriving of jesus cause this natural disaster.
or jesus wants to come because to punish human being destroying the mother earth, and punish us with natural disaster.
i just know that climate change has become worst.

notice that heavy rain came across on the midnight these few days?
i read this article again, winter come earlier than expected.
rain falls heavier and this typhoon come more frequetly than how it used to be.
it's worsen.

i stop on the airconditioner, i tried my best to recycle.
how about you?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

the sweetest things are hard to find.

la la la.
so so so so 对不起 with the missing in action.
i'm lazy to blog. hahahahha.
and busy with assignment.

now everything is down so i have plenty of times now to blog :)
i just came back from 1u, helping the cousin sis to choose her prom dress.
its a bit hard to choose for her, as in she's so high expectation, and she won the best-dress last year.
she say no black because is dark inside people couldn't see you, no white because she wore last year, no red because i duno why.
i'm still enjoy it.

my sis is a korean freak.
she loves everything relate to korean, food, phone, brand, of course the hot hunk and sexy chick.
peer pressure.
i followed her watch this korean music show like almost everyday.
in fact i'm so enjoy because all the korean has nice hair.
when i saw this girl with black bob i told my sis i wana dye my hair in black.
and another 5 minutes i saw this girl with goldish hair i told my sis i wanna dye gold.
another 10 minutes later i saw another girl with red hair, i told my sis AGAIN i wanna dye my hair red.
Kylie Kuu, i hate you!
now my hair become gold and red and black

you see, her gold hair is so nice right?

not forgetting this!
her curl and redish bob so sexy!

keanu reeves
keanu reeves
keanu reeves

he's just toooooooooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Making decision..

Everyone has the moment of
making decision in every stage of life.
considering and making the right decision,
is one of the process.
we're afraid what we chose is not what we want,
till the end of the day.
we're afraid regret with thing we have chose.
we're giving and wanting the best for ourselves.
is it possible?
can you accept it when you face trouble?
it's always the opposite on how we wish for.
we have to face it.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Glitz & Glamour

olla olla!
i kept whining on the fb saying that the mid term break was not a break at all, but was giving all the lecturers to postpone the assignment so they can mark after the break and have fun :P
and for us, the student, have to rush like hell to hand in right after the school open.

i do have fun la. :P

Mr.D's school ball.
i said i didn't go to my very own school ball right?
but i went his.
i kinda like it, because i got to see their lecturers performing.
not like our school ( i saw it from pic hehe), too commercialized. is grand.
but the feeling of mixing business student, together with art student, and engineering, and psychology student. so weird right.

Victoria University '09 Glitz & Glamour Night