Monday, 31 January 2011

Where are you doo

Got real real pissed and i was suppose to be the happy girl who just came back from somewhere that i really love and wanted to go, a happy girl that got pampered by You, teasing me as if like the first time. argh. and now i'm here, blogging this stupid feeling out, typing random stuff, wanting to hide all the feelings, on how disappointed i am, on how frustrating i am, that i couldn't do anything. i can, but just some of the reason of mine are not allowed. so freaking stupid. i don't want.................. 
i just want to see You, yes it's You. 
where are you? and how can i get you? things getting so far, and all that supports me is my heart and my feelings, supporting me with all i have it in mind. 
Tell me where you are, tell me we have the same common thing in mind. 

xoxo. doo doo. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

My turn over leaves.

It has been the 5th year i'm blogging, how brilliant blogspot offer the best template and user friendly function, for me to taking this as a medium for my dream and wonderful place, expressing all the sad and happiness i've been through. 

it's still the first month of the year, so a little nutshell post shouldn't too late. 

The first turn over leaf:

Given the chance to study at overseas has made me gained more knowledge and life experiences. I had become wiser not bad temper as how i used to be. 
felt down, and standing back up again is one thing that i had to learn, when i'm in this foreign country all by myself. 
thank you to everyone who surrounds me, giving me hand, encouraging me especially to all my friends. 

the housemate/besties/partner in crime/shopping partner
thank you for always be with me.

experiencing the winter that we don't have it at equatorial

celebrating the first birthday at a foreign country, without my parent. 

The Second turn over leaf:

i got my first tattoo, if the eyebrow tatt is not counted. 
not as painful as the eyebrow one. and sometimes i will even forgot the existence of this tattoo, maybe because it locates at a spot that i wouldn't even have the chance to notice. :)

The Third turn over leaf:

My precious laptop has broken down one day, due to too much drama and series consuming. ahaha. 
the very lovely parent of mine got this and sent it to me all the way from kl to melb. thank you for the apple overdose. 

The Forth turn over leaf:

Notice what hairstyle i got since the first half of last year, or previously few years. always the signature bob hairstyle has finally got rid and i grew it long because firstly is not that cheap as how in kl to just trim it. secondly, a lil bored with the same hairstyle for so many years, and i decided to keep it long. 

The Fifth turn over leaf:

The reunited of Yow's family. auntie and uncles from all over the world, Australia, Canada and even cousin from UK. 
Loving the warmest deep inside hug especially you know your family are the one who always be there for you.

the Kuu's family portrait. is getting harder for the reunited because slowly we will separated to different places.

The Sixth turn over leaf:

The wedding of Miss Cheryl Lee.
Glad that i got the come back on time to attend your wedding. it's not just a wedding to me, but a another experience i never had before, to see you step into another pathway of your life, seeing you becoming a wife and a mother soon. knowing how capable you are, since the first day i knew you, and i'm very very sure you are still the Cheryl i know.

congratulation once again.

The Seventh turn over leaf:

Photo shooting has became part of my life coincidentally.

welcome again 2011 and hope a great life ahead. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yuzu 2011

it's been a month plus i'm back here, slacking and hanging out with friends. was intended to work for dad in this holiday trip but i back off once i got to know how much the work load is.

first gathering dinner with the friend in year 2011.

Yuzu japanese cuisine at The Garden.

unagi skin salad

sashimi platter

New year toast

i can say that i do not like sake

uni with caviar

valcano sushi

some new year dish

wagyu beef grill

Thursday, 20 January 2011



蕭亞軒- 錯的人


















本小姐的晚装, 有点奇怪的脸装,

perfect 的婚礼,就是在海滩上看着就进在你眼前的烟花,




remember that was 3 years ago. i added you in friendster, while i was browsing around. your picture caught my eyes. and the first thought came my mind, i like her. 
you were my first net friend. i never believe that faith has make us together, through this cyber space. trust and friendship has gained when time goes by. 

the first meeting up was at dpc. and that was the first sparks, we were no longer need to be apart by this cyber medium. 
the second meet up was at prince cafe. and more and more meeting up. 

we share the same thought, although we both have the different personality. you taught me how to be strong and independent, which make me grew up so much. 

we share the same interest on food and shopping. we chat everyday. we meet up at least once a week. we fell down together. we stand up together. hand by hand. 

remember there's once, having ice cream because we both were in the bad mood? 
i wish it happen again. 

we've been through break up together. holding each other hands, encouraging and praying for each other that we can undergo and overcome. 

i'm glad that i was with you, on your daddy's funeral. a glimpse of an eye, 2 years already. hugging you, praying for you, on how impressive how strong you are. 

the last person that i'm meeting up a day before leaving this country to pursue my dream, is you. knowing that you will always be with me, has make me calm. 

our relationship does not change, even i'm on the other side of the world. with 3 hours difference, you are always the first one who pops out, Hi. sharing everything, although we are apart. just like how we were, side by side. 

and now, you have entered another stage of your life, a stage that more and more people had coming in to your life. i'm really happy that i attended your wedding, taking part of it. this is what's more than happy. 

the mandarin post that you had reminded me, always and always running through my head, how sincere how correct it is. 

although the title of yours have changed from miss lee to mrs. ng. but you are still the cheryl that i always love and care. praying for the best on your marriage, and soon being a mother. 

love you always and i'm always the jimui of yours.