Monday, 29 March 2010






Friday, 26 March 2010

We going down for sure...

I just couldn't understand how drastic the weather at here. and i can actually name the sequence of the weather day by day. 2days cold and 3 days hot and then 2 days cold. almost everytime the mummy will remind me non stop to ask me eat vegetable and luckily, i still shit every morning. 

handed in 2 assignments yesterday, which one suppose to due today and another next monday! how productive i am. buahahhaha. 
thanks to the new friend/group mate that i've been knowing them. 
fyi, i'm the only chinese in the class. most of my class. 
next week gonna be a busy day and then EASTER BREAK!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Following you..

Not a huge fan of 3D movie, cause i always get the dizziness, but its different experiences while watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D glasses at here. i've decided to bring this thing back since i paid this and it has cool style Rayban warefare wannabe.

Got a call last night from aunt at Sydney, saying that grandpa and grandma gonna get a flight this morning to Malaysia. almost tears when i'm talking to both of them because i've been staying with them since i'm born. i remember that day grandma came all the way to airport just to send me off and she was the one who leave first with the tears on her eyes because she doesn't want to let me know that she was crying. 

oi jia and gong da, come and visit me on my graduation k. lotsa love.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Of realization.

Things happened for reason. 
Especially after i'd been seeing things so clearly with my own eyes, looking so clear people that surrounds me, who is the good and who is that bad. 
We got to know things for no reason. if is meant to be you. then is you. 

I guess some people still couldn't get it. because they are still living in their own world. complaining things is so not smooth for themselves. but not improving it and blaming others. 
A sudden realization taught me how cruel and childish the reality and people can be.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gain and lost

Just like every other day, the heat is coming up, with my emotion strikes as well. 
technology advancement, makes me miss my home too much, that i feel gained and lost. 

i gained my freedom, that i've been longing for long. 
i gained my friendship, that i wouldn't believe is really strong. 

its just some emotion strikes to me, after tired of being so strong. from different test of my life, until today on what i had gained. 
i miss my family, especially my mom. missing that i hugged her everyday and saying i love you. i miss the quarreling atmosphere at home, that i saw everyone is close to each other at the little screen. 
friends, slightly lower compare to family. but i had gained the trust, and friendship, on how much important to them. 
someone come and go. 

boy, i hope you know what you really want to do. don't disappointed everyone because you know how much everyone worried about you. i will miss you, missing the lil boy that help me mix my furniture, wandering and yelling in the house, laying on the bed and fall asleep. your laughter has forever disappear which i will miss it so much. 
don't let your parent down. they did so much, just for you.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Peak point high and low..

The weather here is getting hot and cold different by each day. the fan is spinning slowly that i used to think buying a fan is a silly decision to make.
everything going averagely well. but i suddenly feel that how comfortable that i stayed with my parent and things get so used to it back there.
how troublesome the school enrollment system. how unlucky that the class has not begin. catch up. the only word that i keep reminding myself to keep up my work. because this is the only chance i had.

things just going to a peak point, and went down again. decision, a tough decision that going to make by friends, the mother and the son.
i'm here to say, i will pray for you both.

famous Lygon St Duriand and Roche gelato
yours truly

Ugly fried rice, but honestly it taste good

another night of dinner
soy sauce tofu and onion luncheon meat

McD Grand Angus burger.
very thick beef feeling.

Breakfast of the day,
fried egg and luncheon meat with cucumber and fresh milk.

realized i got my bangs!

night of fried rice again.

Lord of the Fries.

Famous bubble ice tea.
couldn't resist.

the first time of wearing pattern pantyhose that people won't think you as an idiot

Last saturday Hailstorm

Couldn't even see the building opposite

Momo and Victor trixter visited melbourne.
in front of Crown Casino

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Silent night..


Imagine all the path that you walk, will be replaced by your foot steps..


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

When the wind blow, the cradle will rock.

Hello hello. its permanently autumn now, weather is getting colder with strong wind and dust.

its my first day of school. amazed that i did not feel any fear of taking train alone, taking bus and find my class and going to lecture alone. ain't it sound lonely?
i still remember the first day of going to college by driving alone, hand were shaking cause afraid of going to the wrong way. lucky that my sense of direction is good. haha.

i guess my post gonna be like a picture blog, instead of a proper blog. or you guys can viewed my twitpic if you can't wait. haha.

that was last week. 

more like a poser picture. haha. realized my yellow duckling laundry bag?

my homecook dinner

new friend. 
Sophia and me

believe me you wouldn't have chance to wear it like that at KL

LV lelong

 camwhore, while the guys are shopping

very cute wallpaper