Wednesday, 30 March 2011






Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just for you.

Things are getting better and better. 
I hope it goes BETTER more!

Just for you. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A lil bit of touch up.

Thousand apologies with the photo problem for the CNY album, I was laze around to not upload one by one from iphoto but direct copy the URL and paste it. Should i just get ignore it or upload all over again? so lazy fml.

People who are around me noticed how different i was. but i can say I'm all good now, and not to worry.
Should i really start a new year resolution?
My new year resolution is not to have a resolution

I needa get a job.
I needa do well in all the semester
I really needa meet this counsellor telling them how bad and unwelcome I felt from my classmate, cause they just plain alienated me, and make me don't feel to go to school at all.
I needa settle this house asap, and i hope this new place will make me hardworking. it was just plain bullshit isn't it? you can study at anywhere if you really want to!
I needa go to church.
I needa be healthy.
I cannot be laze around anymore.
I must go out.
But not spend money.

So i got my new year resolution done. hehe.

let's try again does the copy paste URL upload photos work.

Dinner done by me to celebrate 1 year 2 weeks anniversary as Housemate with sophia.

I look like this now. 

or this



My current addiction from this crazy weather. but it was torn now :(

This was my second time at the airport in 2 days back to back. I was supposed to depart on 19th of feb. I renewed my passport and my student visa was at the old one (please don't judge me first as if you can say it's not hard to notice and should have take know because the visa sticks along the passport and NO, my student visa is just a printed paper). And it's impossible for my dad to fly back to home to take the old passport although i don't stay that far from airport.
So i decided to postponed my flight to the very next day, as another friend is flying off with the same flight. (We both bought the Emirates return tix with super cheap deal :p:p:p:p with very GOOD SERVICE)

and i have a companion to back with me! yeay...
i was literally very emo but i did not cry, because i have to leave this comfort zone with friends and family.
 on the first time of checking baggage's weight it noted 29.6 kgs (phewwww...) and i didn't want to reopen the luggages cause i'm flying off the next day. what surprisingly is, the second time I weight my baggages and it says 31.1 kgs. (Where the hell the extra few kgs came from? did i brought anything back home? ) TOUCH WOOD

so this is when the Kuu's sister sending me off again.

Mummy and aunt

Anyway, last and the least, please add your prayer to the all the Victim, not only Japan but any other country were affected. we might left them out, but your sincere prayer will do a lot of power.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Without you.

It's been a while i last update. things have been going badly as i expected and secret does not hold anymore. And there are not only one but few.  though i can only say, being frank is the best choice, especially to your beloved parent because they are the only one that always by your side, no matter how difficult are you in. 
I was in dilemma, chooses between 2 choices. I even seek and ask for the answer, which way should i go? 2 choices were given, one is be frank but you may lose your trustworthiness and respect from other, another one, get it done by yourself but you know it will be a hard path onwards to go. which one will you go for? 
I know, it seems like you need a lot courage and guts to confess things that you've been done, that you might lose everything from what you've gained, from parent, from family even from friend. But never too late, it may cause you into real big trouble if things get worse. 
I'm glad, to have real friends to advice me, giving a hand, facing it together with me, telling me that it will be all ok. Be truthful, is one thing that you need a lot courage. 

Rainbow seems coming out now. 
But not, at this age I know I need to face problem, sort it out, or maybe a resolution that I need to do it. Things and issues that I started to handling has become more and more burdened. Place to stay, financial, all and all, things that i does not even need to be bother at the young age. 
Indeed, it's still butterflies cause i've moved on on certain things. 

Without you, I wouldn't be someone who am I today.