Friday, 31 December 2010

F and L my life.


Every year of today (i've been blogging for maybe 3 years?) i will actually write down a maybe new year resolution or something about what i had did throughout the whole year. so on the very last day of the year in the early morning, i have this urge to write it down either one of these, or maybe both of i can still thinking of what to type and what's on my mind (what do i want or what i've been done). :p

So i went all the way to another country with new environment all by myself, not literally by myself cause the going-to-be housemate, miss Sophia Tan has waiting for me over there to look for places for us to stay. Thank you for being with me, and i'm blessed and glad that we turn out to be good friend and is happy that we stay together, with different lifestyle and different habits (sorry that sometimes i'm a lil bit lazy to do the dish washing, teehee). all and all, thank you for being my side ALL THE TIME.

about schools, is another thing i'm not really happy about. fyi, i don't like ang mohs. so basically i don't interact with them that much, or maybe no, unless i really have to. schoolmates that i hang out with is a Somalian and maybe 2 Vietnamese born aussie. nothing much bout schools, and i'm doing Public Relations, again, if you have always been wondering.

Friends,  always heard that Melbourne is like another Malaysia. ya, it proves that. because i still hang out with Malaysian or maybe one or two, or maybe three singaporean or chinese from china.
meeting a lot of different friends from different states, especially Penang (my favourite state in Malaysia) and JB.
the dialect that i usually use is Mandarin and with that bunch of people, Hokkien is what i heard the most, of course English. hate watching tv when i get the chance because i hate listening to English, make me feel so schooling and stressing out. 

My life? i can cook, mostly chinese food. haven't been really using my oven ever since i moved in. can't really bother baking or grilling because i'm the only one who staying at home most of the time. i've gain 4 kgs, but i look so plump and fleshy. jacket and coat is the best thing in the world, also the suckiest thing in the world. because they covered up your plump body, but you will eventually eat more and more because you always know that there is a coat/jacket waiting for you to cover up your fat arms and tummy.
ermm, i've been start drinking quite a lot. for a girl, yea i can actually drink a lot. Don't surprise if you haven't seen i'm red or blushing because i don't get to get red even i drink methylated spirit,i prolly will just die immediately but won't get red.

i had a boyfriend, for 2 months plus. things turn out to be unexpectedly painful compare what i've experienced before. guess that's part of the lesson and experience every human have been through. i'm all good now. and i'm happy now too (hello, are you there? i'm waving at you and you know who you are) that someone cares me and make me feel that i needed.

oh, some tragedy happens too.
I broke my nose, it bleeds a lot, and i do it like i'm sneezing. ok it happened on one night, after i've done washing up and going to bed, as i have switch off the lights at the living room and i couldn't see a thing. after i hopped on my bed, i realized that i haven't pee. so i decided to get up and went to pee. i was wearing a puffy sandles and of course the floor is covered with carpet, i was literally dragging my feet because i really just wanna go pee and get in to my bed asap. and my shoes is all over the place. so, i felt down and i had no time to respond and the split second, my face is on the floor, without my hand supporting my body.
i went to sneezed it out the blood at the toilet bowl and went to bed, in ease. the very next day, i texted the housemate telling her that i had broke my nose, but she couldn't accompany me to hospital and it was Sunday. so i grab a cab all by myself and have a minor check up, proving that my nose just got swollen. and thank you, my face is all in one piece now, don't worry and thank you for caring.

Another tragedy is, I DON'T HAVE PERIOD FOR ALMOST 5 MONTHS. ahahahhahahahha. AND NO, I'M NOT PREGNANT.
HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. i would have think that without having period for 5 months is really an oh yeay, because i won't have to worry changing pads while i'm taking a train or walking down to the city, or maybe having mood swing, not like i have.
so after 5 months of being TOO carefree, i've decided to go check up, with the student insurances, i don't have to pay for the pathology, just the consultation fees and ultrasounds.
so the result is, POLY-CYSTIC OVARIES SYNDROME. my testosterone level is higher. and i'm a GUY!
this syndrome is half common happen to the females, and i will have high chances of obesity (NO WONDER I've GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT AND I CAN WEAR SIZE M NOW laaaa!!!!!), diabetes or maybe infertile.
and again, i'm all good now, my second period came. thank to the tap water in melb, make me feel so ease without spending a dollar on buying pads. hahahahhahaha.

and i'm here back to Malaysia now for holiday and i'll be back after Chinese new year. and i hate being at home because i hate the nagging, i hate the crowd, i hate to go to the war once i open my eyes every morning, i hate being order, i hate being a driver, and i hate so much so much so much, although the shopping is really good.

thank you for reading my essays with lotsa grammar mistake. wtf.


and seriously had forgotten to post the resolution thing right after i click 'publish post'.

my new year resolution is:
i really have to work hard for my academic, not like i got bad results.
i need to work, to earn pocket money, so that i can spend more.
wishing all the plans and path that i had made to come true.
to get a bf? HAHAHHHAHAHA. maybe i'll have one soon.
stay healthy and happily. cut down drinking and instant noodles. thank you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HAVE A BLAST YEAR AHEAD to those who read this boring blog of mine. 
*smooch on the cheek*

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Grand Dorsett family wedding dinner.

A wedding dinner with my family after i was back home on the same day from the besties wedding at Avillion, PD. I was a gathering with the dad's side family too. 


yours truly

a drumstick before heading to dinner

with the brother

kuu's girls

Grand Dorsett hotel (formerly Sharaton subang)

the cousin and the sister

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