Thursday, 21 April 2011

一个特别的你 2

It is 3am already and i shouldn't be awake right now, plus the reason that i'm on sick, very bad cough and now flu is on it's way, nose blockage. i hate you.

I should update a lil bit of myself.
i'm doing all good, and kinda liking my new place, to be emphasize, my new room.
well yeap, i do party almost every week. and i am super impressed with my self-determination! fight the alcohol!
but there is also a reason that i have to go party! the BFF's birthday.
Happy belated birthday Robin Yee, and thank you for always be by my side to listen my nag and mumble and etc. oh and always cook for me!

first night celebration at kbox.
6 bottles of hennessy is superbly insane.

cutting cake...



with jiali

what so scary??
so big nostril

woots. a birthday kiss to the birthday boy.

ops and a kiss to me too??

great night

And second night at Lavish.
eventually the birthday boy has better alcohol tolerance compare to last year, as the s.o.s tank don't need to be function.

and the third round, Hollywood.
and i am the one that took care of that birthday boy and the silly boy.

祝你生日快乐, 身体健康,事事顺利。

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Edit addiction.

A friend of mine tagged a picture of myself, while i still have this bonny neck. So i was once a very skinny girl, that i envy so much right now, cause i am a big fat giant not a petite anymore!! 
From Skinny/bonny to fat/plump/voluptuous. 
yea bigger boobies, so what, but do you want big arms and tights and big tummy! 

well this post don't mean anything, i'm just really bored and finding things to post up or else this blog might be the most emotional blog ever. 

i figured out this pixelmator is quite easy, not sure is it the same as the photoshop cause photoshop has tooo muchhhh application and i'm so lazy to figure it out. 
this pixelmator is much easier. 

this is before.
melbourne has known has the most crazy weather. i was trying to show how drastic or contradict the weather is, left side is sunny with blue blue sky, and the right is gloomy thick black cloud. 

oh, and this is after edit. i didn't know what i used for this, something like color monochrome. and i don't know how to explain this picture. haha..

ahhh, i like the rainbow sparks. 

before. my hair grow really fast. :p

and after. 

Besides sit up, any other way to lose tummy and this flabby butterflies arm? can help? 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A challenge chapter.

And so, just exactly like the song playing on the background, open your eyes. you will see who treats you the best or the worst, who's the one who always besides you or sabotage you. Things happen for a reason and yes it did. it wouldn't came out just like that from no where if they are none of them spreading it, rumours or misunderstanding. 
We help out because we wanted to help, or we might need their help in one day. 
We do our best for the sake of giving the best to others, but not asking for return. 
This is going to be a challenge.
I just hope everything will be fine. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

In a nutshell.

It's my first night in my new bedroom. i have so much to talk about this place, a place that i love and hate the most. the reason that i'm moving out from the previous comfort zone because firstly, the rental has increased, i do not want to spend more on that place although i have love this place so much, with all the memories. major reason also because the walking distance from Southbank to city. i wanted to move in to a new environment so badly. 
the current house is located at a very ideally nice place. it's in the city. really save my walking distance. of course, i feel bless that i still get to see the nice view that i always love. 
the sky the stars, with your song playing, reminds me of you. i always know we are looking on the same moon and stars. 
i have know i have no rights to complain about anything. i know i wasn't a tidy person, i laze around so much, however, basic cleanness is what i care the most. this post more likely a self-expressing on how i dislike the housemate's habit. but what i want it's just clean toilet and kitchen. i do not mind to clean up but well, it's our house. most likely i should just pray for what's coming in the future. 

it's getting emotional strikes again. not able to stay with sophia babe, a partner in crime, a true friend, a housemate and a person that i always rely on. i really hope that we will still close like how we used to be... 
the late night talk, the laughter, the silliness, the make-up talk, the fashion talk, everything and everything. it's been a year plus we've been staying together. the up and down, everything we've been through. i'm sorry that i'm bossy, i'm lazy that you bear with me. thank you and i love you. 

I know, i shouldn't complain so much. i'm blessed, i'm glad, i have everything, i have the chance to study abroad, it's all a minor problem. 
people been going in and out. they came into your life, they taught you how to be stronger. they gave you challenge, they gave you difficulties, they trained you up. they enlightened you with things that you always stuck a side. they gave you ways to choose.
and they go... 

why would u want to come into my life while you are so far a way?

i'm blessed, that i have meet you. a person who cares me and accept for who am i. i know, judges and bias on who you are. i believed that, but, i also want to believed on who you are.  trust me, it will be really wonderful when comes to time. 

on april fool that day itself, i got a news from malaysia. and it wasn't a prank.  grandpa was in a car robbed he was injured. fark that 3 indians who robbed his car. fark them who punched on his face. how can they treat an old man like that??? 
why people have to be so cruel at this time, while so many disaster and inequality is happening around the world. why can't people be considerate and care enough? 

enough of my nag. shall post some happy pictures. 
and dozzing off, with you in my dream. 

unpack luggages and boxes with clothes. i have no idea how am i going to fit in all these clothes into the wardrobe. too many stuffs and i have to hired mover to shifted my stuff to the new place. 
bed frames, mattress and tables, i uninstalled and install back again. tiring.

more bags and small boxes. part of my utilities, you know make up bag, hair dryer stationaries in another box and etc... 
always girls...

another big and small luggage. 

or my self-portrait? :p

an oversize jumper can always cover up my fat arms and tummy. 

happy belated birthday to lee yee (the most right). thank you for being by my side and always download movie and series to me. hehe.

always and always keep that ok. :)

In a nutshell, i know no matter how difficult life it is, i will be strong, although i need a shoulder so badly. the world needs everyone of us, to be strong, to protect the next generations. 

lotsa love.