Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bizaar black

i got my hair dyed in BLACK!


Once in a while...

Is 12.22pm now, i bet only the Malaysian gonna wake up this late for the last day. tomorrow school start so everyone gonna wake up their ass in the early morning squeeze in the train or tram.

My life at here i can considerate at average high. i like the weather here, and slowly adapting the different culture of other people. not to say that i love it, but i do like it.
just the school make me a little bit down. i knew that only 'weird' people like me studying art (not the fine art), is like communication and art/social art.
but how can it be like NO Asian at all???
which means i'm gonna speak shit lots more of english, even though my english are not really good. die die also need to pretend i know. ahahahhahahaha.

overall is good. thanks for all the close friend.
oh ya, BBM me if someone who has blackberry.
my pin is 21A00FDE.

oh i already moved in to my own house.

Flinders Street station. 
the station that i need to take train to school

Kit Kat Dark
i wonder does Malaysia selling this

Melbourne does have this!


My pink Debit card
everyone uses debit card

Going to Orientation


Melting fries! 

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Is always all of you..

This is how i spent my chinese lunar new year with my family. both father and mother side family. we always have good connection to each other. 
 *spots the different occasion as i very lazy to move up and down, follow the sequence*

 My beloved grandparent from mother side.

Of blue blue sky..

Things are slowly adapting, including myself, try to suit the weather and the culture. accepting what had and what had not compare to the used-to-comfort-zone.
I just don't like that people still come judged me with the matter that both of us has no contact and relationship anymore. that doesn't bother you anymore. 
please behave, and i know what's good and bad for me. 
none of your business.